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   Chapter 17 The unknown

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Jade had called Scott to see how he was doing. To her surprise, the guy actually answered and suggested they'd meet up for lunch. She remembered Mark getting all alpha on her, telling her she couldn't meet Scott without him being present. Taking security along with her would ease his mind too, what he didn't want was her to meet up with Scott by herself. At the time she was too absorbed into him to think about it, but now her husband wasn't giving her toe-curling orgasms so she could think clearly. It was odd that Mark insisted on her having someone present while she met up with Scott. Last time he told her things were fine between the friends. So she wondered. Was Mark lying?

"You thinking about that fine husband of yours?" Nia asked, approaching the register with confident strides.

Jade rolled her eyes at her employee, "Actually, I'm thinking about his friend."

She had to hide a smirk when Nia responded the way she figured the woman would. She was predictable and easily manipulated. It also gave Nia something to think about, giving Jade some breathing space. Everyone around her always wanted to talk about her husband. She was sick of it. She liked her husband, but her world wasn't supposed to revolve around him. She had other things going on in her life as well.

"He fine and single?"

Jade pouted her lips, thinking about it, "I don't know, you want me to ask?" She asked, her eyes glistering amusingly.


"He is picking me up for lunch, maybe you can ask him yourself." She suggested.

Nia's eyes lit up, "That's a good idea." She leaned closer to Jade, "Anyone who befriends your husband must be hot, otherwise, they wouldn't be confident enough to hang around him."

"Scott is okay." Jade agreed.

Nia sighed, "Yes, he is no Mark. But let's face it there won't be another Mark."

"Mark isn't a gift to womankind." Jade dryly retorted, "He has his flaws."

Nia nodded, "I'm sure he has, but men like him can get away with it."

She didn't want to think about what Mark got away with, it was all dark and sinister. The world he operated in wasn't pretty, but only people close to him knew about that part of his life. She included. Mark didn't want her to know, but it was inevitable. Right now they were both pretending they were an average couple, trying to do average couple things. She was okay, just like her mother, with pretending she didn't know anything. Liking to remain oblivious for the rest of her life.

"I'm not sure about that."

Nia nudged her, "Come on, that goes for you as well." She noticed how Jade got ready to retort back so Nia quickly continued, "I don't mean because you are married to Mark. I mean because you have a brain on you and look like a freaking supermodel."

"I'm not pretty enough to be compared to supermodels." Jade snorted, "Have you seen Mark's ex-fiancée? She looks like an actual supermodel."

"That blonde bitch?" Nia asked.

Jade glared at her, "Language, Nia."

"Yeah, yeah, I've seen you two standing next to each other and let me tell you I'd pick you over her any time."

Jade smiled, feeling grateful her friend was trying to make her feel better, "Thanks."

"So about Mark's friend, what is he like?"

Jade kept an eye on the shop while she talked to Nia about what she knew about Scott. She knew nothing personal about Scott, but she could tell her friend what Mark told her about his friend. Nia was taking everything in so she assumed whatever she told Nia was enough to keep her busy for the time being.


Scott charmed his way into Nia's heart, the gir


"Am I in danger?"

He gave her hand a squeeze, "No, but I want you safe. It's better to be cautious."

"Okay." She tried to pull away from him, but he wouldn't let her.

He leaned closer to her, his lips brushing against her neck like a silent apology, "You're everything to me, Jade. I don't want you to get hurt because of me. So I have men keeping an eye out for you." He was speaking quietly, hoping his tone would calm her down which unfortunately it did, "They'll protect you." He whispered.

She nodded, closing her eyes as she focused on the feel of his lips traveling against her skin.

"Tell me we're okay." His lips moved to hers, kissing the corner of her mouth.

She inhaled deeply and then opened her eyes, her eyes meeting his heated gaze.

"We're okay." She told him quietly.

His lips curled up to a smirk before he kissed her. She knew it was insane that Mark had people follow her, making sure she was safe. But it was a necessary evil. She had no idea who wanted to hurt Mark and by hurting him they'd go after her. She just had to deal with her new life if she wanted to stay beside Mark.


Jade had dinner alone, Mark decided to stay at the office because he missed an important meeting. She felt guilty for ignoring his wishes and making him miss his meeting because he was worried. She didn't know how serious their situation was though. If he had told her she wouldn't have ignored his wishes. But like Scott mentioned, Mark was honest with her. He told her about the men following her around, though she had never seen them. They were keeping her safe. It wasn't ideal, but at least she'd be safe enough.

"I'm going home, honey." Betty told her, heading to the front door, "Kiss Mark for me."

Jade snickered, "Then I'll keep it decent."

Betty laughed and then wished her a goodnight, leaving her alone. Jade cleaned up and took a bath. It was her time to de-stress. She soaked in floral scented bath water while listening to soft classical music. It helped her calm down and stop wondering about what Mark dragged her into. Instead of driving herself crazy with questions and what ifs, she focused on their future instead. She wanted to stay beside him forever so she just had to accept the unknown. People would say it was a difficult decision to make, but it wasn't for her. She wanted Mark and that meant accepting his life.

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