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   Chapter 1 A Disastrous First Meeting

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In a fancy restaurant of Malvey City, Aya found herself dressed up to meet a friend. She wore a simple white dress that matches up her long black hair with her lips red and cheeks so rosy that any man can immediately be captivated by her beauty. She has a fair skin that looks so smooth and irresistable. She waved her hand at the moment upon seeing a girl with curly blonde hair.

"Hey! You look stunning girl as usual!" Gracefully sat down being complimented by the girl named Jillian. The girl smiled and gazed at her confidently.

"Have you been waiting for me for a long time?" Aya took a deep breath and smiled back at her. She sat on the chair opposite to her friend.

Hearing Aya's sweet voice, Jillian shook her head as a response to her.

Upon knowing that her friend was looking forward to meet her, Aya was moved by her eagerness to see her only dearest friend. She and Jillian were friends since high school. In fact, there were a lot of guys frowning at her but she has her own goal to meet. She declined all kinds of courtship offered to her by these guys. No one has ever captured her interest. Only being with Jillian that she felt comfortable with. Back then, no one dared to get near Aya because of her frankness in rejecting men.

"Let's order something to eat. I'm starving!" Jillian laughed as she took the menu and ordered some food to the waiter who approached them a while ago. He was wearing a buttler suit that enhanced his cute look. Apparently, Aya noticed him and yet she just took a glance on him.

Aya nodded as a response to her friend. She ordered a lemon iced tea and a clubhouse sandwich while Jillian on the other hand, ordered five dishes and an orange juice. The waiter left as he took their orders looking at her without hesitation. She must be really hungry Aya thought as she looked at her friend.

That reminds her, Jillian travelled 3 hours indeed from Houston downhill to Malvey City.

Not long after, the waiter came back with their orders and still staring non-stop closely at Aya. She smiled at the waiter and said her thanks to him. The young waiter smiled contentedly and left them.

Aya took a bite on her sandwich as she gave time for Jillian to enjoy her food since Jillian drove a long way just to be with her. After eating, Jillian took out some documents on her briefcase near her and handed it over to her.

Aya is the only daughter of the legendary business tycoon all over Malvey Country, William Harvard. Her father and brothers namely: Theodore and Brian, takes care of the other family businesses while Aya just do whatever pleases her. Behind the success of their family businesses was her as well. Everytime there was trouble involving the progress of their company, Aya was the one solving it with her family's consent. She was not luxurious like other rich girls. She was contented whatever she had and made sure that the family's bond was tight that no one could break.

Aya reached out to the papers that Jillian was giving her. She immediately looked at it. The documents were about the funding case of a company which his brother Brian was having difficulty solving with. A certain Aldrich Bekkon was the one Aya suspected embezzling money of the company. That's why she called for Jillian's help to investigate this man.

Upon reading thoroughly the reports given to her by Jillian, Aya's face turned dark and gloomy. She clenched her fists with anger.

After eating, they stood up, grabbed their bags and left the restaurant urgently. Leaving behind the money on the table as payment for their meal, the waiter went to clean up the table and took the money.

Without delay, Jillian drove the car with Aya beside her. They sat quietly inside the car. They went to a nearby riverside to refresh their minds and to think of a plan. When the car stopped, they stepped out of the car. Jillian is an expert secret agent of MCPD.

As they were gazing at the body of water in front of them, Aya's long straight hair was blown by a gentle wind. She felt the cold air breeze calming her.

"If I intervene with my brother's strategy in solving the case, do you think he'll get mad at me? Or shall I just let him know what I have accumulated from my own investigation about it?" Aya turned her face towards Jillian. Worrying of the thought of being too much concerned about her brother, Aya kept quiet for a while.

"I think your overdoing things, girl. For once, you should let him solve this problem on his own so that he'll gain confidence into himself. Don't you think so?", Jillian answered.

Aya let go a big sigh. "I think your right. I guess I was a bit too hooked up about it."

Jillian lend her shoulders to Aya to lean on. Aya was a little bit exhausted because of that matter concerning their company. Knowing that Jillian would always be there for her no matter what happens, she felt safe in her arms.

"Look at the sky. It's pretty!", Jillian said cheerfully staring at the clear blue sky above. She looked up and smiled once more.

They were both sitting in front of the car. Then suddenly, they heard a loud voice screaming for help. They were both alarmed by it and decided to search into where the voice was coming from.

In the midst of a narrow bushes, Aya saw a girl with a man on her arms wounded. She immediately called up Jillian. "Over here!", Aya said to her friend.

Glancing back at the two individuals infront of her. "What on the world happened here?" Aya uttered.

"Someone tried to kill me and my friend here had a great fight against my abductors. He got hurt because of me." The girls entire body were trembling due to the incident. Her eyes were red and puffy because of crying.

"Calm down now! My friend here is a police." Aya said trying to reach out to the girl. But as soon as she was about to get hold of the right hand of the girl, the man suddenly opened his eyes and tried to struggle her by force as if she was one of the abductors.

"Don't!" The girl shouted at him.

The man's face confusingly looked at his friend. Distracted by his friend's presence, Jillian took that opportunity. She dragged the man down by twisting his arm around his back to save Aya. The man fell down to the ground as he was being held by Jillian's force.

"Let go of me! You bitches!" The man said growling with anger. He was quite strong but his wounds made him a little bit weak.

"Are you alright Aya? " Jillian's voice was shaking with anger towards the man and fear for Aya's safety as well.

Aya just nodded and turned her face towards the girl a while back who was still crying. The girl immediately rushed into Jillian who kept holding onto the man.

"Please let him go! He meant no harm". The girl pleaded. Jillian loosened her grip towards the man's hand and interrogated them both.

Aya was amazed as she looked up closely towards the man. Even in his weakening body condition, he was capable of rescuing his friend. He was quite handsome, tall, dark and charming. It was still visible though he had wounds and bruises around his body. Aya thought.

Since Jillian had a more manly strength than Aya, Jillian helped the man to get up on his feet while Aya was the one who assisted the crying girl. Jillian slowly put the man inside the car's backseat. The girl with him sat next to him too.

Jillian and Aya took them to the hospital for treatment. Luckily, there was a nearby hospital along the riverside.

"I'm terribly sorry for what I did to you, Miss. I thought you were one of them." The man's face calmed down and slowly soften. They were inside a ward. The man's name was Charles Hokkins and the girl with him was Elise McDermott. They were both in an elite group of people just like Aya.

Aya doesn't care if what was their status in life. Helping a person in need was all that matters to her.

Jillian informed her office about the incident and she drove Elise to her house leaving Aya behind to watch over Charles in the hospital.

Charles was already asleep at the moment after being treated by the doctor. Sitting quietly near the bed, Aya turned her mobile in a vibrating mode in order for her not to disturb the wounded man who was resting. She was then curious to look at the man's face closely again. This was the first time that she was attracted by a male specie. Her heart raised when suddenly Charles opened his eyes and

intentionally kissed her by surprise. It was a quick kiss yet she turned red and felt the warmth of the lips of this man.

She blushed but then her shyness turned into anger. She impulsively raised her hand and slapped the man's face. "Why did you do that for?"

"Didn't you enjoy it?, " Charles grinned touching his hurt cheek.

She was about to answer back when they heard a knocking at the door. She stood up with dismay and went to open the door. A sobbing old woman appeared in front of her as she opened it. The old woman was Mrs. Teresa Hokkins, Charles' mother accompanied by his father Roger. They entered the room and Aya left without letting them know.

"Son, what happened to you? I was so worried when a police called telling us that you were here in the hospital." Mrs. Teresa said caressing Charles hands. She was sitting next to the bed while her husband was standing next to her.

"I'm fine now. Don't worry anymore. I'll make sure they'll pay for what they did to me." Charles closed his fist tightly thinking of revenge towards those who attempted to abduct his friend.

Looking so worried, both his parents said nothing. They just stared at each other. Out of the blue, Charles remembered his closest buddy, Theo. He took the phone beside him and called.

"Hello, bro! It's me!" Charles said upon hearing a voice on the other line answering his call.

"What's up? I heard you went back to Malvey City." Theo replied.

"Yup! Unfortunately, I'm here in the hospital right now!" Charles gave all the details about what happened to him.

Meanwhile, Aya arrived at their house safe and sound. An old maid immediately came to attend her needs.

"Welcome home, Miss! Shall I prepare something for you to eat or would you rather take a rest in your favorite garden?" The old maid said smiling towards her.

"I'll rest for a bit in my room. Prepare my meal in the garden please." Aya said as she walked up to the stairs. She never bothered herself to gaze at the maid. Upon entering her room. She felt empty. Her face turned sad and lonely. Everytime she comes home, no one from her family saw her coming. All of them were busy with work while she just let herself wander around by herself as if her life was meaningless.

Feeling exhausted, she lied down gently into her soft cottony bed. She stared at the ceiling and slowly an image of a man whom they had encountered appeared into her mind.

The man who took her first kiss. How disastrous she thought. She was hoping to give her first kiss in an intimate way with the man she love and yet it was rubbed by her.

She subconsciously touched her lips remembering the warmth of that man's lips on hers when they kissed. He was quite attractive she thought. Too attractive that it made her body shiver with overflowing excitement. This was the first time that she felt this way towards a man as if she was in her teenage years.Her eyes felt heavy and she allowed herself to fall asleep.

"Hi, there! Did you enjoy being kissed by me?" a teasing smile of Charles showed up into her vision.

Aya bit her lower lips and quickly grabbed the man's face with her two hands. The pleasure of the kiss gave both of them an intense sensation throughout their body. Charles gently caressed her smooth skin from her back. Touching her back made a tingling sensation to her senses. She moaned when Charles other hands explored her front tearing up her nighties.

He was so intense that Aya fought back by clutching into him tightly. They were already in the peak of achieving their desires to each other when a man holding a gun appeared in front of them.

Aya froze and Charles was shot instantly when the man aimed the gun at them. There were so many blood scattered around her and she screamed loudly.

A strong hand that forcefully shook her body hard, Aya regained her consciousness. She was perspiring constantly as she suddenly opened her eyes. It was the hands of her brother Theo that made her realize that she was only dreaming.

Thank goodness! It was only a dream she thought while feeling relief although her body was still shivering in fear.

"Are you alright?, " Theo looked terribly worried. "You were screaming when I arrived home. Did you have a nightmare?"

Aya stared at his brother and hugged him tenderly. Her body was trembling. It was indeed a very bad nightmare.

Theo brushed his hands at the back of her head to comfort and calm her. This was the first time he saw her only sister trembled in fear. He never saw her like this since they were young and until they reached their teenage years. She was always cheerful, frank, independent, and adventurous at the same time. Aya doesn't trust any other person aside from Mike and Jillian.

A few minutes have passed, Theo carefully helped her get off her bed. He held her hands tightly reassuring her safety. They went into the garden where the maids were waiting for them.

Theo grabbed one of the chair and let her sit before he took also a chair to sit. He remained calm and yet a worried face was drawn into him. He took a glass of water and gave it to his sister.

"Here! Drink this!" He said.

Aya drank the glass of water in a refinely manner. "Thank you, brother!"

"Are you doing things on your own way again, sis?" He asked.

A little bit confused but she knew that Theo knew her a lot more than her brother Brian nor their father. He could sensed if she was lying or not.

I guess I should tell him the truth she thought. She sighed and told her everything that happened today.

"Just as I've thought!" Theo remarked after Aya told him about the incident and about her investigation on Mr. Aldrich Bekkon.

"That's what you get when you get too hooked up in one of our businesses problems. From now on, just let the rest of us do our job. You should concentrate on other matters especially on your love life." Theo stretched his arms and carefully took a slice of cake in front of them and put it on her plate.

"Speaking of love life, how are you with Elsa?" Aya took a glimpse at him before taking a sushi roll and put it on her brother's plate just like what he did to her.

Her brother's face were glowing with happiness when he heard the name of his fiancé. "We're doing great! We are planning to settle down when she graduates from her masteral degree". He happily took a bite with the slice of sushi roll on his fork.

They continue happily chatting while eating when they sensed another person staring at them.They looked around them. A man dressed in a black business suit was watching over them. She smiled when they recognized who was the man standing at the door. It was none other than her other older brother, Brian.

Brian came closer to them with a smile on his face. Cheerfully, he embraced his siblings. Aya thought for a second if she should tell her brother about what she knew or not.Furthermore, they were reunited once more. This kind of opportunity was very rare to happen for the three of them. The thought of that made her heart happy while looking at her brothers. She doesn't want to ruin the good mood so she stayed quiet for a while.

"Sis, did you heard about the embezzlement case in my company?" Brian seriously looked at her.

Upon hearing his question, Aya choked herself. She felt the urge not to speak about it so she changed the topic. "Brother, didn't you went to Jaco Island with Xia? How was the trip?"

"Yes, we did went there and we had a lot of fun being together. Why are you changing the topic anyway?" Brian was being persistent not to let her go.

Aya turned her face towards Theo with a consolidating look at him. Theo nodded as if giving her signal to go on with what their brother seek onto her. Then she looked back at Brian who was eagerly awaiting for her reply.

"Yes, I heard about it and had it investigated as soon as it reached me. I'll give you the reports given to me. But for the meantime, let's enjoy the dinner. Since we rarely have dinner together. Will you, brother?"

With a pleading look on her, Brian felt guilty. This was just a simple request from his dearest sister who was always been there to support and love them unconditionally. Who was he not to give her atmost request. He granted her wish and they had fun on that night. The flowers in the garden were also rejoicing with their scent overflowing around them.

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