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   Chapter 10 A mysterious letter

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Early in the morning, Aya woke up and headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast for her brothers. In this way, she might be able to persuade her brothers not to take revenge. She cooked scrambled eggs, fried hotdogs and toasted bread.

Theo and Brian were both smiling when they saw her preparing their breakfast in the dining room.

"Good morning, sis! Did you have a nice sleep?" Theo approached her and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Good morning, brother! Yes, I did get enough sleep. Thank you!" Aya wrapped her arms around Theo's waist and sweetly leaned her head into his chest.

" How about me? Where is my good morning hug from my dearest sister?" Brian complained.

Aya smiled and hugged him as well. Then, they all sat down to take their meal.

"Hum...It smells delicious!" Brian complemented her cooking.

Aya laughed as she gazed at her hungry brothers. She stood up to prepare a coffee for them.

While she was pouring a hot coffee on her brother's cup, Aya started to make a conversation with them.

" Brothers, about last night, can you just forget about it. I know that you are planning to take revenge but I don't want you to do that for me. Let's just forget everything about it and live like we use to be."

Theo gazed at her with a serious look. " You're our one and only sister. We don't like what he did to you even if he is my best friend. " Theo said frankly.

"Brothers, if you take revenge for me, I will carry that burden in my entire life. Do you want to see me suffer?" Aya continued making coffee while talking.

Brian and Theo stopped eating. They gazed at her with curiosity. " Aya, tell us the truth. Are you in love with that man? Is that why you don't want us to hurt him?" Brian asked.

Aya bowed her head and blushed by the sudden question of her brother. Theo and Brian looked at each other upon seeing her reaction. They smiled but at the same time, got worried about her.

" Okay! We'll forget what happened but he must not do it again or else?" Brian said in a warning tone.

Aya felt relieved and embraced her brothers tightly. " Thank you, brothers!"

She sat down and ate with a cheerful smile on her face. Theo and Brian were glad to see her smiling face and they promised to make her happy always.

Meanwhile, Sylvester Winchester was planning on how to abduct Aya. He asked Vladimir to take responsibility in abducting her.

" Get Miss Aya Harvard and put her in the dungeon. I'll make sure that Charles will regret and suffer when he learned that I took her precious fiancè from him." Sylvester laughed like a devil.

When Vladimir heard the name of the girl, he was shocked but he managed to hide his feelings infront of his master. He looked at the picture that his master gave him and he confirmed that the Aya he knew was the Aya that his master wanted. He remembered how they first met.

It was raining that day when he met this young lady named Aya Harvard. She was like an angel who came to rescue him. He was homeless and penniless. He was terribly wounded and left in a garbage site along the street when she found him lying and unconscious. Aya brought the man in one of the apartment near her school.

The man was filthy and a mess. Aya took care of him until he regained his consciousness.

"Where am I? Is this hell?" The man spoke when he opened his eyes.

Aya smiled as she brought some medicine and food. " Sorry but you're not yet in hell. I saw you in the street and brought you here in my friend's apartment." Aya said half truth and lie to this man.

"Are you not afraid of me? I'm a total stranger to you. Why did you help me?"

"My mother once told me that if someone is in need, help them and treat them well. That's why I helped you. I'm not scared either. "

Aya treated his wounds carefully. The man was aching in pain when she applied an ointment on his wounds. She wrapped the bandages around his chest and arms.

"Here, eat up so that you'll get well soon." Aya was holding a bowl of porridge.

The man didn't hesitate when she fed her. He stayed for a couple of weeks in the apartment. Aya would go there to cook for him and take care of him until he regained his strength. Three months have passed but the man remained in the apartment.

One day morning, Aya felt dizzy because she was tired sneaking out of their house and commuting towards the apartment. The man noticed her pale looking face.

"Hey! Are you alright?" The man asked.

"I'm fine, brother. I'll just prepare your meal then I have to go back home." Aya looked flushed out. Her knees was beginning to get weak. She tapped her forehead and began cooking. Then she collapsed.

"Aya!" The man shou

er? Is that why she kept it only for the two of them? Sylvester thought.

Aya finished her meal and stood up while Charles and Sylvester was still not in good terms with each other. Although, they were pretending to be nice to each other infront of her. Sylvester went ahead of them as they parted ways from the restaurant.

Vladimir was not too far from them. He felt relieved when Aya and Charles left together. Then he remembered the apartment where he used to be with Aya. He went there immediately. He wanted to see the place where he used to live.

Charles drove his car and Aya was smiling constantly. They went to the apartment as Aya requested him. Not long enough, they reached the place.

" Stay here outside!" Aya said to him.

Charles followed her wish and stared at her as she walked towards the apartment door.

Aya tried to open the door of the apartment. She had a feeling that she would find something inside. Under the center table, she saw a white rose with a red note again. It says: " I miss you, my angel!"

Brother, l miss you too. I hope to see you soon. Aya whispered in the air.

Meanwhile, Vladimir hid himself when he saw Aya entering the room. He saw her taking the white rose and placing it near her heart. He longed to see and touch her again but the time was not yet right.

He glanced at her from a distance. He must protect her no matter what.

While waiting for Aya, Charles noticed a man not far from him. The guy was wearing a baseball cap, black shades, black jacket and black pants with white t-shirt. He was looking directly towards the apartment. Is he spying on us? Charles thought.

Aya went out of the apartment leaving a note under the table. Vladimir took the note and saw a message: " Brother, please take care always. I miss you so much!"

Vladimir can't hide his feelings any longer. He was so happy that Aya remembered him.

Along the road, Charles asked Aya. " Who did you meet in the apartment?" He took a glanced at the white rose she was holding. He remembered that Aya had only one white rose when she went inside the apartment but she has two on her hands now.

" No one!" Aya answered briefly. She was staring at the flowers with so much affection.

Charles parked the car for a while at the side of the road when he noticed another car was obviously following them.

"What's wrong?" Aya got curious. She noticed that Charles was acting weird.

Charles prepared his gun and placed it near her. Aya startled for a brief moment upon seeing the gun. " What's with you?" She said to him.

" Aya, someone's following us. Take the gun just in case something goes wrong ." Charles was serious.

Aya took the gun and hid it on her bag. Charles started the engine and drove again.Until, they finally reached their house. Charles grabbed her hand, pulling her quickly into his arms and carefully took her inside the house. They felt relieved afterwards.

Brother was right after all. Someone was trying to get into me. I won't allow myself to be trapped in their hands. I must take precautions then. Aya thought while she was holding Charles body.

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