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   Chapter 8 Fun and games in the Amusement Park

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 11581

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In Crimson Hotel, Aya woke up in a light mood. Today is Thursday and she has several documents to look at. She doesn't want to see Charles so she decided to call Theo.

"Hello, brother! Can you send Natasha in Charles office to get my things there? I'm going to work on my old room."

Theo didn't argue with her."Okay!"

Meanwhile, Charles was not in a good mood because he found out that Aya was in the Crimson Hotel the whole night with Mike. A knocking of the door was heard by him.He stood up and opened the door. He was expecting Aya but instead it was Theo's secretary who was standing infront of him. Natasha smiled at him.

"Good morning, Sir! I'm here to pick up some papers needed in Sir Theo's office from Miss Aya's desk." Natasha tried to smile at him.

"Good morning! Please come in!" Charles politely said to her.

Upon entering, Natasha took the envelope on top of Aya's table. Charles just gazed at her for a while.

"Thank you, Sir!" Natasha said as she headed towards the door.

" You're very much welcome!" Charles said promptly.

Natasha left and Charles went back to his work. He tried to focus on what he was typing but the thought of Aya's presence made him uneasy.

Time flies like an arrow. Lunch time has passed and there was no trace of Aya. I can't stand it anymore! Charles said to himself. He called Walter on his phone.

" Walter, I want you to locate Aya's whereabouts. I need to know if she is with that guy until now." Charles voice was firm.

" Yes, Sir!" Walter said to him.

In Theo's company building, Aya was cheerful as she was. Theo was happy seeing her smile.

"Tell me what happened to you yesterday, Aya. You seems to be truly in a good mood today?" Theo was curious.

"Do you remember Mike Casta?eda, brother?" Aya asked.

"Yes! Why?" Theo got more curious.

" He's back, brother! I was with him yesterday. " Aya answered. "Would you like to see him for yourself?"

" Mike Casta?eda? Your long lost friend?" Theo said.

Aya's phone rang as they were talking. She took her phone and looked at it. Mike's name appeared on the screen of her phone. She answered it quickly.

" Hello, Mike! Good afternoon!", she said.

" Hello, my princess! How are you today?" Mike sounded sweet about her.

" I'm doing fine! How about you? Why did you leave me last night?" Aya sounded a bit upset.

" I'm fine too. Regarding about last night, It's not proper if I stayed with you at the same bed, my princess. " Mike said.

"Would you please come to Harvard Group of Company building at 68th floor? My brother and I wanted to see you. Theo in particular. " Aya asked.

"Sure! I'm on my way, my princess!" Mike said and rushed into his own private car.

Aya hang up the phone and her happiness was shown all over her face. Theo on the other hand was a bit conscious about what Mike looks like now.

After ten minutes, Mike arrived in the building. He knocked on the door and Aya opened it for him. As soon as they saw each other, Aya threw herself towards Mike.Clinging to him like a child.

"I'm glad you're here!" Aya glanced at Theo's direction." Brother, this is Mike!...Mike, do you still remember my brother Theo before right?"

Mike and Theo gladly exchanged greetings to each other." It's been a long time! It's nice to see you again."

"Same here!"

"I still remember you always come and visit my sister to ask her to go to the amusement park. Aya would sneak out of

" I'm going out to meet a dear friend", she said cheerfully.

"May I know who is this friend you are going to meet ?" He asked roughly.

"It's Mike!", she said.

When Charles heard the man's name, he got irritated.He doesn't want Aya to be alone with that man.He must think of a plan to stop her. Aya is mine! He said to himself.Then an idea popped into his mind.

" Can I come with you?", he asked her.

Aya was curious why Charles wanted to come with her.

" Aren't you suppose to be with your fiancè? Don't mind me. I have Mike here to accompany me." Aya was trying to drive Charles away from them.

With this words, Charles was irritated. He was about to talk again when Trixie overheard their conversation.

"Sweetheart, I want to go to the amusement park too. I've never been to an amusement park." Trixie embraced him tightly. " We can have a double date."

Charles took the chance without thinking." Okay, sweetheart! Let's join Aya and Mike to the amusement park.

Aya felt she wanted to punched Trixie's face as she cuddled Charles. She felt jealous but who was she to feel that way.Even if Charles said so himself that he loves her, she had no rights to be jealous.

Mike came and Aya went along with him. "They said they wanted to come too!" Aya explained when she saw Mike was confused why Charles and Trixie came along with them using their own car.Mike understood and nodded.

When they arrived at the amusement park, they rode to a bump car. Aya was with Mike on the same car while Charles and Trixie were together in the same car as well. Charles was really jealous over Mike because of Aya.Next, they went to eat fishball in a booth. Aya fed Mike with her food and vice versa.

Trixie vomitted when she tried to eat a piece of fishball. Charles got worried and he caressed Trixie's back gently brushing his hands over her. Aya got irritated by what she saw between the two of them. Afterwards, they went to a horror house. Aya was so afraid that she screamed out loud and clung on to Mike's arms. Mike was enjoying every moment they have with each other. They tried every games they saw. Mike and Aya were laughing together while Charles and Trixie were feeling awkward on the situation. Trixie got irritated every time she saw Charles staring at Aya affectionately.

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