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   Chapter 24 Let me love you

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Jade ran down the stairs, nearly tripping over her heels which she left in the hallway and opened the door. Her mood dropped when she faced her mother. It was early in the afternoon so her mother knew Mark wasn't around, the woman did a sneak attack and Jade could only stare. Silently applauding the woman for her great plotting skills. She wished she inherited that trait from her mother, it would be easier dealing with Mark and his dark and dangerous world.


Her grip on the doorknob tightened, "Mom."

"It's been a while."

"It has." She agreed, "But that was intentional."

Her mother winced, "I know you've been ignoring my phone calls."

"Have you stopped seeing Sophie and Tessa?" Camilla stepped forward which made Jade step back, "Have you stopped seeing them, yes or no?"


That response said it all.

"Then this conversation is over, bye mom."

She was about to close the door when Camilla stepped forward again and pushed against the door, "I came all this way-"

"I didn't ask you to." Jade reminded her.

"Can you drop the hostility around me? I'm still your mother."

Jade straightened up, her eyes getting colder and colder, "I'll treat you with respect when you deserve it. Right now I'm really upset with your behavior and it annoys me that you can't understand why." Jade hated how her voice picked up because she was upset. She wanted to remain calm and collected, wanted to handle the situation the same way Mark would have, unfortunately, she wasn't gifted with patience, "That woman used to date my husband and is still after him. I want her to be in the past and if you keep seeing her you'll be buried in the past with her."

"You're not thinking rationally right now, Jade. You can't pretend she doesn't exist, you move around in the same social circles as her. You'll run into her occasionally. Wouldn't it be better to just get along and move past things?"


Camilla sighed, looking exhausted which was fine by her. If her mother was tired of having the same conversation over and over again, she might not show up anymore. It was a shame considering the sacrifices she made to make Camilla happy, but at least she could do that much for her mother. In the end, she also got something out of it, and she was happy. The sad part was that Camilla wouldn't do the same. She didn't want to make sacrifices to ensure her daughter's happiness. She could say with confidence that her mother was truly a selfish person.

"You're having a baby."

Jade unintentionally placed a hand against her stomach, "Yes, we're having a baby."

"It's my grandbaby, Jade." Camilla whispered, "Let's just try and move past things for them."

"I do want my child to know their grandmother." Jade admitted, "But I'm not going to give into your selfish request. I've already given too much, mom. All you do is take, this time I want you to give in. If you can't, then it's a shame, but you won't be in my child's life."


"Now, I want you to leave. Call me when you considered things and made a decision."

Jade closed the door and this time Camilla let her. It was painful, but she was glad she could get things off her chest. At least now there wouldn't be anything kept inside, waiting to explode when things got too much for her to handle. She hoped Camilla would make the right decision, for once she hoped her mother wouldn't be selfish.

Jade made her way into the kitchen and started on dinner. Mark would be home soon and she wanted him to come home to a warm home, dinner ready and the house smelling like cookies. It was not much she could do for him, but she knew he'd appreciate it, think the world of her with only a small gesture like that. Betty once mentioned how much Mark would love her if

d against his aching shoulder, "You piss me off." He told her, his eyes serious and filled with annoyance towards her.

"Could you stop fucking hitting me every two seconds?" He muttered, "It hurts when you keep smacking me on the same spot over and over again."


He chuckled, "What am I going to do with you, firecracker?" He placed the remote control down next to him and reached for her.

She pulled back though, not wanting to give into him. Getting to her feet quickly she walked around the couch, creating a bit of distance between them, "Don't you dare!" She warned him.

"Don't what?" He asked her, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Don't dare to pacify me with sex."

He laughed at her, "Come here, Jade."

She shook her head, "No, I'm serious right now."

"So am I." He held his hand out to her, "Come here."

She hesitated before she took his hand and walked around the couch again, taking a seat beside her amused look husband. He pulled her close to him, pressing her against his side while he pressed his lips against her hair.

"Scott and Nia are getting married." He told her.

She grabbed onto his shirt, "Yeah."

"We're having a baby soon." He continued.

She snuggled into him and smiled, her smile hidden because she buried her face in his chest, "Yeah."

"Things worked out well for us." He whispered.

She smiled widened. He was right, things could have gone horribly wrong between them. But they didn't. They made things work, fell in love and were actually building their future together. She couldn't wish for more. Since things were so great between them she could even deal with people like her mother. She was happy and it was good hearing that Mark was happy too. That was all she wanted.

"You're right." She whispered back.

His hold on her tightened at her hearing her admit that "Let me love you, Jade."

She wrapped both her arms around his waist and held on tight, "Okay."

Watching a movie together on the couch on a Friday night while wearing comfy clothes and holding onto each other was pretty mundane and maybe boring to some, but she wouldn't have it any other way. It made her realize just how grateful she was to her mother. Camilla was selfish, only knew how to take and push her beliefs upon others, but in the end, Jade couldn't hate her. Because of her, she was Jade Bennet, happily married and content with her life. Mundane when you looked at it from a distance, but pretty dark and exciting when you looked a little closer.

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