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   Chapter 5 Captivated by you

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A week has already passed by. Charles and Aya seemed to be getting along well with each other.

"Charles, kindly buy me a fruit shake and a takoyaki please? " Aya cheerfully asked him with a cute make face.

Charles laughed at her gesture.He was beginning to get more fond of her every now and then.It never occurred to him about what happened a week ago when he said that Aya was her fake fiancè.

She seemed jolly today.He felt happy seeing her smile like this.

" Okay! I'll buy a box of tokayaki and fruit shake for you, my queen", he cheerfully said to her.

" What is my reward then?" He teased her afterwards.

Aya bit her lower lips and thought for a second. She smiled when she saw him looking at her lips.Then an idea popped into her mind. "I'll let you have what you want."

He was shocked but intimidated when she heard her words. "Anything?", he asked.

She smiled and said to him: "Yes! Anything!"

Charles called his secretary and not long enough, his secretary came inside his office with his request.

" Here's your wish, my queen! " A teasing smile was on his face.

Aya took the food and drinks that she requested from him

"You're tricky! ", she said and laughed.

"Trick or not, I wish to get my reward." Charles wrapped his arms around her and kissed her tenderly. Their kiss lasted for a couple of minutes. Charles was enduring the pleasure of the kiss.

When he released Aya's lips from his, Charles touched the tip of her lips.

" I'm please to know that you seemed to have enjoyed it." He even licked his own lips and bit his lower lips.

Aya felt embarrassed so she headed to her table to eat her meal.

"Aren't you going to offer me some of that? " He was looking at the box of takoyaki.

"Sure!", she said willingly.

Charles opened his mouth and Aya were amused to see him like that. This man can be so adorable sometimes. She gladly fed him one piece of it.

" Well?....Do you like it? ", she said to him.

" Hmmm....It's good! " This time, he was the one who took a piece of tokayaki. She was taken aback for she knew exactly what he intended to do. She played innocent.

" Here, I'll feed you too " Charles was waiting for her to open her mouth.

Even though it's a little bit awkward, Aya took his offer. She looked at the tokayaki and slowly lowered her head to reach out to it. When the takoyaki was already in her mouth, she smiled afterwards.

" Since we have enough time to unwind today, let's go out! " Charles whispered into her ear. The warmth of his breath made a tingling sensation to her senses. His words were resonating into her ear.

In a resort, Aya was amazed by the view of the clear blue water of the sea infront of them.They left the office after their last meeting with their clients. It was too early for them to go back home that's why Charles took here.

" What a nice view! " She was swirling around and around like a child. Charles couldn't help it but to be fascinated into her actions. He smiled gazing at her. He was captivated by her innocent look.

" I come here often when I want to be alone. I'm glad you like it here."

He went near her and gently touch her lovely face. " You're so beautiful and irresistable when you smile."

Aya was aware of what Charles intends to do .Instead of resisting him, she even dared to wrap her arms around his neck. The little control of Charles gave in. They kissed passionately. Charles was fired up by his feelings towards her.

" Aya!" He whispered to her. He was now holding her in his arms while they were watching the sunset.

I hope this day won't end. I want us to stay like this forever. Aya said to herself.

She glanced at him and said, " Let's go swimming!". She pulled Charles arms and they ran towards the beach. Her hair was blown by the wind. Charles was even more magnetized by her beauty as if he looking into a fairy dragging him to a wonderful place.

Aya took off her dress infront of Charles without hesitation. Charles was shocked. "Why did you take off your clothes? "

" I can't swim wearing a dress. Besides, no one's around. "

Aya splashed some sea water into Charles face. Charles turned his face away. His clothes got wet.

" Why you...." He also splashed some sea water into her. They were happily playing around in the beach. They even made a sand castle together.

Charles throat felt dry after several hours had passed." Come on! Let's go back to the resort."

He took her hands to help her get up. They held hands while walking back towards the resort. Aya felt exhausted and she sat down on a wooden chair.

On the other hand, Charles ordered some drinks for the two of them. " Cheers! " They had a tossed with their glasses after. Aya took a sip on her drink. She closed her eyes and put the glass near her cheek.

Her gesture was very seductive. Charles took his drink and in one gulp, it was finished.

"Are you that so thirsty?" Aya asked him with a sweet smile on her face.

Instead of answering her, Charles took his jacket and wrapped it on her body. "Aren't you aware of what you are doing?" He seemed irritated.

Aya noticed his eyes were gazing at her intensely. She dared to tease him by getting her face near him and looked at him straight to his eyes. "I'm not doing anything. So what's wrong?"

What is this girl up to? Is she blind or she's just pretending not seeing my feelings for her right now. If I don't turn back, it would be too late. He said to himself while looking at her.

" We better leave ". He averted his gaze to the sideway." I don't want you to catch a cold. Besides, you seemed to have enjoyed enough. It's time to go home."

Aya smiled and nodded. "Okay!"

Charles helped Aya to get up. He offered his hands to her. Aya reached out to him.

On their way back to the house, Aya felt sleepy. Her clothes were wet .Charles took a glimpse on her and he saw her sleeping like a chid. He stepped aside the car from the road.

Oh, Aya! Why are you so beautiful like a goddess? Why didn't I know that you existed from this world. Why am I so deeply touched by every move you do to me?

He touched Aya's lips and caressed them softly. Looking at her lips made him want to touch her more. He lowered his head and kissed her tenderly into her lips. Then he paused for a while and went back in driving the car.

When they reached the house, he carried her carefully into his arms.

The maids who saw them together like a newly wed couple giggled.

Charles laid Aya on her bed. He asked one of the maids to change her clothes.

Before leaving, Charles lifted Aya's hand and kissed it.

" Good night, my Queen. Have a sweet dream!"

One of the maids was really amused by him as he goes out of the room.

Charles threw himself into the bed. He kept on thinking of Aya. His thoughts was full of her.

He feel asleep because of exhaustion after an hour of thinking.

In the next morning, Charles was surprised to see Aya with an apron on her and she was holding a tray full of food.

"Good morning!" a cheerful voice was heard from her.

" Good morning too! Why are you the one serving breakfast?"

Charles took the tray from her." You're not a servant here. I won't allow you to do this again."

" Oh, come on! I miss to do this ", she reclaimed.

Charles never knew that a princess of the Harvard cooks and serve her family. He got to know more of her.

"Since it's Sunday, I am going out! ", she said while she was being assisted by Charles to take her seat.

"Where do you plan to go? I'll come with you", he insisted.

Aya took his plate and put some pizza roll and samosa on it. "Try it!"

Charles took a knife and fork infront of him and sliced a bit of the pizza roll followed by the samosa. His eyes sparked as he fed himself with the food Aya made.

" It's really good!", he said and then fondly ate all of it.

" I'm glad you liked it! If my brother's were here, they''ll definitely pick a fight on you."

Aya laughed as she remembered her brothers. They ate happily together.

Speaking of brothers, they always call her everyday on the phone. They talked about business and personal matters.

Aya felt like being adventurous today. So she dressed herself with a fitted black pants and white blouse. She put a simple make up and put a hat side ways on her head. Instead of putting on her high heels, she wore her black rubber shoes and she took out her favorite black leather jacket. She also wear her jewelleries for protection.

When she went downstairs, everyone looked at her in a peculiar look. Even Charles was curious on why she looked like that. For him, this girl looked stunningly beautiful whatever she wore. He smiled at her and took her hands.

" Can I be the driver for today? ", she said to him cheerfully with a cute face look.

At first, Charles was having a doubt on her intention." Can you drive? "

"Of course!", she said happily.

Charles doesn't want to ruin the good mood of this girl so he gave the key to her.

Aya was even more glowing today. She was always been cheerful, frank, sweet and thoughtful but she can also be his worst nightmare. Aya drove the car while he sat down staring at her beside the driver seat.

On a hill downtown, there was a small hut near a pond with so many flowers around it. Charles didn't know this place. Aya stopped the car and went outside. Charles followed her.

" Grandma, I'm here! Everyone come out! ", Aya shouted near the hut.

An old gray woman came out with a shepherd dog with her. There were also four little boys who rushed outside and embraced her tightly.

" Our princess is here! Yehey !" The youngest boy happily shouted.

"We missed you, princess!", the older boy said.

"I'm here so let's celebrate! I brought some food with me." Aya said to them with a great smile.

" Who is he? " This time, the third boy with a cute dimple on his cheek glanced towards

Charles with an angry look.

Just then that Aya realized that she wasn't alone. She gladly introduced Charles to them.

" Everyone meet Charles Hokkins. Charles, these are my little angels. Kindly give your names to him?" She said sweetly to them while they were cuddling her.

" I'm Stephen, " said the youngest.

" I'm Allan, " said the eldest.

" I'm Timothy, " the boy with a dimple said.

" I'm Earl, " the last but not the least has a spiky hair style.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all!", Charles said.

Aya went near the old woman and said to him : " Charles meet my beloved grandma, Stella Harvard."

Charles bowed his hand and kissed the hand of the old woman as respect.

" What a fine young man! You're suitable to my lovely princess." Stella Harvard smiled at him.

"Please do come inside my humble home. Children, will you get the food that our princess brought us?"

They went inside the house while Stephen and Allan helped Charles in carrying the food from the car.

" You better behave when you're with my princess. She's going to be my wife when I grow up like you." Allan gave a warning look to Charles.

Charles smiled and felt uneasy toward the little boy. This boy is tough. He reminds him of himself when he was at his young age. They really adore Aya so much just like him.

Inside the hut, a long banana leaf was laid into the floor with the food unwrapped. Aya took a basin with enough water on it.The children initiated saying a prayer before meal. Afterwards, Charles saw the children, Stella and Aya washed their hands and ate with their bare hands.

"Aren't you going to eat? You need a lot of strength because we will go hiking, fishing and rock climbing. We will also go harvest some fruits and vegetables afterwards. "

Aya winked at Allan.

Charles saw Allan blushed and he got irritated. He washed his hands and ate with them.

After eating, Aya went to the garden and Charles followed her at her back. She picked some white roses and she pricked her fingers with its thorn. Charles immediately rushed into her and caught her wounded finger. Aya was surprised when he licked her finger and then wrapped her finger with his handkerchief that he took from his pocket.

"Thank you!", Aya said softly.

Allan interfered into them." Get away from her!"

Aya and Charles parted when they saw Allan.

"Are we all ready to go hiking? " Aya said to the children.

" We're ready!" everyone said cheerfully.

"Allan will lead the way. Are there enough water for all of us?", she said reminding everyone.

They all nodded. Allan led the way as Aya had said a while back. It took them already 3 hours on their way. They were walking through the forest when a snake bit Aya's foot. They were all shocked.

" Snake!!!!", Aya shouted. Her face turned pale afterwards.

Charles took his knife that he was using to sway the bushes on their way.

He threw the knife towards the snake which bitten Aya's foot and at an instant it was stabbed by it.

" Princess, are you okay? Please don't move." Allan said to her. Then Allan tore his shirt and wrapped the piece of cloth to her bitten foot.

Charles took the knife he used in killing the snake and disinfected it by washing if with water and alcohol. He went near Aya and tore her pants to reveal her bite mark. He squeezed Aya's bitten area and suck some blood from it when he cut it."He carried Aya and ignored Allan's furious face gazing at him. "Is there some place we could stay for a while?", Charles asked them. "We are almost near the falls. We can stay there for a while ", Allan said.

Not long enough as they walked a little bit more, they reached the falls. Carefully, Charles laid down Aya to the ground. Aya was a bit in pain due to the snake bite.

"I'll just take a look for wood and some fruits nearby. I'll set some fire here afterwards." Charles left but Allan followed him.

" I can't allow you to go out alone. You don't know the place here." Allan coldly said to him.

When they finally collected enough fruits to eat, they were about to head back to the others when Allan spoke to him.

" Do you like our princess too? I've seen the look on your face whenever she's not looking. "Allan asked him. "Don't you dare lie to me!"

"I do like her a lot but there are some instances that I can not avoid." He confessed.

"If I were you, I rather be honest to myself. The princess is worth dying for." Allan frankly said his thoughts towards him.

This kid is really something. He acts and say things like he knows everything.

" The princess may seem cheerful and tough but if you look deeper into her, you'll see a sad and lonely girl. She hides every pain in her heart. She doesn't want anyone to know her suffering. " Allan seemed to know Aya a lot. "It's unfortunate because you're such a coward."

Charles was amused by the thoughts of this kid. No wonder Aya trust him that much.

" We all came from a well known family just like you. We can help her but with minimum rate only since we are still kids", Allan added.

When they reached the others, Charles went near Aya and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Hey! What's wrong?" Aya was confused by Charles sudden action.

Charles made a mask to his true feelings for her." I'm just happy to see that your okay now."

"Idiot!" Allan said loudly that made Aya laughed cheerfully.

Charles went down to the shallow portion of the falls to go fishing. The other three boys accompanied him. They used an improvised spear made of wood and sharp stone edges. They had caught several fishes and Charles put up the fire. They had fun chatting while eating.

" We can't go rock climbing and harvest now because of my situation. But I'll make up to you guys someday. " Aya said sadly. The four boys embraced her more.

Aya looking apologetic embraced and kissed each of them.

" How about me?" Charles pretended to be distress.

Everyone laughed and then Charles was given a consolation by being kissed on the cheek.

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