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   Chapter 9 Don't Touch Me

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In Charles office, Trixie came to invite Charles to have lunch with her. " Sweetheart, can you please take me out for lunch?"

" Trixie, I'm sorry but I have a lot of appointments today. If you want, I'll just order some food for us here in the office." Charles was making an alibi.

He dialled the intercom and asked Walter to come in. His secretary came dashing into his office.

"Can you please buy sweet and sour pork, 3 cups of rice, fried chicken, beef stew, chef salad and 3 bottles of coca cola? We'll eat here in my office." Charles gave the command and gave the 5, 000 pesos to him.

As soon as Walter got the money and his boss orders, he immediately left. Aya received a phone call from her brother Brian afterwards.

" Hello, brother! How are you?" Aya stood up and went to the lounge.

"I miss my little sister. Can you spare some time with me. Let's have lunch together. " Brian asked her a favor.

Aya smiled and said: "Yes, brother!"

"Okay! I'll ask Timothy to pick you up." Brian was really excited. Timothy was Brian's personal driver.

Aya hang up the phone and grabbed her sling bag. She glanced at Charles and Trixie.

"Pardon me but I can't join the two of you for lunch. I am heading out to have lunch with my brother. Enjoy yourselves!" Aya said emotionless.

Charles didn't argue but he clenched his fists because of disappointment.

" Sweetheart, don't be sad. I'm here for you!" Trixie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on his lips. Charles was tempted to kiss her back.

Suddenly, Aya remembered some papers needed by her brother Brian. So, she went back to the office. She pushed opened the door and was shocked to find Trixie on Charles lap kissing passionately with each other.

Charles heard the footsteps coming from the door but he was busy exploring the pleasure of the kiss given to him by Trixie. He ignored it and continued on kissing his true fiancè.

Aya recovered herself from her shock and ignored the scene. She went straight to her desk and got the papers without glancing at them. Charles had a glimpse on her for a second and he pushed away Trixie at once.

"Sorry if I interrupted! I just came back to fetch these for my brother. Don't mind me. I'm leaving now anyway!" Aya said as she had noticed the sharp look on Trixie's face.

Charles wanted to explain himself to Aya but Aya rushed back out of the office.

While walking in the hallway, Aya stopped for a while and kicked the trash can near the corridor. He said he loves me but he keeps on being with that wretched woman. How could he? I swear I'll never get near him again. Aya said to herself. She was mad at him. Aya saw Timothy in the parking area and got inside the car without a word. They left the area immediately.

In a private lagoon, Aya and Brian were having a great lunch together. It was these place that Aya would always wanted to go when she was alone with her brother Brian.

"Brother, can I ask you something personal?" Aya looked at the water flowing at the lagoon.

Brian examined her sister's facial expression and learned that something was bothering her. " What is it? Is there something bothering you?"

"Brother, what will you do if you found out that your fiancè is in love with someone else?"

Brian was shocked by her question. Is my sister in love? It's very rare that she ask my opinion onto something specially if it concerns her feelings. " To be honest, I will be mad at her but I'll still forgive her because I love her. I'll try harder to make her believe that I'm the one for her by showing her my affections."

" I see." Aya bowed her head and thought of her brother's opinion. I guess I have to give him a chance then. She said to herself. She took a sip on her lemon juice.

"Sis, loving a person is not too difficult. You need trust and mutual understanding to each other so that your love will grow stronger." Brian held her hand gently." If you need help, we are here for you. You're not alone."

"Thank you, brother!" Aya embraced her brother.

After they finished their meal, Timothy drove the car for her. She went back to Charles office and acted like nothing happened.

Upon entering the office, Charles stood infront of her. Trixie was gone for her photo shoot.

" Aya, about what you saw. Please let me explain." Charles face looked sad.

Aya looked at him straight to his eyes. " You don't need to explain. It's just normal that you were tempted by her. In fact, you're her fiancè and I'm nobody." She said frankly.

Charles took her hands and placed it near his heart. " My heart only beats for you. I love you so much, A

ly towards Charles place.

On the other hand, Aya changed her clothes and slowly went out of her room. She looked around the place and she saw no site of Charles nor Trixie. She carefully took off her sandal and ran swiftly out of the house.

When she opened the gate, Theo arrived. She quickly ran towards her brother and cried.

"Come on! Let's go back home! Just give me the details when we get there." Theo carefully took her in the car and they went back to their house.

After ten minutes, they arrived at their house. Brian was on the living room reading a magazine when they entered the house. "Aya, what a surprise?!" Brian stood up and embraced her tightly.

" Let her take a seat, brother." Theo said glancing at him.

They let Aya sat on the sofa while Theo constantly caressing her back.

"Now, tell us what happened?" Theo said in a soft voice. He was controlling himself since a while back when he saw Aya's reddish eyes.

" Charles attacked me in my room. I tried to stop him but he was too strong. I don't know what came into his mind as if he was not into himself. He pushed me into my bed and kissed me. I don't want to go back there anymore, brother. I'm scared!"

Theo clenched his fists and so with Brian. They were mad at Charles but they also felt worried for their sister. Aya was their only sister. They treasured her very much and they never allowed anyone to lay a finger on her not until this happened to her.

" I think It's best if you go to sleep now. Don't worry! No one will be able to harm you here as long as your inside the house." Theo said with a rough tune.

"I'll accompany you into your room." Brian said while he was holding her hand tightly.

After a while, Theo and Brian talked in the study room.

" How could he do this to our sister? I trusted him. Damn it!" Theo punched the wall. He was terribly angry.

" Are you just going to let this pass or would you like me to teach him a lesson?" Brian was frowning in anger.

" Even if his my best buddy, I'll make him pay for assaulting our sister! To hell with him!" Theo was furious.

In Mike's place, one of his trusted men who were in charge of looking after Aya's safety reported what happened. Mike threw the papers that he was holding when he heard the news.

"Where is she now?" Mike asked his men. His face was like a tiger ready to attack.

" She is with her brothers now, boss. Theo was the one who took her away from Charles Hokkins place.

" That bastard! He'll pay for what he did to my princess! Go get him. Take him to the basement and punish him there. I want to see that bastard suffer." Mike gave his order to his men.

In Aya's room, she was lying on her bed but can't sleep. Her heart was beating so fast as if something bad will happen. Aya knew what her brothers are capable of doing. If they got mad, they'll definitely take revenge. That is what's bothering her. She doesn't want her brothers to be stained with blood just because of her. How will she save the man that she loved even if he assaulted her? Why did Charles do that to her? She thought.

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