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   Chapter 7 My long lost friend returns

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 14488

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On a windy Thursday afternoon, Aya tried to avoid Charles every now and then.She tried her best not to make any conversation with him.It was hard enough as it was to see him everyday with her true fiancè. Her heart ached so much. Since morning until now, she didn't even glanced nor greeted him.

She was totally lost in space. Her mind was focused only to her work. Charles tried to approach her but failed several times.

"Damn it!", Charles said loudly.

Aya heard him but still ignored it.

" Aya! Please talk to me! Yell at me!Beat me if you must, " Charles pleaded infront of her desk.

Aya seemed to be deaf and continued typing on her computer. Charles can't endure the burden deep within his heart.

"Aya, come on!", Charles still standing infront of her.

Aya stood up and picked up her bag.She wanted to go outside. The pain inside her was about to burst. She can't hold on to it much longer.

" Where are you going?...Aya, why are you avoiding me? " Charles pulled her close to his body. "Aya, I love you! You're the most important person to me right now! I love you so much!"

Aya pushed away Charles and had not talked even one word to him.Charles cried infront of her. "Aya, please don't do this to me!"

Aya looked at him straight to his eyes and wiped his tears using her gentle hands. Then she gave her a tender kiss and said :" Goodbye, Charles!".

She ran outside the office. Charles was left in the room crying.

While Aya was all alone walking on the street, a strong forced grabbed her hand pulling her away from the main road. She realized that she was almost been hit by a car.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed by a car?" An angry voice said to her. She was still on his arms. She looked up and turned to face the man who have just save her life. They were both shocked when they saw each others faces.

" Aya?!" The man said with a surprised look on his face.

"Mike?!", she uttered.

The man infront of her smiled joyfully and embraced her more tightly.

"Wow! You look incredibly beautiful as ever! My princess!", he exaggerated.His anger turned into joy.

Aya felt like she found someone so precious to her. She leaned on the man's chest.

"Mike, you came back! I'm so glad!" Her tears fell onto her cheeks.

" Yes, I'm back for good! I won't leave you again, my princess. " He murmured as he caressed her with tenderness.

Aya was his everything. He was just a mere teenage boy who came from a poor family back then. Although Aya came from a wealthy family, she treated her like someone she can lean on. She was always with her before. But a tragic accident occurred to him, he was unconscious for almost two months and was taken cared of by a multi millionaire businessman who happened to be passing by at that place.

In return for his good deeds, he became the businessman's personal assistant. He tried his best to learn everything about business. When the old businessman died, he inherited all his assets.He is now a well-known businessman because of that person.He can now continue to love and protect Aya.

" Aya! My princess!", he said over and over again into her.

Aya's sad face turned happy. She smiled at him sweetly.

Mike Casta?eda, her long lost friend came back to her.She was not alone anymore.

Mike took her to his car and then they continued chatting with each other.

" How have you been? It's been a long time.almost 5 years that you disappeared. I was so lonely and sad when you were gone." Aya said while leaning her back on his chest.Mike wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry! But God knows that I am not lying to you. I am still here for you and will always be."Mike said to her.He told her everything that happened to him after disappearing for 5 years.

On a small cottage in a seashore, Mike kept on holding her like they were in their teenage years. This was the place where Mike comforts her every time she felt sad and lonely.

"Do you remember this place?"Mike stared at her.

Aya nodded. " This is our hidden place. This place is for you and me alone. Even my brothers doesn't know this place."

"Do you remember what we have promised before?", Mike continued.

" We promised that through thick and thin, no one can separate us from one another. A promise of forever friendship." Aya st

and he smiled.

"Hello, my princess!Did you miss me already?" Mike was teasing her.But her smile turned into anger when he heard Aya sobbing on the other line of the phone. " Why are you crying, my princess? What happened?"

"Mike, I want to see you again.I need you."Aya was crying because of the pain in her heart.

"Did he do something wrong to you?", Mike's voice was shaking with anger.

"He didn't do anything. I just want to get out of here. " Aya said to him.

" Meet me at Crimson Hotel. I'll book a room there for you to stay for the night."Mike said and he turned off his phone.He drank the glass of wine in one gulp and went out to meet her precious princess.

Aya changed her clothes and fix herself before heading out of her room.She sneaked out quietly. Marga accidentally saw her leaving the house. Charles felt uneasy that night.His mind was full of thoughts about how he will persuade Aya to be her true lover without hurting Trixie's feelings.

He went to the dining room to take his dinner. He found only Trixie. Marga was standing next to her.

"Marga, go call on Aya for dinner!" He ordered the maid.

"Sir, Miss Aya went outside again and I think she's meeting someone. "

Charles got mad. "Where is she going at this time of night? She just arrived a while ago....Damn it!"

" Maybe she has a date, sweetheart. Just ignore her." Trixie said anxiously.

On Crimson Hotel, Mike was waiting for her. When he saw her stepped out of a car, he rushed into her and embraced her tightly.

"Are you alright, my princess? Come on! Let's go inside.I know your hungry by now." Mike took her into a VIP table. There were lots of food already prepared for them. Mike carefully gave her a chair.Then they started eating.Aya felt happy again because of Mike who kept on joking to cheer her up.

"Stop it, Mike! My stomach hurts already!" Aya said while laughing and touching her belly.

"Okay! I'll stop now.Do you want to go to your room now?" Mike asked her while he held her hands tightly.

Aya nodded as a response to him. "I'll have to call Jillian tomorrow so that we can have a reunion."

"If you say so, my princess. "

Mike took Aya into room 118 on the top floor.Aya was amazed by the view when she looked at the glass window.

"Wow!It's beautiful!", Aya said with a spark on her eyes.

"I'm glad you like it!" Mike embraced her tightly from her back." How I wish we could stay like this forever."

Aya held onto Mike's arms to feel the warmth of his touch. Slowly, Aya's eyelids began to fall and she fell asleep on Mike's arms.

"You're so beautiful even when you are sleeping like this.Good night, my princess!I love you!" Mike laid her into the soft cottony bed and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead. He left the key of her room on the top of the side table and then he closed the door as he moved out of her room.

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