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   Chapter 23 Our family

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Jade was having dinner with her husband at their regular restaurant, enjoying small talk like how things were at the office and what she had been doing all day. It was their quiet time alone while being out. She enjoyed it, especially since her nosy mother didn't mingle herself into their conversation. She still didn't talk to Camilla, mainly because she was done with all the gossip and meddling of other people. Her marriage with Mark was her business and everyone else had no say whatsoever. It was hard on Camilla, she could tell. But she wouldn't let the woman push her over. This time she'd be stronger and she didn't have to do it alone. Mark would be right beside her, holding her hand and encouraging her when she felt like crumbling down.

Jade reached for her glass of water and sipped from it, ignoring the amused look her husband flashed her. Not wanting him to enjoy the situation that much she kicked him under the table, pretending not to notice a thing when he bowed his head and rubbed his leg to ease the pain.

"Seriously?" He asked annoyed.

She feigned surprise, "What?"

Straightening in his seat he narrowed his eyes at her, "You're supposed to be more mature than that Jade, especially now."

"Now?" She asked, "For now it's still just the two of us." She reminded him.

His eyes glistered amusingly, "Just a few months, they will fly by, trust me."

Jade placed her glass down and eyed the dessert the waitress placed in front of her. A chocolate cake with whip cream. It looked delicious and she couldn't wait to dig in. Reaching for her fork she was about to take a bite but froze mid-bite when Scott appeared at their table, grinning at them.

"If it isn't my favorite couple."

Jade rolled her eyes, "You ruined the moment."

"You wanted some alone time with your cake?" Scott asked amused.

She didn't find it funny since she actually did want to have a private moment with her cake. Ignoring Scott she heard him chuckle, finding the entire thing even funnier. Mark across her shifted in his seat and shifted his attention to his friend.

"What's wrong?"

Scott flickered his eyes to Mark and straightened up, "Nothing, why do you always assume something is wrong when we run into each other?" Scott folded his arms across his chest, causing his jacket to tighten around his arms, "Do you distrust everyone in your life?"

Mark reached for his glass of wine and sipped it, "Not everyone." He gestured to Jade with his glass, "She is the one person in my life who I'd turn my back to without fearing for my life."

She smiled but didn't mingle with Mark's conversation with his friend. Instead, she focused on eating her cake without looking like she didn't eat for days.

"Whatever." Scott smiled, "I'm actually meeting someone as well. Just came over to say hello to the lovely Jade here. I couldn't give a fuck about you."

Jade laughed and ignored the glare she and Scott received, "You're on a date?"

"No, having dinner with someone from my hometown." Scott pointed nonchalantly to his table, "Anyway, have a good night, Jade."

As Scott walked back to his table Jade met her husband's gaze and had to press her lips together so she wouldn't burst out in laughter. Mark looked adorable when he was pouting. She knew he wouldn't let Scott get away with teasing him like that. He was planning something already and she had a feeling Scott didn't want to find out how Mark would retaliate.

"Come on, he was just messing with you. We both know

's a long way to the office, do you want a travel mug as well?"

Mark was surprised to see her up and doing ten things at once. She let him take her in, she knew he was trying to see if he should preach to her or not about getting some rest and taking care of herself. He stopped himself from speaking up when he came to the conclusion that she was fine. Smiling she stepped to her husband, placed her hands on his neatly pressed navy suit and stood on her toes to kiss him. He kissed her back and then walked around her to grab his mug.

"I'd love a travel mug too."

She got right on it and pushed a plate with scrambled eggs and toast toward him, "Breakfast."

"Thanks." He grabbed the plate and stepped out of the kitchen to head to the living room.

Jade followed after him and settled with him on the couch, "While you're going to the office I'm going to rearrange some things." She leaned closer to Mark who raised an eyebrow at her for behaving out of character this morning, "I'd like a car of my own though. Today I'm stuck here because the stores in this town aren't around the corner."

"Yes, I'm sorry. Should have thought about that." Mark sipped from his coffee, "We'll look into that when I get back, okay? I'll take tomorrow off, we'll settle it then."

Leaning in she pressed a kiss to his cheek, "Don't threaten too many people or get in trouble with other mob bosses. Also don't turn your back to Scott, no matter how nice he is he'll hurt you when he gets the chance." She got to her feet, "I'm starting with our closet so have a safe trip and I'll see you tonight. I'm thinking meatballs with pasta."

Mark grabbed her by her wrist when she was about to walk away, made her sit back on the couch beside him and kissed her temple, "You storming into my office was the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm glad my wife is a stubborn woman who speaks her mind no matter who she is facing. You're amazing, Jade."

She gave his shoulder a slight shove, "Don't be that way, I like confident Mark better." She got up, her eyes still locked with his, "We're a family. Like I've said many times before, I'll stick beside you no matter what happens. We'll be there for each other through the good and the bad."

She turned around and walked to the stairs hearing Mark call after her how much he loved her.

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