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   Chapter 11 Change of heart

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That weekend Jade had dinner together with Mark and her mother. All the way through dinner Mark was charming her mother, making the woman fall madly in love with him. She already liked him because of the millions on his bank account, but now she also thought he was the most kind-hearted and sincere guy on the planet. If she only knew.

"Anyone want another glass?" Jade asked reaching for the opened wine bottle and pouring herself yet another glass She needed the rich drink to soothe her. Letting her keep her words to herself so she wouldn't upset either Mark or her mother.

"No, I'm good." Her mother brushed her off.

Mark met her gaze, his smile not quite reaching his eyes, "I'm good too." His eyes traveled to the glass in her hand, "You have an early morning tomorrow." Mark reminded her.

They both knew she was a lightweight, easily knocked out by the alcohol. That didn't stop her from taking a leisurely sip, daring her fiancé to say anything else. He was smart enough to keep his words to himself though. He didn't say a word, but he didn't stop his subtle glaring either.

"You okay, Jade?" Her mother asked, tearing her gaze away from Mark for the first time.

"I'm good."

Camilla didn't seem to notice the lack of enthusiasm in her tone, she was too busy enjoying her food and drink. Jade couldn't blame her though, Betty had made an amazing meal. A one-pot pasta with the spiciest tomato sauce she ever tasted but didn't mind having again. The pasta was good, but the hot brownie with vanilla ice-cream was what rescued her awful night.

"I need to ask Betty this recipe." Camilla gestured to her brownie, "It's amazing."

"It is." Jade smiled.

"Remind me to ask her about it the next time I see her, " Camilla told her daughter.


Camilla reached for her daughter, placing her hand gently on her arm, "Your wedding is pretty soon. Just a few more months. Are you excited?"

"I'm good."

She looked strangely at her daughter but brushed it off as she continued her talk about the preparations. Everything was going according to plan, all they had to do was show up and get married.

"You'll make a beautiful bride." Camilla told her daughter, she flickered her eyes to Mark, "Right?"

Mark's eyes softened, his lips curling up to an actual warm smile, "She'll make a beautiful bride." He agreed.

After desert Mark arranged a car for Camilla to take her home. He was walking her out while Jade cleaned up the table. Just like Mark told her, she was a lightweight. She was a bit dizzy, but she managed to clean up without breaking anything.

Jade was heading the bedroom when she heard Mark approach her. He grabbed her arm when she kept moving, making her stop in her tracks. She didn't turn around to face him, so he gently spun her around.

"You've been acting weird since your meeting with your father. Are you still worried about me?"

She wanted to say flat out no, but that would be a lie. She was worried about Mark, she was worried about a lot of things. Mostly about making decisions which would not only ruin her life, but also her mother's. Hearing her mother be so excited about their wedding hurt. Especially since Jade had doubts. She knew she couldn't back down, but she didn't promise him anything long-term either. If she didn't feel right about their marriage she could always file for a divorce after a few months. She forced a smile upon her face and shook her head.

"I'm just a bit tipsy." She told him which wasn't a lie, "We're fine."

"You sure?" Mark asked, his eyes searching hers, "I just feel like you're pulling awa

erfect because you set things up. Just like you said, it's going to be beautiful."

Her mother pulled her into a hug, keeping just a bit of distance so she wouldn't get any make-up on her dress.

"Jade, you home?!"

Mark. Her mother pulled out of the hug and brushed away tears which spilled. She turned around and stepped into the doorway, making sure to keep the door ajar.

"She is in here, but she can't see you right now. Is it urgent?" Camilla asked.

"Is she okay?" Mark sounded close, so Jade assumed her fiancé was standing before her mother.

"She is fine, just showing me her wedding dress and accessories. We'll get ready for dinner in a few and meet you in the living room."

Jade loved how her mother bossed Mark around and he didn't complain at all. He listened to her, letting Camilla boss him around. She guessed Mark respected her mother enough to listen to her demands. Or he was humoring them with the wedding stuff. Either way, she liked it. In the back of her mind, she also wondered if it had something to do with the fact that his mother wasn't in the picture anymore. So Camilla was filling up a void. It was a dark thought which she couldn't push into a box, but she wouldn't ask Mark about it either. It would ruin the good mood between them.

"We have a reservation in forty minutes, so you ladies need to hurry up."

Her mother brushed him off, "We'll be ready in a minute."

Jade smiled and walked to the closet, changing into a jade colored cocktail dress. It had a sweetheart neckline, reaching just above her knees. It wasn't too short but showed off enough skin to be called a sexy dress. Slipping into a pair of nude heels she put away her wedding dress and stepped to the tall mirror to straighten her dress and fix her hair.

"You ready, honey? Mark is waiting for us and he didn't sound very patient."

Jade smiled and turned around, facing her mother, "I'm ready. Let me get my clutch."

They met Mark in the living room and got ready to leave for dinner. Jade was getting married in a month or so and unlike a few weeks ago she wasn't that anxious anymore. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Mark was actually putting in the effort to get to know her. Or the fact that he kept his promises to her. But what she did know was the fact that she liked the way she looked in her white dress. Marrying Mark was not the end of her world.

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