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   Chapter 14 Trust

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Leaning over the edge of the bed Jade reached for the white dress shirt to cover up. She could still hear the water running as she was buttoning up his shirt. Like always she totally lost herself in him when they had sex. He was good at it, no doubt about it. He didn't just shove it in and be over with it. Her body felt sluggish but sated. A smile spread across her face when she felt a tingle between her legs. She wanted him again, but he didn't have time. He had a meeting with Scott which he didn't want to miss. She knew Mark was going to confront him. She doubted Scott was going to be surprised. He knew which side she was on, he probably saw this coming.

She went to the kitchen making herself a cup of coffee. As she was pouring the milk into her cup she was startled by Betty who giggled as she walked into the kitchen, looking ready to tackle the day. Unlike Jade who was wearing her husband's shirt, her hair probably all over the place. She still needed to take a shower too. She just didn't want to join Mark knowing where it would lead to.

"Morning honey."

She replied in a small voice, "Morning Betty."

"You're glowing, " Betty told her, reaching for another cup and making a cup of coffee for Mark.

"I could have done that."

Betty brushed her off, "You can give it to him, tell him he should return the favor."

She smiled, "Betty!"

"What? I know how nice it is when your husband owes you favors." She patted Jade on the back, "Mark is a good guy, he'd think the world of you when you make small gestures like this."

Betty handed Jade Mark's cup and winked at her, "Off you go honey. I'll prepare breakfast right away."


Carrying two steaming hot cups filled with delicious smelling coffee, Jade placed their cups down on Mark's bedside table and headed into the bathroom. Mark was washing his hair, his eyes closed as he rinsed out the soap. Focusing on herself she pulled her hair up in a messy bun and started on her morning routine. When she finished brushing her teeth, she cleaned her face and started to moisturize. Mark stepped out of the shower completely naked, not looking embarrassed at all as he reached for a towel and started to dry off.

"You look happy." He told her, she could hear a smile in his voice.

She didn't look at him though, knowing his naked body would distract her.

"Betty just told me I'm glowing."

Mark wrapped the towel around his waist and closed in on her, pressing a kiss to her temple, "You are. You look beautiful."

Hearing him say sweet words like that made her day. She just wouldn't tell him, because she knew he didn't need the extra leverage to make her melt for him. She already did that just by staring at him.

"There is coffee waiting for you on your table." She called after him.

He glanced over his shoulder, "Thanks, Jade."

The warmth that flickered in his eyes told her Betty was right. Such a small gesture meant the world to him.

She did her make-up and twenty minutes later entered the bedroom, seeing Mark's cup gone along with him. His cologne lingered though, it was dark and spicy. It reminded her of their passionate night.

She shrugged into a silk pale blue blouse, slipped on some tights and a short black skirt and decided to wear ankle boots instead of her usual heels. Leaving her hair down she curled the ends, drank her lukewarm coffee and grabbed her bag. When she left the bedroom Mark was ready to start his day, his eyes meeting hers when he was about to head to the door.

"Everything will be okay." He promised her.

She stood frozen to the spot, "Yeah?"

"I don't doubt what you've told me, but I have a feeling about Scott."

"A good feeling?"


She wrapped her arms around herself, tearing her eyes away from Mark's hopeful gaze, "I don't know Scott, but you've made decisions so far which led you to success, so I'll trust your instincts."

"You're putting your trust in me." He concluded.

She flickered her eyes back to him, "I am."

He stepped to her with determined strides and grabbed her by the back of her head, pulling her in for a kiss. He messed up her lipstick, smearing it all over her lips and his. He didn't seem to care though. He slipped his tongue in and kissed

lass of water and sipped from it before he answered her, "Yes, just like I thought it would. Things never felt fake between us, I think along the way Scott actually seemed to care."

"He didn't make it sound like that when he talked to me."

"His job was never to take me down singlehandedly, your father put him on my trail to make sure I wouldn't hurt you or your mother. Since I've done neither Scott just made me promise to take care of you. When he feels like I'm a threat, he'll take me out." He held her gaze, his gaze intensifying, "I felt like it was a fair deal, so I took it."

"My father asked me not to marry you." She pointed out.

"I am the enemy after all. He was being a concerned father."

"They get it now?"

Mark nodded, "I feel like they do. I think I convinced Scott I'm being sincere when it comes to you."

"I'm falling in love with you." She whispered.

She saw Mark tense when she said those words. He didn't respond for a while before he cursed, his fist clenched.

"You think I don't feel the same way about you?" He asked, "I wanted you to become my wife because it felt like a good way to make your father regret attacking my family. I never intended to feel this deeply for you."

"I want a future with you!"

He reached for her hand and tightly held it in his, "Calm down." He whispered, "I can tell, no need to get so upset."

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. She didn't want him to hate her for not wanting the same things right away. She just wasn't ready and she needed him to accept it.

"I eventually want children with you, just not now. I'm not ready yet."

His grip on her hand tightened, it hurt, but she didn't protest. His eyes scanned her face before he released her and gently brushed his fingers along her cheek. That sweet gesture made her melt inside, making the anxiousness slowly fade away.

"Jade, we just got married. Let's focus on us first before we start thinking about starting a family, okay?"

It brought her so much relief when he told her to focus on their marriage first. She felt the same way. She should have known Mark wouldn't force her to do anything she didn't want. The only thing he was persistent about was their marriage, but in the end, it worked out for them. They were growing stronger and slowly started to trust each other. She knew if she kept being honest with him and he did the same in return they'd work things out.

"Okay." She whispered.

He pulled away and grabbed his utensils, "Let's eat, it smells delicious and I skipped lunch today."

They had dinner, quietly discussing their plans for the weekend. When Jade glanced at Betty who was about to leave she noticed the teary-eyed look Mark's housekeeper showed her. Betty was happy for them, only wishing for them to be happy. She wanted that too.

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