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   Chapter 12 Uncover the truth

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Since her accident happened, Aya was always in her room with her private nurse. She kept contacting Vladimir but he doesn't answer any of her calls. She got worried that he might be in trouble. An idea popped in her mind, she dialled Jillian's number on her phone.

The phone was ringing and someone answered. It was Jillian.

" Hello, Aya! What's up?" She asked.

" Jillian, I need your help. Can you please come over here today? It's urgent."

In Jillian's wondering mind, what's so urgent that Aya can't tell directly to her on the phone. Something must be wrong. " Okay!" She hung up the phone afterwards.

With full speed, Jillian drove her car towards the Harvard Mansion.

She didn't waste more time. Upon entering the gate, Jillian dashed inside the house. She saw Marga on the front door.

" Please follow me this way, Ma'am. Miss Aya is waiting for your arrival." Marga said to her. She followed Marga and they headed towards the garden.

Aya was sitting on a silvery made chair. As soon as she saw Aya, she kissed her cheek.

" What's the matter?" Jillian asked promptly.

Marga and her private nurse was standing not far from them. Aya waved her hand to the two of them. When they saw her wave, they understood. They left without any words.

When they were left alone with each other, Aya seemed uneasy. She can't looked at Jillian properly.

" Ahm...I don't know how to start. I'm so worried right now."

Jillian patted her shoulder. " You know very well that you can trust me." She said with a reassuring look on her face.

Aya gazed at her and sighed. " I know whose behind my accident. "

As Jillian heard her confession, she was shocked." Whose your primary suspect? Tell me please."

" Sylvester Winchester. " Aya said in a soft tone.

" Are you sure? Why him? Do you have proof ?" Jillian knows how to reprimand her questions with thorough investigation. She wants to be sure of every detail given to her as a police officer.

" I have a solid proof and he's the one Sylvester have chosen to dispatch me. Unfortunately for him, that person he entrusted to do his dirty works is on my side. He would never harm me." Aya said with confidence.

Jillian looked at her intriguingly. " Who's he?"

" Vladimir! He's the one." She finally revealed the man's identity.

" Do you have contact with this man, Aya?" The interrogation of Jillian got deeper and deeper as they talked.

" He gave me his number but I don't have any idea where he lives. The last time we saw each other was when I was hospitalized because of the accident. "

Aya gave the number of Vladimir to her. If only he knows where to find him, It would have been better. Aya closed her eyes and thought of Vladimir and then she gazed at her friend. " What's your plan, Jillian?"

" You have to call him using a phone connected to a monitoring device we have in the office. In that way, we can locate him."

" Is there other way to locate him? Your idea makes me think that I set a trap for him and betrayed him."

Aya looked sad. Jillian shook her head and gave her another option." If you can meet and talk to him, that's your last option. So, what's your decision?"

" I'll take the second option."

Aya tried to call Vladimir for one last time. The phone was ringing and someone answered it. Her heart was pounding hard.

" Brother, is that you?" Aya was the first to speak.

After a few seconds, she heard Vladimir's voice. "Yes, it's me."

Aya set her phone in a loud speaker mode so that Jillian can hear their conversation. Jillian patiently kept herself quiet near Aya.

" Can we meet at the apartment, brother? I really need to speak to you personally. It would be dangerous if we meet at a crowded place. I'm not fully recovered yet." Aya explained.

" Okay! Meet me around 10 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Be careful, my angel!" Vladimir hung up the phone immediately.

Aya felt relieved when the call ended. Jillian instructed her on how they will persuade Vladimir to come out in public to reveal the truth of Aya's accident.

" I know you can do it. I'll stay close to you tomorrow. " Jillian said to her as she embraced her tenderly.

Aya smiled and clung onto her to feel her warmth and care. " Why don't you sleep here tonight? Your place is too far from your office and it's getting late."

Jillian nodded and said :" Okay!"

She helped Aya got up from the chair. Slowly and gently, they walked towards the living room. Brian and Theo arrived and smiled when they saw Jillian and Aya together.

" Look who came to visit

ont of the door. It was Vladimir.

" Brother, are you okay? You seemed to be uneasy." Aya said.

"Aya, it's dangerous for you to be roaming around by yourself. Why are you so stubborn?" Vladimir scolded her intentionally due to the situation.

" Brother, if you really want to protect me, I need your cooperation. "

The man infront of her looked puzzled by her words." Aya, what do you mean?"

" I want you to testify against Sylvester Winchester. " Aya saw Vladimir got shocked.

" It's not yet time for that. I need to gather more evidence to prove that he is the mastermind of your accident. I'll still pretend that I'm doing my job as he ordered."

Vladimir has a point but she was running out of time. She will always be in danger if that person was walking freely around her vicinity.

" Trust me. I'm on your side, my angel. Just give me more time. Please!"

After they had talked, Aya left the apartment looking naturally. Jillian ran towards her and carefully lead her to her car that was parked near the main road. Vladimir, on the other hand, was watching her from the window.

Another week passed, Aya was fully recovered and went back to her work. Her father assigned some body guards to protect her anytime. As usual, she received flowers from Charles. Her face glowed as she looked at the pretty and fresh white roses.

Aya called Charles on the phone. Now that she has recovered, it's time for her to take a move. When the phone rang, Charles answered it. "Hello?"

When she heard Charles voice, she directly went to the point.

" Can you come to my place? I have something very important to discuss with you." She said without hesitation.

"Sure! What time?" Charles eagerly replied.

" If you have time now, I need you to be here immediately. " Aya was so serious.

On the other hand, Vladimir disguised himself as a staff of the Harvard's. He was dressed in a formal business attire. He went to Aya's personal office without being suspected.

Aya heard someone knocking on the door. " Who is It?" She asked with a clear loud voice.

"It's me, Vladimir!" He answered.

Aya stood up and opened the door. " Come in!" She said willingly.

Vladimir entered the room quietly.

" Aya, I have already made a strong evidence against Sylvester. I have recorded some of our conversations on my phone."

"That's great, brother!"

It was not long enough when Charles also came dashing into her office. Vladimir hid himself under Aya's desk.

" What's wrong, my Queen?" He asked as he held Aya's soft hands.

" I know who was behind the abduction of your friend and me." She said without delay.

"Who?" He asked. How did Aya know her perpetrator? Did the police told her or did she hire a private detective. He thought to himself.

" It's Sylvester Winchester. " Aya declared.

" How did you know? What's your proof?" More interrogation was done by Charles.

"I'm the proof!" Vladimir came out from hiding. " He assigned me to abduct Aya but I would never do that to her. She's important to me."

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