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   Chapter 2 Meeting with my brother's best buddy

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 20059

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The sun was shining so brightly when Aya woke up from her bed. It was already 9 in the morning. The birds were chirping in the garden as if they were greeting her. She remembered how happy it was last night being reunited with her siblings. She stood up and headed to the bathroom. She took a bath and changed clothes. Her smile made her face glow and then she went downstairs to take her breakfast.

A tasty meal has already been prepared for her. Her brothers left early for work as usual. One of the maid approached her with a phone on her hand.

"Miss, Sir Theo wishes to talk to you on the phone." She handed over the phone to her.

"Good morning, brother! What's up? ", she said while feeding herself with a slice of an apple.

On the other line of the phone, Theo was surprised by his friend's early visit to him.

"Can you come to my office today. I forgot to discuss to you about an important matter regarding business, " he said to her.

"Okay. I'll come as soon as I finish my meal ", she replied.

She hurriedly went back into her room to change because she was currently wearing a short and a sleeveless blouse. She picked a pink dress which implies feminine and grace. She sprayed her favorite perfume which has the cherry blossom smell. She just put on a simple make up on her face.

Afterwards, she put on a silver colored 3 inches high heels on her feet and grabbed her sling bag. She then rushed downstairs where the car is waiting for her.

The family car was already prepared for her to ride on.

"Good morning, Miss!" Their family driver greeted her with a smile.

"Good morning! ", she replied returning him with a sweet smile on her face.

The driver opened the door at the backseat for her and then she entered. They went ahead towards Theo's company building.

In Theo's private office, Charles made his way to reunite again to his best buddy. They were sitting next to each other with a glass of wine on their hands.

"So tell me, what made you come back to Malvey City? "Out of curiosity, Theo asked him.

Charles tossed the wine that he was holding. " I have a big problem, man.I came here because I know that you can help me with it."

Upon hearing his statement, Theo seriously looked at him.

"Someone tried to abduct Elise because of me.I want to know whose behind it.I tried to hire secret agents but I am not satisfied with their reports. I know that there is a deeper reason on why this happened to her. " Charles drank the wine.

"How can I help you then?", Theo exclaimed.

"I need someone who is skillful enough and act as my fiancè. We've been friends for a long time. Surely you wouldn't let me down on my request isn't it, bro?"

Theo thought for a second and he nodded. "I'll help you out but I need to think who would claim you to be her fiance.If only Jillian is near here, I would recommend her to you."

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Theo put down his glass of wine on the table and went to the door to see who is bothering them. He gently opened it and he found her sister smiling at her.

"Brother! " Aya shouted excitedly as she threw herself into him.

A similar face was now looking at her who is sitting on the couch. She tried to blink her eyes several times because of disbelief. It was really him. Charles Hokkins!

"Is he your new client, brother?", She said as she gazed at the man.

Theo laughed and led her inside his office. Charles was mesmerized for a while when he saw her. The girl in front of her was astonishing and irresistible as if he was looking at a fairy or a goddess. He had the urge to touch her and own her. She's definitely going to be mine he thought.

"Aya, let me introduce you to my best buddy. Charles Hokkins!" Theo said smiling at her.

Charles stood up and raised his right hand indicating to have a hand shake with her.

As a fine young lady, Aya took his hand for hand shake.Unexpectedly, Charles lowered his head and kissed her hand instead. Into her surprise, she immediately withdrew her hand.

This guy was too confident with himself. How did my brother end up having him as his friend. Tsk...Tsk...Tsk...I think I'm going to be in great trouble. She said to herself.

"Charles meet Aya.My only precious sister. The gem stone of our family.", Theo continued.

"It's a pleasure meeting you again, My lady! " Charles didn't bother himself looking at Theo.His mind was with her. His eyes were focused only to her.

"Again?! What do you mean by that, bro?" Suddenly, Theo's mind got curious.

"Remember the incident that happened before I was hospitalized? She was one of the two girls who helped us back then. Thanks to both of them we were brought to the hospital for treatment. I guess she's my angel in disguise, " Charles said staring at her intensely.

Aya blushed and hid her face on her brothers back. She can't help herself not to notice his charming look that made her giggle for a bit. She smiled and bit her lower lips. She tried hard to hide her feelings.

Theo was surprised by her action. He looked at her with tenderness and concern.

"Come! Join us and take a sit, sis. He led her to the couch near them.

She sat down and tried to compose herself. Her brother offered her a drink. It was her favorite wine, Margarita.She took a sip on the glass of wine that was given to her.

They talked about business for a couple of minutes but afterwards, the issue concerning Charles problem arose. That being brought out to her knowledge made her conclude of something.

" What is this topic concerns my brother? ", she said anticipatingly.

"It concerns your brother because he owes me a lot. Not to mention having him jailed without you being notified. I was the one who helped him back then.Now, it's his turn to do me a great favor ". Charles said without hesitation.

Aya turned her face towards her brother. Theo's face looked down as if he had no courage to look at her straight to her eyes. She shook her head in dismay. Her face saddened as she learned about a secret that her brother was keeping from her. She averted her look into Charles.

"What favor is it that you want from my brother? "Her voice was firm and there were no traced of doubt.

"I need someone to pretend to be my fiancé. I want to know who has the grudge against me", he said." I want you!"

Shocked by his proposal, Aya thought for a second and gazed at her brother who was helpless at the current situation. She doesn't want anyone to have a grudge to her brother so she decided to take his proposal. "Okay then.I'll do it!"

Theo helplessly looked at her and objected. "No!"

He doesn't want her sister's life to be in vain. He rather have other girls to pursuade to act as Charles fiancè.

After hearing his objection, Charles got mad.

"Do you have other girls in mind to recommend me them", he said coldly.

For a brief moment, Theo kept himself quiet. Thinking of another way to keep his sister out of this situation.Unfortunately, he couldn't think of another person to replace her sister.

"Well, have you decided already?" Charles asked earnestly. He let a little smile show on his face for he already knew the possible answer of his friend

Theo was perspiring heavily and sighed. Turned his face towards his friend. He wiped his sweat with his handkerchief that he took from his pocket.

"You win! I don't have anyone in mind but please ....don't you dare let my sister get hurt", he said affirming his defeat towards his friend.

"Then, it settled. I'll take Aya with me as my fiancé. Don't worry because I'll treat her well, " Charles said with reassurance.

After their discussion, Theo hugged Aya. "I'm so terribly sorry, sis." He felt like crying as he hold on to her.

"It's fine, brother!You know me very well. I won't lose to anyone", she said with a soft voice.

"Call me if you need any help. Take care of yourself there", he said as he bid her farewell to her. His eyes was watery when he let her go.

She just nodded and kissed her brother's cheek as she bid her goodbye to him.

Charles went near her and grabbed her hand.

Afterwards, the two of them took their way out of the building and went to a luxurious car where the driver awaits them.

Charles opened the door at the backseat for her and she entered. He then sat next to her. She felt nervous when she noticed him staring at her intensely. She turned her face towards the window of the car.

"So, would you like to go shopping first before we head back to my place?", suddenly Charles said to her without even blinking his eyes.His gazed never left her face.

"Yes, please!", she said shyly.

The car started to switch its engine and they headed towards a nearby mall since they are still in the center of the city.Not long enough, the car stopped at their wished destination. Charles went out first off the car and he opened the door for her.

Aya smiled at him when she got off the car. Charles' hand was warm when he held her hand and they went inside the building. She felt like a strange electric wave just came across into her body.

Aya was amazed to see a lot of things inside the mall as they walk together along the way. She was like a child who started to gaze at the things around her. She swing herself around and around as she was like in her garden. She was definitely having fun. Her innocent look made Charles heart more fonder over her.

"Come over here, Aya!", Charles said to her that made her wondering mood stop.

In a dress boutique, a woman approached them wearing a big smile on her face. The woman has a short hair just above her shoulder and has a chubby face. Her body figure suits her height.

"Mr. Hokkins, it's been a long while. Good afternoon! Do you want me to assist the young girl here with you?" The woman asked excitedly. She was about at the age of thirties. Aya guessed as she take a good looked at her.

"Yes, please!",

Charles replied as he was smiling to her as well.

"I'll wait for you on that corner", he said turning his face to Aya.

Aya smiled and nodded.

"By the way, my name is Mae. Please allow me to assist you, Ma'am", the woman said politely.

It took them 30 minutes looking for her the right clothes that suits her taste. They went in the dressing room when she already had decided on what clothes to wear. She picked 3 pairs of nighties, 5 short pants, 2 long fitted pants, 5 sleeveless blouse with ruffles on it, 5 simple dresses, 3 mini skirt, 5 white blouses and 2 long gowns for formal events.She even took 1 dozen of panties and 1 dozen of bra.

Mae can't take her eyes of her when she tried all what she had chosen to wear. She seemed to be amazed on how she looks. Her eyes were sparkling as if she had seen a female model.

"Wow! You look stunningly beautiful, Miss!", she said carelessly.

Aya blushed and gave her a sweet smile. They went back to the counter when they had finished taking a fit on the clothes. Charles was sitting while holding a magazine on the other side of the counter. He stopped reading when he saw them heading back to the counter.He set aside the magazine and stood up.

"Are you done shopping?", he said calmly.

"Yes. I'll just pay all of these", she said glancing on the clothes she had picked.

"You don't have to. I'll take care of that, " Charles said giving his silver card to Mae.

She was hesitant at first but then she found herself enduring being spoiled by this man.

After shopping, they went to a VIP restaurant. A fine young man guided them towards a pavillion.There were lots of food prepared only for the two of them. The place was filled with flowers and there was a small pond near them.The place was exquisitely beautiful and peaceful. My type of place she thought to herself.

Charles offered her a chair to sit. She smiled and sat down. Afterwards, Charles took the chair on the opposite direction. He is quite a gentle man she thought.Keenly observing every detail about him.

While they were eating, Aya heard a melody played on a piano.It soothes her heart. The more she loved the place. She enjoyed having a meal with Charles as if they were on a date.

Date! OMG! She exaggerated at the thought but she remained compose. She just focused on the meal.

Charles was observing her actions as well.He was enjoying the moment they have right now.

When they had finished eating, Charles gently hold her hands to assist her in standing. He treated her like her Queen.

"We are going to stop by on a jewellery store next for your ring", Charles said to her close to her ears.

Aya felt his warm breath and his voice resonated into her ears giving her a chill.

They left the restaurant and went to a jewellery store.His hands never let go of her hand.

At the counter, a lady in red dress smiled at them. She was sexy and her dress was quite revealing.

"Good afternoon, Sir Hokkins! Good afternoon, Miss!" The lady greeted them.

"I am looking for a ring suitable for my fiancé here ", he said turning his face to Aya. His smile was not fading.

"Would you like to take a look at our top best selling item for this year, Sir?", she said and took a red velvety box. She showed her an extra ordinary ring. "This ring is made up of emerald gemstone with 2 small sapphire stone on its edges. Perfect fit for a goddess like your fiance, dear Sir."

Charles took the ring and place it on her ring finger. It really is beautiful. It perfectly fits on her finger.

"It does fits on you perfectly isn't it?", Charles said staring at her intensely once more.

She choked to give warning towards him.

"How much is this cost? "Aya said hastily.

"It cost 1.5 million pesos, Miss. "The lady said without hesitation.

Aya tried to pull back the ring on her finger but a strong force stopped her from doing it. She looked at Charles hesitantly. Their eyes met. Charles eyes were focused only to her. She noticed that the lady suddenly choked. That made Charles returned his senses and turned his face towards the lady.

"I'll buy it."He said firmly and took again the silver card on his wallet.

The lady took the card and swiped it on the card machine.

Afterwards, they left the jewellery store and headed back to the car.

They are now on their way to Charles place. Aya looked at the ring and took a quick glance at him. If this was real, I think I might have fell in love with him already she said to herself. But she knew that these were just part of their plan.Charles was quiet on his seat but his hand was keeping hold of her hand still. His face is now on its normal state. There wasn't any trace of emotion that can be seen into him anymore.

Aya didn't bother to ask nor reclaim to his actions. She was just merely going with the flow. It didn't took them a long time when they reached Charles place. The house was grand. There were so many maids waiting for them infront of the house.The car stopped and they got off the car immediately.

She took her cellphone from her sling bag and took a picture of the house.

The maids greeted them at the same time. Some of them went to get her things in the car while the others went back to their own works.An old gray haired woman followed the two of them on their way inside the house.

"Marga will take you to your new room. If you need anything else, just call me."He said coldly.He took her phone that she was holding and dialled his number on it."If you'll excuse me now, I need to go to my room."

Aya was confused on the sudden change of mood of Charles. Now, she just saw another part of him. She shook her head subconsciously.

"Please follow me, Miss!", Marga said to her with a smile.

They walked together and showed her the room assigned to her.She was surprised to see that her things were inside the room already. Marga gave the key to her room before leaving.

She felt exhausted. She threw her sling bag at the side of the bed and lied down.She looked around the room. It is really made for a female guest she said.The room was filled with pink colored objects. Then, her eyes and body began to get weary .She began to fall asleep.

On Charles room, he went to the bathroom and took a shower. His manhood was as hard as a rock. He noticed it a long time ago when he was with Aya .Her body really turned him on.He instinctively tried to ease his desire over her by satisfying himself through self service.

He caught himself a goddess he said to himself. A devilish smile appeared into his face

A strong knocking on the door suddenly wake up Aya from her slumber.She looked at her watch. It was already 7 in the evening. She stood up and opened the door. Marga appeared in front of her.

"Miss, Sir Charles asked me to call you for dinner", she said tenderly.

"I'll be down in a minute.Thank you!"Aya said and the old maid left.

She took a towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower.Without further due, she dried herself with the towel. She put on a white blouse and a short pants that they bought a while ago. Then, she combed her hair. She looked her reflection into the mirror. She smiled and went downstairs.

Charles again was mesmerized upon seeing her. She wore only a simple clothes and yet his manhood got hardened again.Her presence affected him greatly. He tried to compose himself and let go a smile on his face.

"Please take a sit." He instructed her.

She took a chair and sat on the opposite direction facing him. There were lots of food infront of them but she only took a portion of chicken soup with potato salad, fried tempura and a glass of milk.

On the other hand, Charles was carefully observing her.He took a sweet and sour beef with rice, spring rolls, chicken soup, tempura and a glass of water.

Before Aya took a bite of her food, she silently made a sign of the cross and closed her eyes.Charles suddenly stopped eating when he saw what she was doing.He felt embarrassed and prayed before he continued to eat.

"Do you always do that in your house?", he said to her with curiosity.

Aya looked at him. "Of course!", she said confirming her action.

Then, they continued eating without saying another word to each other.

"I'm stuffed!", Aya said touching her belly.

Charles smiled upon knowing that she was fully satisfied on what they had eaten for dinner.

After eating, Aya stood up to leave the room but Charles doesn't want to end this day without touching her luscious lips.

"Are you going back to your room now?", he asked.

"Yes!", she replied.

Charles left his chair and went near her.

"I'll accompany you into your way to your room", he insisted.

"No need!", she exclaimed.

But Charles took her hand and she went along with him when he started walking.

As they were walking, Aya felt helpless. She wanted to refuse but her heart was beating so fast when Charles took her hand. She felt a strong energy connecting him to her. Is this what they call love she said to herself.

Upon reaching her room, Charles stopped walking and gazed at her.

"Thank you for everything you have done for me today, Charles.I really appreciate it", she said turning her head sideways. She can't look at him straight in his eyes.

"A thank you is not enough, " he said.

Surprisingly, his hands gently held her face and forced her to face him.When their eyes met, something magical came across them.They felt like there was a magnet between them. Slowly, Charles made his move. He lowered his head to touch her lips and kissed her.

Aya was breathing hard when the kissed ended.

"Good night, my Queen!Sweet dreams!", Charles said to her in a husky voice near to her ears.He was too close to her.

She was shy to look at him therefore she remained her head down to hid her blushing face.

Charles left with a grin on his face.Leaving her still standing infront of her room.

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