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   Chapter 6 Fake fiancè meets true fiancè

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A shocking news was heard by the Harvard brothers from one of their cousins. Allan Montevista, one of the boy who happened to be with Aya yesterday, sent the news to them. As soon as they were notified, they cancelled all their appointments and headed towards Charles office. Aya didn't tell them about the incident.

Charles on the other hand was notified by the sudden visit of the two.

" Hello, bro! How nice of you to drop by? " Charles said smiling hesitantly.

" Don't you dare say that to me right now, bro. I'm not in a good mood." Theo said to him and pushed him aside. He immediately went to Aya and try to comfort her by hugging her.

"Why didn't you call us?", Theo said to her into an intense voice. "Did you see a doctor after being bitten by a snake?"

"Yes, we did! I'm sorry, brother. " She leaned on her brother chest.

Charles was a bit jealous while seeing the siblings embraced each other.

" I assure you that she is no longer in danger." Charles sounded like a defensive guy just now.

" What if you come home for a while? We do miss you being in the house." Theo still caressing her tenderly in his arms like a baby.

Suddenly, another man came into Charles office. The door opened and it was Brian who appeared infront of them.

" Aya! I heard what happened to you yesterday just now. Are you alright? Did you go to the hospital? What do you feel? Tell me. " Brian looked terrified. " I can never forgive myself if something wrong happens to you. You are my one and only sister."

Aya felt loved by her brothers. They looked worried for her. She smiled and touched each of her brother's hands.

" I'm really blessed to have you two as my brothers. Don't worry. I'm perfectly doing fine. My fiancè takes good care of me very well. Isn't it, my love. " She winked at Charles with a sweet smile on her face.

Charles didn't expect to hear her call him " my love." The endearment was so adorable that he wanted to get her away from her brothers. He wanted to get closer to her not only physically But also emotionally. But the fact still remains, Aya is not her real fiancè.

" I do love Aya and just like everybody around her, I'll protect her. I won't allow anyone to hurt her." Charles was serious when he declared his intention for her.

"Wait a minute! What are you saying that you have a fiancè? Since when did you two have an affair?"

Brian said in confusion.

Theo looked at Brian and told him the situation. He explained every detail. Brian understood and was even more worried for her.

" I'll just say this once to you so you better listen very well. If you lay a finger on our sister even just once, you'll be as good as dead! " Brian's threat to Charles made her uneasy.

On the following day, the weather was a bit cloudy outside. Aya took a glanced at the window. I think It's going to rain today. They were in Charles office and she was all alone because Charles had a business meeting going on.

She went back on the papers she was holding a while back. Apparently, she was about to head out for lunch when the telephone rang. She picked up the phone to answer it.

" Hello? Good morning! Whose on the line please?", Aya said in a polite manner.

" Hi! This is Trixie Laxamana and I demand to talk to my fiancé, Charles Hokkins. " a demanding girl voice was heard by her.

" I'm sorry but Charles cannot attend to you right now, Miss. He is currently on a meeting."

She said with no hesitation. She was puzzled if she was really Charles true fiancè. If it's true then she must restrain herself from getting more closer to him. Aya, you're such a fool to fall for him! You're relationship with him is only a pretention. She said to herself.

" Will you please tell him to call me up asap? " Trixie said angrily.

" As you wish, Miss." Aya dropped the phone and sat to her swivel chair on her desk. She felt sad and lost for a while. Then, she send a message on Charles phone about Trixie's message for him.

It was lunch time and her appetite was not in the mood to eat. She concentrated herself onto her paperworks and in the computer. She even arranged several meeting for her to keep busy and away from Charles presence.

She felt uneasy so she went outside to breath some fresh air.

On the other hand, Charles had just finished his business meeting with his new clients.

Apparently, he felt uneasy when he received the message from Aya. He rushed into his office as quickly as he could. He wanted to see her and explain to her. He wanted to assure his feelings for her that he never did pretend to be her fiancè. All the things that he has done was all real. He wanted to say sorry and confess his love for her.

He pushed the door and found out that she wasn't there. Am l too late? He said to himself.

He took his cell phone and dialled her number. "The number you are calling is either unattended or out of coverage area." That was always the response when he dialled his phone. He got annoyed and started to get depressed.

" Damn it! " He shouted. Then, he called Theo.

" What's up, bro? " Theo asked.

"Bro, do you happen to know where Aya went this afternoon? " Charles asked him instead.

" According to her, she will meet up with the field department of Brian's company at 2 pm and have a another meeting with the marketing department of my state realty company that I manage as well as she will have to meet 3 clients this evening." Theo said. " I don't know what's going on between you two but I hope you can make up with it. Keep me updated if you find her."

Charles sighed. "I will, bro. Thanks! "

He went out and asked her secretary if Aya had lunch before she left.

" Unfortunately, she didn't take any lunch today, Sir", his secretary named Walter said to him. " She looks like troubled, Sir."

" Thank you, Walter! ", Charles said.

" You're welcome, Sir!", Walter said to him.

Charles went to search for Aya. When he arrived at Brian's company building, he asked one of the staff.

" Excuse me. Do you happen to know where the field department is? " Charles asked.

" Go to the 16th floor then turn right. You'll see it there, Sir." The attendant lady said to him.


Aya stared at him for a second and noticed the uneasiness of him when she asked.He was lying.Aya felt sad but she hid that feeling perfectly by pretending to be cheerful. They ate together and separated ways after.

Aya went to the rest room to fix herself before heading to another business date.

Inside La Conca restaurant, Aya met Mister Denver Tabangcura and Mister Frank Montenegro.She was with Charles all the time. She felt exhausted at the end of the day. She fell asleep on Charles car.When they arrived back home, Charles carried her into his arms and took her into her room. He laid her on her bed and gave her a tender kiss before leaving.

On the following day, Charles was early in going to his office. Aya woke up late and she noticed that everyone in the house was fixing another room. She saw Marga by chance outside her room.

" Excuse me, Marga! Can I ask what is happening today?" Out of curiosity, she asked the old maid.

" Good morning, Miss! Sir Charles has a visitor and she will be staying here for a couple of weeks. " Marga said to her.

" Who is she?", Aya continued interrogating her.

" Lady Trixie, Miss. Sir Charles fiancè, " Marga answered.

Aya was shocked by the news and felt some insecurities onto herself. Yesterday, Charles had just confessed his love for her and now, he's bringing his true fiancè here. Was his confession another lie? Was he still pretending after all? Aya's heart was in great despair.

Aya rushed back into her room and took a bath.She changed her clothes and fix herself before heading towards Charles office. Ben drove the car for her.When they reached the building, Aya rushed into the office but when she opened the door, Charles wasn't there.She asked Charles secretary about his whereabouts.

" Did Charles came here in his office?", Aya asked.

"Yes, Miss but he went immediately outside when he finished signing some documents that were needed for today." Walter said to her.

"Do you happen to know where he is heading?" She continued asking him.

"Yes, Miss! He told me his going to Crimson Hotel today to meet someone." Walter replied.

"Do you happen to know who is meeting with?" Aya's heart was pounding so hard.

" It seems he will meet Lady Trixie, Miss." Walter was a bit troubled by Aya's look.

Aya smiled and went back to her desk. She used all of his time typing on her computer. She never had lunch and went back home with an empty stomach. She was already in her room when she felt terribly hungry. She looked at the time.It was already 10 in the evening. She stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

When she was on the staircase going down, Aya saw Trixie and Charles kissing in the living room. Her heart was hurt by the truth. Trixie noticed her watching them at the staircase. She turned her face towards her.

"Hi there! You must be Miss Arrianna Harvard. Aya for short! ", she said with a sour look on her face. "Charles told me a lot of things about you."

Aya tried to hide her true feelings and made a poker face.

" Nice to meet you! You must be Miss Trixie Laxamana. I'm greatly honored to meet the well-known model in the entire Malvey Country. "

Trixie felt annoyed with her sarcastic words.She wrapped her arms into Charles body and stared at her. " I'm Charles true fiancè!"

Charles felt like he was torn between two lovely ladies.He can't even looked at Aya straight into her eyes. He seemed to run out of words.He just bowed his head and let Trixie did all the talking.

"Charles explained to me that you are just pretending to be his fiancè ", Trixie said.

Aya felt betrayed." Don't worry about me being his fiancè. I know exactly my place is." She stared coldly at Charles. " If you'll excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen and fetch some food to eat."

Before Trixie could say more, Aya left them and went to the kitchen. She made a tuna sandwich and took a glass of milk. Instead of heading back to her room, she sat down onto one of the chairs and ate her sandwich. After eating, she washed the dishes and headed back to her room. Charles and Trixie weren't there anymore.

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