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   Chapter 4 My fiance is a fake

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 13435

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In Charles office, everyone were busy.Charles was so focused on his computer when suddenly, a ring on his phone disturbed him. He got annoyed and picked up his phone.

"Hello, Sir! This is Ben. I'm calling you from the police station. "

Charles was puzzled when he heard his driver's statement.

"Why are you in the police station ?, " he asked him.

"Someone tried to harass Miss Aya and we also had a car accident, Sir.

Upon hearing the word accident and harass, Charles dropped the phone and called Theo.

"Hello, bro! Can you please give me Aya's number? It's an emergency. "Charles heart was pounding so hard as if it will blow at any moment.

Theo laughed at him. "What's the emergency, bro? If you need Aya, she's right here with me."

Charles felt relief upon Theo's word.

"Can I come over there, bro? I would like to see her please ", he asked.

"Of course ", Theo said approving his plea.

Charles took his car key and drove his car moving outside the building. Why is he feeling this way? Why does she affects me so much? Why do I want to see her? He shook his head afterwards. There were a lot of questions running into his mind as he drove his car. He parked his car when he had reached the company building of the Harvard.

As the elevator opened, he went inside. He pushed the button 24 and then he was carried off by it.His mind wandered as he headed towards where Aya was. His feelings towards Aya bothered him so much. He can't take his mind off her.

He went directly towards Theo's private office. He knocked on the door. Then, it opened.

" Come inside, bro! " Theo didn't smile at all to him.

Charles was hesitant at first but he walked in to see Aya.

On a quick pace, he saw the girl whom he was looking for. His heart raised with joy and he rushed down to her.He embraced her tightly and kissed her several times on top of her head.

Aya was confused by the minute." What do you think you're doing?", she said pushing away Charles from her.

Instinctively, Charles let go of her from his arms and made up an excuse. "Sorry! I got carried away." He turned his face to the other side to hide his embarrassment.

They sat down to the couch and Theo offered him a glass of wine.

"I heard you were harassed by someone and you met an accident too. I got worried ".

Charles face looked troubled. He was showing his vulnerability to her. Theo choked when he saw the scenery.

"You're acting like you're her real fiancè, bro!" Theo was teasing him.He even had a smile on his face now.

" I'm just concern because she is your only sister, bro." He defended himself to his friend's accusation. He glared at him. Theo raised his two hands as if he was surrendering. Henceforth, Aya felt shy when she heard her brother's remarks. She totally blushed.

"If in case you fell for my sister, it's fine with me. I know what you are capable of and I know also that you can make her happy." Theo winked at him.

Aya stood up and turned her back to both of them. "Brother, don't be deceived by him.He blackmailed you remember?"

Charles made a sarcastic look on his face. He was pissed off by her.

"Oh? Did I hear that right? Are you accusing me that I blackmailed your brother?" His voice seemed indifferent. He was trying to pick on her.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Theo interrupted them. "Calm down, guys! Let's not argue. Okay?"

Charles composed himself but he was still glaring at her. Aya just took a glimpse on him and turned her face towards the window pace. Now, she knows that Charles has a good temper and can be easily deceived by her if she likes.

" I never thought you can say such a thing to me .Let me remind you that you offered yourself willingly to be my fiancé. I didn't forced you! " Charles was definitely mad.He took the glass of wine and drank it in one gulp.

" Aya, please apologize now to Charles. He is a good person. I assure you of that." Theo winked at her. His brother knew that she was only putting an act.

"Fine! I'm sorry! Peace?" She faced Charles with a cute smile on her face. She even used the hand signal for the word peace. Charles anger melted when he saw her gesture. With that kind of look, no one can resist it even himself.

" I'm sorry too! "He stretched his right hand insisting to have a handshake with her. She took the hands of Charles affirming her offer to make peace with her.She startled when Charles forcefully kissed her infront of her brother.

She pushed him and slapped his face. " How dare you kissing me infront of my brother!"

Theo wasn't bothered when Charles kissed her sister. He knew that Charles was playing a game on her. It's natural for a guy to be rude sometimes he thought.

" That's your punishment for accusing me! ", he said teasing her. " Besides, you're my fiancè even if it's only a pretention", he added. His voice was husky.

" If you do that again, kindly ask my permission first ", she said sarcastically.

" If you say so, My dear fiancè, I'll gladly do it. " Charles was carefully observing her actions. If she wants to play with me, so be it. He glanced at Theo." Bro, I'll take Aya now! From here onwards, she will be working in my office. "

"What?!" She was shocked. Her eyes was as wide as it looks now. She glanced at her brother. Theo's face looked calm and said to him, " Okay! Just call me anytime if she needed something in my office. It would be more convenient for you to be with each other ."

Aya pouted her lips in dismay. How can her brother be so trusting with this man? Is he worth trusting that he just agreed to Charles demand? How absurd?

Charles seemed pleased with her brother's approval. They left Theo's private office after their discussions.

In a wide and fully furnished office, Aya wasn't aware of what will happen to her by this man beside her. Aya felt awkward being with him. She never had someone in her office but now, she was on this man's office.

" Is it okay if I go look around the place for a while? ", she said shyly. Her head was facing down.

Charles went near her and lifted her chin. Their eyes met and was magnetized. Slowly, Charles lowered his head to kiss her lips. He can't resist the beauty that was infront of her. Driven by the passionate kiss, Aya didn't resist to him. He heard a soft moan coming from her. Charles deepened the kiss to give more pleasure to her but a voice from the intercom interrupted them.

Charles ended their kiss with dissatisfaction. He grinned and talked at the intercom. Aya felt like she was about to lose her senses. She hastily went to a nearby chair and sat for a while.

When she recovered from the kiss, she saw Charles w

inked at her. She lowered her head and blushed. She was aware of the pleasure of the kiss that they shared. Without a word, she went outside the office. Charles was already busy talking on the phone when she left.

She took a walk in the hall way. Everyone seemed to notice her. Every man's eyes were onto her.She overheard some gossips while she was walking.

"She's so beautiful! How unfortunate of her being hooked by our boss." A girl from one of the staff said to another girl seated next to her.

"Isn't the boss engaged already to Miss Trixie?", the other girl said.

She wanted to confirm the rumours and went near them.

"Hi! Can I please ask something from you?", she said with a fake smile on her face. "Who is Trixie?"

The two girls who were having conversation a while back seemed hesitant to talk. They even glanced at one another. They seemed confused.

"Come on now! You don't want to be fired from your work, would you?", she said to them with a warning tune.

The other girl cleared her throat for a second and started talking. "Miss Trixie Laxamana is a well known model in the entire Malvey City. She is engage to the boss for almost a year now. She comes here often, Miss. "

She was satisfied with the information she had gathered from them.

" Trixie is from his past now. I'm your boss new fiancè. So, you better be good to me", Aya said to them and left.

The rumours about her and Charles spread quickly. She felt tired of walking around the office so she decided to head back to Charles office. Upon entering the room, Charles was in a bad mood.

"Were you the one who initiated to spread our engagement to my staff?", he asked.

She looked at him and bravely said, "Yes, I deed! What's wrong with that?"

"Are you out of your mind? I'm already engage to someone else. " He gazed at her .He seemed angry and worried.

She ignored his words and sat down on the chair next to him. Charles grabbed her arms forcefully.

"Why did you do that?", he said.

Aya faced Charles and looked straight into his eyes with determination.

" If you want to know your enemy, you should know how to play your game, " she said with a warning look. "Now, let go of me!"

Charles seemed to realize what she meant and released her. His face became calm again and turned back to his seat.

" Can you please notify me first before you act onto something? " His voice was sad. "Now, I know why your brothers rely on you so much. You have the guts indeed but remember that you are still a girl."

With these words, Aya felt a little bit embarrassed. No one dared to speak to her that way. That reminds her, she kept her distance to every one when she met an accident with her mother 15 years ago.

The thought of her mother made her felt sad and lonely. She lowered her head and took some papers on her desk to hide her face from him. Charles noticed her sudden quietness and took a glance on her.He felt sorry for her.

His heart felt heavy. He let go of a big sigh to unleash his burden. He shook his head and went outside to refresh his mind. Aya didn't bother to look at him but she felt like she was drowning from her sorrow. When she felt some footsteps going out of the room, she released her tears.

In a nearby flower shop, Charles bought a dozen of white roses. He thought of giving it to Aya as a way of apologizing to her.He learned from Theo that Aya's favorite flower is a white rose. It signifies pure love and peace. He drove his car and went back to his office.

On the hallway, he overheard her staff saying that Aya seemed to be crying alone in his office. He felt more guilty and just ignored the people around him. His mind was focused only to Aya. The girl staff giggled when they saw him carrying a bouquet of flowers. Then the whole staff in his office kept quiet again when they saw him passed by.

When he entered his office, he saw Aya sitting on her chair. She was busy looking at some documents. He stood infront of her and said, "Aya, I'm sorry!"

Aya tried not to look at him. She kept her face focused on the papers she was reading. "It's okay. Just forget about it."

Charles choked and said, " These are for you!"

Aya still ignored to face him and said, "Just leave it on my table. Thank you!"

Charles felt like he was ignored and put the flowers on her table.

"It's lunch time. Let's go have some food to eat. Aren't you hungry?", he said to her.

This was the first time that a woman ignored her presence. Maybe she was still mad at him. He felt a deep regret on the way she treated her a while back. How can he make up with her? I want her to be happy. I want to see her smile. I want her to be mine. He said to himself.

Aya felt her stomach growling. " Okay, let's have our lunch now! Where do you plan to take me?"

Charles felt happy when Aya turned to look at him. She stood up and left her desk.

They went to a restaurant near the building. Aya was starving and ate too much food. Charles was having fun looking at her as she took her meal. Charles saw some men gazing at Aya's direction. He was irritated and gazed at them with a warning look on his face. He doesn't want any man to have her nor to look at her.

"Are you not hungry? ", Aya said looking at his plate.

He smiled at her and decided to eat.

A man in a lab gown approached them. He was smiling directly to Charles. Charles noticed the man standing infront of them.

"Hey, bro! It's nice to see you again, " the man said to him.

Charles looked surprised when he saw the man's face.

" Harvey!" his voice was full of joy. He stood up and took a handshake with him.He patted the man's shoulder afterwards. " Please join us...By the way, I'd like you to meet Aya... Aya, this is Harvey McBride. He is a well known doctor here. He is also one of my best friends. "

Aya took a handshake as well to the man being introduced to her.

Then, she excused herself to go the comfort room.

While she was away, the two of them happily chatted with each other. They laughed loudly and started talking about their lives. Aya was only away for a minute.

When she was about to return back to them, she overheard Charles saying ", My fiancè is a fake". She felt a strange feeling when she heard it coming from him. It hurts so much.

Why was he making up on her? Why can't he sees me and only me? Am I not worthy of him? These thoughts made her realized that she has fallen for this guy already. She quietly went near them.

Charles saw the sad look on her face by the time he said those words to his friend. He wanted to ask her if she heard it but he was also afraid of what would her answer be.

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