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   Chapter 19 Unforgivable actions

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Jade greeted people she had never met in her life before, accepting their condolences. She had to push herself to smile at these people and be kind to them. It annoyed her that people who weren't even close to her father dared to pretend that they were hurting, that they were lost without him. She would have been happier if it was only her and her mom sitting on the couch, talking about him and honoring his memory the best they could. She would have stayed, comforted her mother. But unfortunately, Camilla had different needs. Camilla wanted unknown people around her, accepting their pity. She only felt better about herself when fake people gave her their fake sympathy.

Sighing Jade excused herself, needing another glass of wine. Heading to the kitchen, Jade stopped midway when she noticed how upset Mark looked while he talked to a guy wearing a nice suit. She didn't recognize the guy in the nice suit mainly because his back was turned to her. She stepped closer and caught part of their conversation.

"I told you to stay away from her from now on, " Mark told the guy.

He was too upset to actually notice her, but as she stepped closer and closer her heels gave her away. Mark stepped around the guy and met her halfway. She wasn't going to ignore the guy he was talking to though. She glanced around her husband and frowned when the guy turned around, revealing to her that it was Scott who Mark was threatening.

"Something wrong, guys?" She asked quietly, her eyes flickering back to her husband.

Mark wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to his side, "No, we were just talking. Scott was just leaving." Jade noticed the look which the guys exchanged, it wasn't good, "Right?"

Scott pulled himself together quite fast and stepped closer to them, placing his hand on her shoulder, "Let me know if you need anything. I'm here for you and your mother."

She smiled, "Thank you."

Scott flashed a glare at his friend and then left. Once he was out of hearing range she stepped away from her husband and crossed her arms.

"What was that all about?"

"Nothing for you to worry about." He spoke quietly, "Did you eat something?" He asked her, "You had two glasses of wine, it's best if you eat something. Even if it's something light." He gently brushed his knuckles over her cheek and pulled away, "I'll grab you something."

Mark didn't want to talk about his friend, but she knew their heated conversation was about her. There was no one else in her husband's life right now he'd get so upset over. Reaching for him, she tightly held onto his wrist, trying to keep him with her.

"Please, don't lie to me." She lowered her voice even more, "Not right now." She inhaled deeply, trying to force back the tears which threatened to fall, "You're the one thing that's real here. I can't deal with it if you'll turn into them."

He spun around fast and wrapped her up in his arms, holding her so close her head was pressed against his chest while he gently patted her hair.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to lie to you." He inhaled deeply, "So don't ask me again."

"You want me to pretend I didn't hear any of that?"

She tried to pull away but Mark wouldn't let her, "Jade."

Sighing she placed her hands against his chest and gave him a shove with all her might. Free from his arms she flicked her hair back and walked past him. Not telling her the truth was just as painful as him lying to her. If anything him keeping quiet about something which was obviously about her, felt like Mark lying to her. Keeping her in the dark, just like most people he didn't care about in his life. Knowing that hurt so much it felt like her heart was breaking.

She headed to the kitchen just like she planned to before she noticed Mark and Scott had an argument. Grabbing a new bottle of wine Jade poured herself a generous glass. She gulped it down like it was water, receiving a deadly look from her husband as he approached her. He stood next to her, glaring down at her, the heath in his eyes never wavering.

"Don't do this."

She raised an eyebrow at him, "Don't do what?" She finished the glass and placed it down on the counter, reaching for the bottle again. She glared at Mark who took the bottle away from her, if his eyes could shoot lasers right now she'd be dead. Thankfully she was pissed as well so it didn't affect her much.

"Say goodnight to your mom, Jade, we're going home."


hed him away and dashed off, nearly running into the door because she was moving without thinking. Bumping into the coffee table she ignored the pain and grabbed her heels, holding them while she ran to the door. Making sure to close it while she ran away. She had to get out of there, fast.

Mark was calling her name loudly, ordering her to come back. But she wasn't stopping once. She heard him running after her, but instead of going to the elevator she took the stairs. She knew she couldn't take the stairs to the lobby because it would take forever but she could throw him off his game.

Moving a few floors down she took the elevator which was thankfully empty and slipped her heels on. Mark was probably waiting for her in the lobby, but he wouldn't try anything. It would make him look bad if he used force on his wife while the night guard was watching.

Once the elevator reached the lobby she was surprised to see only the night guard in the lobby, her husband nowhere in sight. The guard stood once he spotted her.

"Mrs. Bennet." He greeted her quietly, looking worried.

"Have you seen my husband?" She asked as she approached the desk.

"Yes, he looked upset as he ran outside."

"My husband and I had a fight and I really don't want to see him right now." She knew she was playing dirty, but Mark should be used to it considering the awful man that he was, "Is there by any chance I could take another way out?" She asked quietly.

The man nodded, moving quickly around the desk. She didn't know in what state Mark was but apparently, the guard didn't question her when she requested that of him. It meant that the man probably feared for her life. That said enough about Mark. The guard led her out through the back door, looking uncomfortable as she promised him she'd be fine.

"I'll take a cab, I'll be fine."

"Mrs. Bennet..."

"Thank you. Thank you so much." Jade looked around, cursing herself as she realized she didn't bring anything with her, "I need money for the cab, I hate to ask that of you. But you can send a bill to my husband, he'll pay you back, I promise. Or better yet, I'll come over tomorrow morning and pay you back. I just...I need to get away from here." She told him quietly, "If you tell me your address I can bring you the money too-"

The man interrupted her quickly, "I don't need him to pay me back. Or you." The guard handed her money for the cab which made her cry, she hated to show weakness in front of anyone right now, but she was too emotional to contain herself, "Just make sure you're safe."

"I won't ever forget this." She told him, "You're a good man."

"I have a daughter your age." The man told her, "How can I not care?"

She bid him goodbye and took a cab to the only person she knew Mark wouldn't think she'd run to. She was glad she had lunch with him before, she got to know him on a personal level. He shared and she listened. After what he had done he owed her.

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