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   Chapter 11 The car accident

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A week has passed since she left Charles place but the man always send her white roses everyday.

"Miss, you have a delivery." Natasha was holding a bouquet of white roses on her hand.

Aya smiled sweetly upon seeing the flowers. She took the flowers and smelled it.

There was a note on it. " To my Queen: I love you and I miss you so much! From: Charles "

" Natasha, do I have an appointment today?" She asked her secretary.

" You have a business meeting with Mister Sebastian again, Miss, around twelve noon at Crimson Hotel. "

Aya looked at the time on her wrists watch. It was already ten o'clock in the morning. Aya wanted to arrive early in her meeting. Therefore, she asked Natasha to call Timothy to prepare the car.

On the basement, a suspicious looking man went to the Maybach that Aya owns. He broke the wire connecting to the brake of the car. Then, he left without being noticed. Timothy was confident that the car was in good condition. Therefore, he never suspected that something was wrong with the car.

Aya went to the parked car and saw Timothy smiling at her.

" Good day, Miss!"

" Good day too!"

Timothy opened the car door at the backseat for her and she entered quietly. Sitting on the backseat, Aya took her suitcase to check some papers. Timothy was driving the car smoothly. When they were passing on a curved road, Timothy tried to stamped his feet on the brake but the speed of the car didn't change. He alerted Aya who was busy reading some documents.

"Miss, the brake is not working! Please jump now!"

Aya looked confused for a moment. "What's going on?"

" Miss, hurry! Jump out of the car now!"

Timothy was trying his best to avoid the railings and some cars on the opposite lane. He was perspiring hard.

Without having second thoughts, Aya opened the door at the backseat and jumped off the car. She fell rolling into the ground. Her right shoulder got hurt and she had bruises around her body.

Luckily, her brothers put an alarm button on all her personal things including her jewelleries.

She pushed a tiny bit of button on her earring. She saw the car fell on a cliff and blasted.

A loud warning alarm sound was heard in the conference room of the Harvard company building. Everyone knows that the alarm they heard was not the emergency alarm of the company. Theo hold the conference meeting as soon as he heard the alarm. " Sorry, gentlemen but I need to do an important matter. I'll get you notified on our meeting as soon as possible. "

He flew the papers he was holding to Natasha. His secretary followed him without anticipation. Theo pushed opened the door of his office and immediately scanned the locator on his computer. The signal was red light and the location of Aya showed up on the screen.

With nothing more to lose, he called the police and gave her location. He grabbed his car key and dashed out of the building, driving his personal car.

After thirty minutes, her brothers came to rescue her with some police officers following them.

" Aya!" Theo and Brian shouted as they came closer to her.

She was still lying on the ground and her entire body was in terrible pain. Theo lifted her body and carried her carefully into his arms. Brian opened the car door and Theo put her inside the backseat.

" Brother, Timothy is inside the car. Go find him please!" Aya said in a trembling voice.

"Don't worry about Timothy. We'll definitely find him." Theo said reassuring her to look for her driver.

"What happened here, Aya?" Brian asked full of concern for her.

" The brake of the car didn't work. Timothy tried to avoid being hit by the other cars and the railings. Then, I jumped out of the car for safety."

" We'll take you to the hospital for treatment." Brian looked at her wounds and he was terribly worried.

Theo drove his car while Brian was holding her in the backseat. Brian asked one of the police officer to take care of his car and send it to his company.

In the hospital, Aya fell asleep due to the anaesthesia that the doctor gave. According to their physical examination on her, she had a fractured leg and arm due to the hard impact of her fall.

Theo and Brian stayed by her side the whole day when they got a phone call from their father.


" Wow! My favorite!" Aya said surprisingly.

Mike got jealous when he saw Charles approached them. Charles took an apple and peeled it with a knife. " Do you want me to feed you?"

With that kind of question, Aya was touched and her face became reddish.

Mike sat aside silently. Looking at them, Mike clenched his fists.

Charles was feeding her with an apple when her father pushed opened the door.

Aya was surprised by the sudden visit of her father.

"Dad?" She murmured.

Her father instantly embraced her tightly. His worried look, made Aya uncomfortable.

" Dad, why are you here?" Aya asked curiously.

William gazed at her with tenderness. " I want to see my one and only daughter. I can't possibly work. Knowing that you got accident, I was terrified. I remembered the accident you and your mother had a long time ago. I got scared! I don't want to lose my one and only princess ."

Sometimes Aya thought his father was more into his work than her because he rather have more time for his work than spending time with her when he was in the house. Work! Work! Work! That's what her father does since her mother died. He paid more attention to his work than being with her.

Seeing her father being so affectionate, Aya slowly began to realize that what her father did was for their future.

" I'm sorry, Dad!"

William caressed her long black hair, stroking it gently by his big hands.

" Why are you saying sorry? I'm just glad you survive. Your mother won't forgive me if I lost you."

" Dad, are you going to stay here for a while?" She asked.

" Yes! I want to focus on making up with you for the lost times. I know I have been too busy that I had not given our family some time to spend with each others company." Her father answered.

After being discharged, Aya with her father and brothers planned to have a family gathering on their own place. They invited Mike, Jillian and Charles. They had a lovely feast at her favorite garden.

" So, tell me, my darling. Who among those two men captivated your heart?"

Her father pointed out the two men drinking wine happily with Jillian next to them. Her father was teasing her intentionally.

" Dad, cut it out! I'm not into any of those two!" She was definitely lying. She pretended not to gaze at Charles.

Secretly, Charles was glancing at Aya as he was having a good conversation with Jillian.

" I thought Aya was going to punched you when you first encountered each other in the riverside." Jillian was laughing remembering their past.

" Impossible! Aya was like an angel who came to rescue me back then. I knew she would never do that to me." Charles was praising Aya's kindness and laugh as they continue expressing their ideas.

Everyone in the garden was full of energy and were happy. It was like nothing terrible happened to Aya.

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