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   Chapter 22 Distance

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Mark led Jade around the house he wanted to buy, an excited look in his eyes. The real estate agent looked excited as well, but for different reasons. The house was big, but not gigantic. It had five bedrooms and three bathrooms. A nice garden and a deck. It was the perfect family house, she imagined sitting on the deck with Mark while watching their future children play. She couldn't quite picture their faces because she didn't know what they would look like. She flickered her eyes at her husband. She wanted them to have his dark hair and bright eyes. It was gorgeous. She wasn't sure about his character though, maybe it was for the best if they were more like her personality wise. She might explode from time to time, but at least she didn't justify murder.

Mark felt her looking at him and met her gaze. A smile spread across his face as he stepped to her, grabbing onto her hands while he gave her an expectant look.

"What do you think?"

She flickered her eyes back to the house, "It's gorgeous."

His grip on her hands tightened, "Yeah?"

She looked back at him, "Yeah." She confirmed, "I like this one better than the previous ones you showed me."

"It's a long drive to the city." He reminded her, "You might need to consider quitting your job."

"Why?" She asked, "Are you quitting your job?"

He chuckled, "No, but I owe the company. I can make my own schedule. You think you can handle waking up at an indecent hour, driving an hour or so to the store and back home?"

She glanced at the real estate agent who kept his distance from them. He pretended to be engrossed in his phone. Jade looked back at her husband and smiled.

"We'll discuss this later."

They left the property and headed back to the apartment. During the ride home, Jade argued with Mark about her job. She knew he was right, she'd hate the house when she had to travel for hours to get to the store and back for the rest of her life. She wouldn't be able to spend time with their future children, only on the weekends. It would be the same for Mark, but he reminded her, he owned his company. He could work from home if he didn't have any meetings. It was no big deal to him. When they reached the apartment she agreed with Mark, she'd quit her job when they were going to move to the family house out of the city.

Mark parked his car in the underground parking lot and walked with her to the elevator. He wasn't going up to the apartment with her, he had to go to the office and finish a few things up before the weekend. He wanted to spend the entire weekend with her, doing nothing. She loved the idea, just the two of them hanging around the apartment. Mark reached for her hand and gently held it in his, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

"See you tonight."

Smiling she leaned back in and kissed his lips instead, "See you tonight."

He smiled and released her hand, turning around to head back to his car. She watched him drive away and then went up to their apartment. Betty greeted her, asking tons of questions about the house. Betty knew that she'd be without a job when they moved to the family house, she didn't complain though. She told Jade it was the most logical step in their relationship, she and Mark needed to move forward and have no regrets. She wasn't sure if there were no regrets, but she knew she'd always be beside him. He was her flaw.


That weekend Jade was seated on the couch together with Mark, watching a movie together

ged him tightly, "I don't understand why Sophie and her stupid daughter can't leave us alone."

"Some women can't stand losing." Mark told her, "Don't worry, I'll make it clear to them not to interfere with our lives anymore." He kissed her hair, "She should have focused on her own god damn life, getting better from her accident. Instead, she keeps pushing and pushing."

Jade cupped his face, "Don't do anything rash." She warned him, "I'm upset too, but it doesn't mean you can go badass on them. Just make it clear you've moved on and you want them to stay out of your life, our lives."


He didn't sound convincing, but like she told her mother before, no one could change Mark's mind once it was made up. He kissed her one last time and then pulled away, walking away to scare the living daylight out of Sophie and Tessa. Jade tried to settle on the couch again and finish the movie, but her mind kept wandering to her husband and his meeting with the meddling women. She hoped he didn't take things too far.


After the weekend Jade handed in her two weeks' notice at the main office. She had to assign a new manager and she chose Nia. The woman wasn't leaving the city anytime soon and she had been working at the store the longest so it was the most logical choice. Nia was thrilled and disappointed at the same time when she heard the news.

"I can't believe you're quitting, but then at the same time I know this was going to happen eventually."

"We're not moving away tomorrow, our moving date is in six months. But there is going to be a lot of decorating and planning...I just need some time to myself."

"Of course." Nia agreed, "So you two are really going to start a family."

Jade smiled, "Also not right away. But yeah, we are going to start a family in the near future."

Jade locked up the store and said her goodbyes to Nia and the other girls. Getting in the awaiting car Mark sent her she caught up with her messages on her phone, ignoring her mother's pleading messages to contact her. Jade was done giving Camilla what she wanted. Her mother needed to learn she couldn't always get what she wanted. Her father spoiled Camilla too much, it's why she became that obnoxious. Jade hoped having a bit of distance from her mother would make Camilla see reason.

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