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   Chapter 15 Insanity

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That Saturday they had dinner with her mother at Camilla's favorite restaurant. Mark organized everything, staying close to Jade since her breakdown the other day. She was certain her behavior worried him, make him doubt the stability of their marriage. Her mother brought that fear upon her though, and here they were having dinner with her enabler.

Camilla was as always rambling on about things which mostly only interested her and people in her circle, but Mark and Jade patiently listened to her. Holding each other's hands underneath the table. He gave Jade's hand a little squeeze, reassuring her that he was right there beside her. Being her moral support.

"Your father asked to see you again." Camilla wrapped the conversation up like that, "It has been a while since you've last paid him a visit."

"I'll try and clear my schedule, I'll let you know when I'm free."

Mark shifted in his chair, leaning closer to the table, "I'd like to meet Arthur as well. I think it's about time I meet Jade's father. Let him know his daughter is well taken care of."

She didn't like the way his tone changed, it snapped something inside her. Instead of speaking up like she usually did she reached for her glass of wine. Gulping down the red, rich liquid like it was water. The alcohol warmed her belly up, making the nerves fade.

"That's such a nice thing to do, I'll arrange it." Camilla happily stated.

Mark wasn't trying to be nice though, he was probably going to let her father know not to mess with their lives or rather his life anymore. That thought made her shift uncomfortably in her chair. Reaching for the half-empty bottle of wine she refilled her glass, needing the liquor to keep her going. Mark noticed and the tight line his lips were pressed into told her he didn't like it. Underneath the table, he placed his hand on her thigh and pinched her.

"Want a refill?" She asked, ignoring the stinging pain.

"No, I'm good." Mark narrowed his eyes at her, "Slow down on the wine, you're a lightweight."

She smiled at him, the warmth not reaching her eyes, "I'm good, thanks."

Mark didn't like that response at all, but she didn't care. She was sure he'd let her know once they were back home just how upset he was with her behavior. She hoped the alcohol would cloud her mind so much that she wouldn't even be able to keep up with his preaching.

"Jade and I discussed the possibility of you two moving out of town to start building a future."

Mark snapped his attention to her mother which she was grateful for, "Yes, Jade told me. We just got married, we're not in a rush to start a family. When the time comes I'll let you know about the possibility of us moving out of the city. For now, we're good."

"Mark it's wise to start looking at houses, the best ones are always taken."

"Camilla, I appreciate your concern, but we're not going to look into that." His tone was final, letting her know the discussion was over.

"Look it's the ex-girlfriend and Bart or Brad or whatever is name was."

Both Camilla and Mark followed Jade's gaze, staring at the table which seated Mark's ex-girlfriend and Mark's competitor. They looked cozy together, sharing an intimate moment over a candlelit dinner. Beside her Mark's posture tensed while Camilla looked uncomfortable, just like Jade reaching for her glass of wine to drink away the uneasine

catching her staring at him. Smirking he slipped on his boxers and joggers. Bare-chested he walked up to her and helped her slip into her panties and pulled the towel away from her. She admired the fact that he didn't let his eyes travel, he stared straight into her eyes as he slipped a t-shirt over her head and covered her up.



He kissed her head and turned on his heels, "Get under the covers. I'll lock the place up."

Crawling under the covers she rolled to her side and closed her eyes. She heard Mark close the bedroom door and turn off the lights. He crawled in beside her and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her to him.

"Tell me you still trust me."

She sighed, closing her eyes tighter, "I want to trust you."

"But you don't."

"The situation just doesn't work in our favor."

"You're always going to doubt my intentions?"

She felt tears well up again, trying to force it down, "I don't want to. I meant it when I told you I'm in love with you. It's just the whole underworld ties and your constant need to get even with my father even though you've already won. You put him away, took over his empire and married his daughter. How much more do you want? Because I have nothing left to give you and neither does my family."

"I don't want anything else but you dammit. I want you to trust me, to give me you."

She let out a shaky breath, the intense sadness twisting her heart, "I want to give you me too."

He spun her around, making her face him, "You're everything to me, Jade." He leaned down and kissed her, ignoring the saltiness of her tears, "The only one I need and want." He pulled away and wrapped her up in his arms, holding her to him, "If you don't want me to meet your father then I won't go. I just wanted to let him know about the situation with Scott and his men, but I don't have to. I'm sure Scott will inform him. If you need a moment with your family I'll back off."

She nodded but didn't say anything, not trusting herself not to break down again.

"We'll start fresh tomorrow." He whispered, "Face the world together."

"I love you." She whispered.

She felt his hold on her tighten, but he didn't respond. Instead, he kissed her hair and just held her.

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