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   Chapter 16 His number

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Jade was getting ready to see her father, Mark wasn't happy that she decided to visit her father without him. She didn't want him to go see her father just to make himself feel better. She knew only in a perfect world would Mark let go of his grudges, which were there for a reason, but since it wasn't a perfect world she wouldn't allow him to tag along. She noticed Mark was getting dressed to go out as well which confused her.

"You going somewhere?"

He glanced over his shoulder, "I'm having drinks with a friend, thought we could do dinner after your visit?"

She nodded, "Yeah, sounds good." She hated that she felt nervous about him meeting a friend, so she forced herself to smile and keep her voice steady as she questioned him, "Have I met your friend?"

"No, we don't meet up often." Mark buttoned up his light gray shirt and stepped away from the mirror, "He emailed me last week, but I didn't have the time."

He was focused on her and her mother, so of course, he didn't have the time. Feeling bad for doubting him she stepped to her husband, placed her hands against his chest and leaned in to kiss him. Mark met her halfway, his lips sensually moving against hers. She didn't want to wrinkle his shirt so she wrapped her arms around his neck instead.

Mark pulled away, brushing his nose lightly against hers, "I like it when you're sweet like that."

She smiled, "Yeah?"

"But my wife is a firecracker."

"You regret marrying me?"

He scowled down at her, pinching her side to punish her for saying those words to his face, "If I wanted to marry someone who would follow in my footsteps without having a mind of their own I could have married Tessa and be done with it." He kissed her, "I like you challenging me, keeping me on my toes."

"Also making you lose your mind."

He chuckled, "And making me lose my mind." He agreed, "When we get past those hurdles we grow stronger, do you feel it?"

She did, "Yeah."

"We're learning, but we'll get there."

He pulled away from her and walked to his bedside table, pocketing his phone and slipping on his wristwatch.

"Text me when you're leaving so I can wrap things up." Mark walked past her, heading to the living room.

She followed after him, pushing the straps of her bag higher upon her shoulder, "Okay."

Mark held the front door open for her, "I'm looking forward to eating out with you, without your mother being present."

She was looking forward to it too, but since her father wasn't around anymore Camilla was latching onto them. She got quite upset whenever Jade told her mother she was focusing on Mark and she didn't have time for her. Camilla couldn't handle it. Sometimes she got frustrated with her mother, but with Mark beside her, she could handle her.

"Me too."

"We'll make the most out of it, " Mark assured her.


Sitting across her father she could tell he wasn't happy with her wedding band glistering in the lighting. If he could shoot lasers out of his eyes, he'd have destroyed it like five minutes ago. She placed her hands under the table, trying to hide her rings.

"It's been a while." She told him, wanting to lighten the mood between them.

"I've been asking your mother to set up an appointment, but you were busy."

She nodded, "Work and I'm married now."

"Yes, your loyalty lies with your husband, I've heard."

She smiled, "You've talked to Scott."

"I have, but I haven't seen

ut it still felt amazing. She held his gaze as he stopped his movement and came as well, his eyes closing while a groan left his lips. He looked beautiful. She could stare at him all night. She trailed her hands over his bare chest, feeling him up while he came inside her. Opening his eyes he met her gaze and leaned in, kissing her sloppily on the lips. He rolled off her and laid down beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close to him so she snuggled to his side.

"So what about Scott?" He asked after catching his breath.

She laughed, "I need his number."


She stared at his face, Mark didn't meet her gaze though. He kept his eyes closed while he relaxed.

"Dad is worried about him."

Mark moved, reaching for his phone which was tossed carelessly on his bedside table, "I'll send it to you."

He typed away on his phone, the sound of a beep echoing through the apartment. He tossed his phone back down again and laid down on his back again. He didn't pull her close this time, but she moved closer anyway. Resting her head against his shoulder while she placed her hand against his chest.

"I want either me or someone from my security team to be beside you when you're meeting up with him."

She smiled, kissing his neck, "Okay." She whispered.

Mark wrapped an arm around her waist and rolled her to her back while he hovered above her. It made her giggle.

"You want to go again?" She asked teasingly, "You've already banged my brains out. I don't think I can go again."

He smirked, "You can." He told her, "But we both have work tomorrow." He kissed her and rolled away from her, "I'm going to lock up."

She watched him leave the bedroom completely naked. Her eyes traveled from his broad shoulders to his muscled back and his fine ass. Smiling she rolled to her side, burying her head in her pillow. They did have an early morning so the neediness she was feeling needed to be pushed away. She focused on her breathing, trying to calm herself down. Mark entered the bedroom once he locked up the apartment and slipped under the covers, moving closer to her. They always slept close to each other, holding on while they drifted away. She smiled when she felt his lips press against her temple.

"Night Jade."


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