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   Chapter 3 An encounter with the devil

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Charles woke up in a great mood. He started his day with a great smile on his face. He brushed his teeth first. Then, he took a bath while humming joyfully. The water was dripping all over his body. He remembered what happened last night. He punched his right hand through the air to release the excitement that he was feeling right now.

Afterwards, he took the towel and dried up his body with it. He wrapped the towel on his waist to hide his manhood. Then, he went back to his room and took a business suite on his cabinet. He wore his underwear before putting on his clothes. He sprayed a man's perfume into his body and combed his hair. He put on his socks and leather shoes.

Finally, he was ready to go to his office. He went downstairs to take his breakfast. Unfortunately, Aya wasn't around yet. So, he decided to take his meal without her. But his naughty mind had a plan on her, he quickly finished his meal and went upstairs again. He directly went towards Aya 's room.

He tried to open the door quietly. Luckily, the door was not locked. Therefore, he took the chance and went inside the room carefully. He saw Aya sleeping soundly on her bed. He slowly sat down near her and gently touched her lovely face. He lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Upon kissing her, he moved out of the room immediately.

Aya was awakened by a scent of a man's perfume that has spread into her room. She felt also a warm, soothing feeling on her lips. How strange she thought to herself. She stood up and took a bath. She wore a sky blue colored dress that she bought yesterday. Finally, she put on her high heel sandals.

She went into the dining room. The maids attended to her meal eagerly. She only ate scrambled egg, one slice of bread and a glass of milk. After eating, She brushed her teeth and headed out of the house. A car was already prepared for her. She got inside the car and told the driver to go to the Montessori Cemetery.

Along the way, Aya took her phone and called her father. She doesn't want him to get worried.

"Hello, my angel?", a cheerful voice was heard on the other line of the phone.

"Hello, Dad! How are you?" She cheerfully asked him.

"I'm doing fine. How's my angel doing?" Her father continued." I miss my dear angel so much."

She smiled when she heard her father's longingness towards her. It had been 2 years that they never had seen each other. They only had contact with each other through phone calls.

"I miss you too, Dad. By the way, I'm staying for a while at Charles Hokkins' place. I had Theo's approval about it." She said having doubts on how her father would react.

In a brief moment, there was silence on the other line. Then she heard a big sigh on the phone.

Impatiently, she initiated to start to talk again." Dad, are you still there?"

"Yes, " her father confirmed. "If you think he's not going to do any harm on you, then It's fine with me. Just make sure that you contact me anytime. "

She felt relief when she heard her father's approval.

"Yes, Dad! Noted! I'm on my way to the cemetery to visit mom's grave now, " she uttered.

"Say a prayer for me for your mom, my angel." He said with a sad tune.

"Okay, Dad!" She answered back before she turned off her phone.

She glanced at the driver for a while.

"Can we please stop by to a flower shop first please?, " she politely asked him.

The driver looked at the driver's mirror to look at her.

"Of course, Miss!", he answered.

Then the car stopped infront of a flower shop. She got off the car and went inside the shop. A cute teenage boy about the age of 18 approached her with an apron on him. He smiled at her and greeted her.

"How can I help you, Miss?", he said to her.

She smiled and looked around.

"I need a dozen of white roses please", she said while gazing at the beautiful flowers around her.

The boy went near a bucket of white roses and took a dozen of it. He arranged the flowers in a red and silver decorated plastic wrapper. He tied it up with a red ribbon. It looked dashing.

"Here, Miss!" He said handling over to her the bouquet.

She took the bouquet and handed it over to her driver. She took 2000 pesos from her wallet. She gave the money to the boy. The boy went to the counter to get her change. She was about to leave when the boy suddenly stopped her.

"Please wait, Miss! You forgot your change, " the boy shouted.

She smiled and turned her face towards him once again.

"Keep the change! Those flowers are precious to me and to my mother." She said looking back at the flowers that he had arranged for her." You deserve it because you made it perfectly for my mother."

The boy smiled and said his thanks to her. She turned her back and headed out towards the car. She went inside the car and the driver started the switch on the engine.

When they reached the cemetery, she put the flowers on to the grave of her mother. She said a prayer and sitted next to the grave. She talked to her mother by herself. She told her what was happening to their family and how they lived without her. She was so sad.

Her mother died because of a car accident. She was lucky enough to survive the tragedy because her mom protected her. She was only 10 years old back then. Remembering the tragedy, she felt her heart ached and burst into sadness. She felt her tears flowing through her cheeks.

This was the first time that she felt this way again. She promised herself not to cry again but she couldn't help it. She wiped her tears with her handkerchief and bid farewell to her mother.

On their way to her office, a sudden huge bump was felt by Aya. She almost hit her head on the back of the driver seat.

"Are you alright, Miss?", her driver asked looking so worried.

"What was that?" She felt irritated.

"Someone must have bumped into our car, Miss. I'll go out for a bit to check it, " he said leaving her behind.

She lowered the car window near her to gaze at the side mirror. She saw her driver talking to a man wearing a sweat shirt and a jogging pants. The man noticed her and went near her. He bent his head down to the car window to take a good look at her.

"Hi there, Miss! I'm sorry if I bumped into your car. I was in a rush and suddenly, I lost control of my speed. By the way, I'm Zander Lara. May I ask your name?, " he said with a grin on his face.

Definitely this man was up to no good. By the l

ooks of him, He was not her type. She thought while observing the man's physical features. The man had a formidable body but lacks in conduct.

"I'm sorry but I am in a rush too. I'm not interested into someone like you ", she said frankly.

The man got annoyed upon hearing her response. He was pissed off.

"Who do you think you are? You may look pretty but I guess you're a bitch. You should be taught a lesson, " he said and at an instant, he took her out of the car. He pulled her closer to his body attempting to kiss her.

Her driver interfered into his intention towards her.

"Let the Miss go!", he said roughly. He grabbed the man's arm and stopped him.

Unfortunately, Zander punched him on his face. At one stroke, her driver fell down to the ground. Zander looked at her and had no intention of letting her go. He held her closer and tighter into his arms. He was magnetized by her beauty. Aya felt that she needed to save herself from this man.

Zander was shocked when he felt his feet stamped by her.

"Ouch!, " he said and she was released from his grasp. "Why you?" He got mad at her.

She was about to run when she felt a strong force pulling her long black hair. She stopped from her attempt.

"Let her go!", her driver said and started to get up on his feet once more. Before her driver could get any closer to them, Zander kicked him and he fell down back to the ground again.

Luckily, Aya knew some martial arts movement. She held the man's hands and turned around facing him. She slashed his hands on hers and kicked his manhood. Zander felt hurt and he jumped hard touching his manhood. She rushed into the car and got her phone. She pushed the alarm button on the back of her phone. She looked at Zander angrily.

"You messed up with the wrong girl, mister!", she said furiously.

Theo saw the alarm rang on the digital mobile. He was shocked and immediately took the locator on his computer. He looked at her location and then he called for police assistance. When the police got his call, they rushed to the area where Aya is. He also rushed out of his office and drove his personal car.

When he reached Aya's location, he saw the man that the police were arresting. He looked at Aya who had a messed up hair look. He immediately went near her and held her tightly in his arms.

"Are you alright?, " Theo said looking worried.

"I'm fine now, brother, " she answered.

Another man came rushing to them. It was her brother, Brian. He looked terribly worried just like Theo.

"Aya!" He shouted.

Theo let her go and Brian embraced her tightly in his arms. Caressing her back and kissing her head repeatedly as if she was a baby who was lost for a long time to him. When he saw the man who assaulted their sister being held by the police, he got furious. He set her free from his arms and went near Zander. He rapidly threw a big hard punch on Zander's guts.

Zander was helpless at the moment.

"That's for my sister! Who do you think you are? No one hurts our sister. Bastard!, " Brian said angrily and once more kicked him.

The police took away Zander and brought him to jail.

In the meantime, her driver started to feel frightened looking at her brother's angry faces. He gathered his strength to face them.

"I'm so sorry, Miss and to you too dear sirs, " he said in a trembling voice when he got closer to them.

Aya and her brothers looked at one another. Aya patted her driver's shoulder.

"Thank you! You should not say sorry because you tried your best to protect me. I'm very grateful to you and for that you earned my trust. Can you treat me as your friend and not as your employer's guest? By the way, I forgot to ask your name." She said in a gentle voice.

"My name is Benjamin Villaflor. Ben for short. It'll be my honor to be your friend, Miss, " he said hastily.

"Okay, Ben! We entrust our sister into your care from now on, " Brian said in a calm manner.

"You should get those bruises treated so that you will not get sick, " Theo said to Ben.

They were all smiling afterwards. Ben took the car into the police station while the three of them went to Theo's private office. Her brother was consistently comforting her and never left their sight on her. She felt loved.

After a long while, they opened the tv monitor to watch some news. A newsbreak caught their attention. The incident that happened to her a while back was the main headline of the business news.

They saw Zander's picture and learned that he was a son of the Lara Group of Companies. It was a shame for Zander's family to be held as a prisoner for assaulting her.

Brian's phone rang. "Excuse me!" He said glancing at them.

"I'll come there!", He said on the phone.

Then he went back near them and kissed her on her forehead. "I have some other important matters to attend to, sis. I'll be leaving now. Theo, make sure Aya doesn't do anything today. Let her take a rest, " he said to them.

Theo nodded and she smiled at her brother who was leaving the room.

A ring on Theo's phone caught their attention. Theo saw the name on the screen of his phone. It was their father calling. He answered the phone and he had already an idea on what his father was going to tell him.

"Where is Aya? Is she okay?", Their father said terrified and worried.

He gave the phone onto her. "I'm fine, Dad!", she said reassuring her father.

Meanwhile in a close door room, Zander was being tormented by some tremendously masculine men. There were 5 of them and were armed. Brian was furiously looking at him who was standing infront of him as well.

"Do you know whom you messed up with?, " he said in a ravishing voice. "You dared to touch our only sister. We, the Harvard family doesn't allow such an atrocity. You'll pay highly with what you did to her."

Zander was beaten by the 5 men. He was punched and kicked by them. He was fully injured by them. His blood was overflowing onto his body. But Brian wasn't satisfied yet by his looks, Brian himself went near Zander and punched his face until Zander couldn't bear the pain and suffering anymore. Zander fell unconscious. He just met a devil in a man's form.

"Idiot!" Brian said to him. Spitting on him with his saliva.

Then he left without looking back at him. "Take him back to the prison, " he said to the group of men whom he hired before he disappeared completely into their vision.

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