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   Chapter 21 Getting there

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Getting ready for work Jade pushed Mark away who was being obnoxious this morning. She was trying to do her make-up, but her husband had other plans. They already had their morning fun and she wasn't up for another round. She knew Mark was being clingy because of his fear of her running away again. Him wanting more sex than usual was because it gave him reassurance. It made him feel like she belonged to him, even if it was only at that moment. She wanted to tell him she'd never run again, but that would be a lie. Sometimes her anxiety because of Mark and his dark, twisted ways became too much for her to handle and then she'd run. It was her way of coping with things. She probably wouldn't get too far because she noticed Mark tightened security around her.

"I have to get ready for work, I'm running late."

"We can be quick."

She threw him a look, "Your quick is still not quick enough."

"You know that's a compliment, right?"

Jade smiled and turned around, facing her amused looking husband, "Could you just go already. I can't do my make-up with you hovering and touching me. If you don't want to leave for work yet you might as well get me some coffee."

Mark folded his arms across his chest, "Are you bossing me around?'

She folded her arms across her chest too, biting back a smirk when she noticed his eyes traveling to her chest. She wore a tight black miniskirt with a pale blue shirt tucked in. The first two buttons were undone, revealing a delicate silver necklace which her husband gave to her. His eyes were trained on the necklace as she answered him.

"Since you're hovering you might as well be more useful."

Mark didn't protest, instead, he walked out of the bathroom, getting her a cup of coffee. Smiling she faced the mirror again and finished her makeup look. By the time Mark appeared again she was brushing through her lashes with mascara. She raised an eyebrow at Mark in the mirror when he placed his hand on her bum and leaned in, kissing her temple.

"Finish up your coffee, I'll take you to the store."

Taking the cup with her Jade walked into the bedroom and stuffed her bag with things she needed. Finishing up her coffee she rinsed her cup and placed it in the dishwasher, saying goodbye to Betty while she followed after her husband. He placed her jacket around her shoulders and held her hand in his.

"Don't forget the social event we have tonight." Mark reminded her.

"I won't." She promised him.

"We're also picking up your mother." Mark didn't sound too pleased about it, she wasn't either so she didn't hold it against him.

"She wouldn't let you talk her out of it?"

He sighed, "She was very persistent. Figured I might as well give in, means we don't have to have dinner with her this weekend."

She laughed, "So that was your aim."

He only smirked in response. They got in the backseat of the car, Mark kept holding her hand the entire ride to the store.


Jade was surprised when after closing time Scott came to pick up Nia. When she watched them converse it didn't look like Scott liked her, guess she was wrong. Somehow Nia managed to charm the sneaky bastard. While Nia was getting her things Jade made Mark wait in the car so she could question Scott.

"So you and Nia?"

He wasn't backing down though, his eyes glistered amusingly at he

r mom deal with it and then see how she is doing tomorrow morning."

Camilla nodded, "I suppose you're right."

Mark was about to open his mouth, but Jade stopped him before he told Camilla to stop seeing Sophie and Tessa. She knew her mother wasn't able to handle that right now. They would have that conversation another time.

"Did she drive herself?" Jade asked Mark.

"No, the guy who ran into them had a few too many."

Mark walked Camilla to the front door, he didn't look too comfortable when her mother pulled him into a hug. Mark hugged her back awkwardly and then joined Jade back in the car. Jade turned to look at her husband, suspicious by the whole thing.

"You had nothing to do with it, right?"

Mark snorted, "If I wanted her gone I'd hire someone who got the job done."


He looked at her, "You want me to lie about it?"

"No." She muttered, not knowing what she wanted him to do. It just nagged on her that her husband was capable of it, "I just need to get used to this."

"She annoys the hell out of me." Mark told her, "But not enough for me to order a hit on her." He leaned back in his seat and reached for her hand, holding it gently in his, "I do want you to know that I'll be meeting with her soon. I'm telling her to back off personally."

Jade smiled, "I think we're getting there." She whispered.

Mark seemed confused by that, "Getting where?"

She leaned in and kissed his lips, "To getting solid."

He undid her seatbelt and pulled her to his side, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to keep her close while he leaned his chin on top of her head.

"I want a future with you Jade, I've never lied about that. I know it's hard for you to accept me, but I also know that you're trying." He inhaled deeply as he continued, "So thank you." He kissed her hair, "I love you."

Closing her eyes, Jade smiled, letting his words sink in. She loved him too, and she told him that before, but she knew it would never hurt to hear those words over and over again, just to confirm their feelings were mutual. So she opened her eyes and looked up to meet her husband's gaze. She let him see it in her eyes as she kissed the corner of his mouth.

"Love you too, Mark."

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