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   Chapter 20 Balance

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Jade was seated on a comfy navy couch, leaned back while surrounded by decorative pillows. Scott's apartment was decorated in blue and beige tones, it suited him. She had a feeling though, that he didn't decorate his own apartment. It felt too smooth, too much effort for him. Mark hired someone to do the decorating for him, so she assumed Scott did the same. Either way, it looked awesome. She tried not to lose focus when things were quite serious. She was wearing a tee and joggers, her heels kicked to the side while Scott stood across her, a glass coffee table between them. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest, looking like he was the one who had the right to be upset right now. It pissed her off. If she wasn't tired she would have gotten off her bum and smacked him in the face.

"You chose him, Jade."

"That didn't mean I wanted my father to be murdered!"

"It's the world you chose to take part of, you should have known this could have been a possibility as well."

She reached for a pillow next to her and aimed it at Scott. He dodged it effortlessly, only pissing her off more. She was fuming right now. He made it sound like she was the one at fault here. Clearly, he needed to get his head checked.

"You paid someone off to kill my dad!"

"Technically Mark did, I just told him about the opportunity."

She reached for another pillow, her ammo getting low because she kept aiming pillows at Scott. She threw this one much faster with more force. It actually landed across his chest. Scott didn't seem to mind though. Instead, he just sighed and started to pick up the pillows and tossing them back on the couch. He didn't approach her though, which was a wise thing to do. If he got close enough she'd bite. His eyes told her he could tell she would. He was being cautious, smart man.

"Why did you decide to betray him? He sounded so proud whenever he talked about you."

"Like I said it was nothing personal. I think Arthur got it, you, on the other hand, need to learn fast. You chose to stay beside Mark, accepting him and the world he lives in. You should probably also prepare yourself because you could potentially become a target. There are people around who hate your husband's guts."

She grabbed another pillow, holding it tightly to her chest, "I'm the one who hates his guts right now."

Scott's lips curled up to a smirk, "I'm assuming he doesn't know you're here."

"This is the one place he wouldn't think of searching."

"Smart girl." Scott whispered, "I need a drink, you need anything?"


"I'm not going for wine though." He warned her.

"Right now I'm not in the mood for some wine." She narrowed her eyes at him, "Whiskey will do."

Scott prepared them a drink, giving her time to catch her breath. She wanted to say so much more but in the back of her mind, she knew there wasn't much she could do. She could go to the police but then her husband would be in trouble. She didn't approve of Mark's ways, but she was in love with him. That feeling wasn't fading. It was tiring feeling so conflicted all the time. She wished she could turn off her brain and just let Mark think for her instead. It would be boring for him considering she wouldn't give him much resistance or food for thought, but at least life would be easier.

Sighing as she rested her head on the couch and watched Scott approach her. He handed her a tumbler with golden liquid in it and sat down beside her.

"You know I have to call Mark eventually. He'll rip me apart when he hears I'm the one hiding his wife." He snorted, "Who would have thought the great Mark Bennet would go nuts because of a woman."

"Don't call him yet, I want him to suffer at least a bit."

Scott laughed, taking a sip from his strong drink, "You're more like us than you realize."

"Because I want him to suffer? I think any sane woman would want the same thing."

Scott held her gaze for a minute before he focused back on his drink, "You're going to forgive him?"

She pulled her feet up on the couch, placing her glass on her knee while she stared at the golden liquid, gently swirling it around. She tossed back the strong drink, feeling it burn her throat and belly. It went straight to her head, but she didn't care. It


"I know Scott wouldn't dare to lay a finger on you, that's not the point."

Jaded smirked as she watched her husband's back while they headed to the elevator, "So not only are you madly in love with me, you also get crazy jealous. You better watch yourself. Next time you piss me off I'll get creative and really make you lose your mind."

He suddenly stopped in his tracks, making her bump into his back. Without warning, he spun around, grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall right next to the elevator. The sudden movement caused her to lose her breath. She blinked when he got right in her face, his eyes darkening with the second. It actually terrified her. It was the first time he looked at her like that. It was the bad scary Mark people around them feared.

"Was that a threat?"

She shivered and she was sure Mark felt it. She wasn't going to give in though. She wanted things to be fair between them as well. Scott gave it to her so she would use it, not backing off.


He moved closer, his body pressing against hers while he trapped her completely. She knew he was trying to scare her even more, but she knew better. He'd never hurt her, so he was all talk. His scare tactics wouldn't work on her. Placing her hands on his chest she felt him up instead. It threw him off his game. The intense look in his eyes fading.

"You dare and do something like that again and I'll retaliate. That's how it works in your world, doesn't it?"

"Dare and cheat on me, see what happens."

She lowered her hands, resting them against his stomach as her lips curled up to a smile, "I'm sure I'll be fine." She whispered.

He grabbed her chin in his hand and tilted her head back, kissing her hard. It was a punishing kiss but she didn't mind. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him back, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He didn't let her take over though, he pushed her tongue back in her mouth and explored instead. When they pulled away she needed time to catch her breath. Mark pushed the elevator button, giving her time to pull herself together.

"I'm going to double security around you." He told her.

"Doesn't matter." She smiled.

He glared at her, "I'm serious, Jade."

She didn't falter at all, "I'm being serious too, Mark."

"You fucking piss me off, you know that?" He asked her, reaching for her hand and tightly holding it while he stepped into the elevator.

"I know."

She was messed up forgiving a man like Mark, but she lost her mind the minute she admitted to herself she was madly in love with him. No matter what he'd do she'd always be beside him. They both knew it too. It was only fair she'd make him lose his mind when he messed up. It would teach him not to walk all over her. It was the only way for her to balance things out between them.

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