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   Chapter 10 Organized crime

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Like promised Jade went to see her father the next day. Mark wasn't happy when she announced she was going to be late for dinner that day because she was going to meet with her father. But he didn't stop her either. He knew she had made up her mind and there was nothing he could say to change her mind. He just had to let her be.

Now she was sitting across her father and felt her heart squeeze painfully seeing the smile spread across his face. He was happy to see her, so happy his eyes got teary. It made her feel guilty, so fucking guilty it hurt. Without thinking she reached for his hand and placed hers on top of his, showing him affection without making a scene.

"Your mom told me about the house."

She pulled away and shifted in her seat, swallowing nervously, "What did she tell you about the house?"

"Jade, look at me."

She couldn't look at him though. He knew she sold her soul to give her mother that house back.

"Jade." Her father's tone got sterner.

She flickered her eyes to him, "Dad...She needed the house back. You know that."

"Marrying Mark to get that house back wasn't the way." He reached for her hands and tightly held them in his, leaning forward he lowered his voice, "You think he got that far in his career because of his hard work?" The look in her father's eyes gave her the answer to that question, "He put me here not because of his grudge toward me." He squeezed her hands, "He is bad news, Jade. Don't trust that man. He moves around the same circles as me." He scoffed, "I'm sure he moved up the ladder now."

"Moved up?"

"Hostile takeover." His eyes flickered to the guard who looked straight ahead, "You need to get away from him. I asked a guy to contact you. Have you met anyone this week?"

"I met Brad last night, but he insisted on seeing Mark." She couldn't quite comprehend what her father was telling her or she just didn't want to comprehend it, "Dad tell me what's going on."

"Mark was setting up a trap to get rid of me."

"Why would he do that?" Jade didn't want to believe her father but she knew it could be true, "If he wanted to be the head of your organization he didn't need to ask me to marry him."

"It's about showing people he completely destroyed me while my daughter is, you know, tied to him."

She knew her father wanted to keep things clean because it was embarrassing to the both of them to get into details. But she knew exactly what he meant by that. Leaning back in her chair she let her hands drop to her side and scanned her father's face. He looked sincerely worried about her. It made her wonder about Mark. She knew he showed her he cared a few times, but it could be an act. It was a matter of choosing family or the man she was marrying.

"Who is the guy who you send after me?"

"He works for Mark."

The guard by the door cleared his throat, letting them know they needed to wrap up the conversation.

"What is his name, dad?"

"Scott Taylor."

"So then who is Brad?"

"Miss Sparks." The guard flashed her a stern look, letting her know her time was up.

She got to her feet, her eyes flickering to her dad's hand which reached out to grab her wrist, keeping her in place.

"I don't know who Brad is, but since you're staying with that guy right now you need to do your research. Keep yourself safe. I'll do what I can on my part, but you need to be smart about this."

"I need to go, dad." She whispered.

"Don't marry him, Jade." Her father called when she stepped out the dreadful looking room.

She had to inhale deeply to make sure she kept breathing, letting everything sink in. Her father was definitely operating in the underworld, he more or less confirmed it during their talk. According to him, Mark was also operating in that world, but a lot stealthie

place with my business. I'm proud of it even though I made a lot of enemies."

"Brad being one of those enemies?"

He sighed, running a hand over his face, "Brad." He groaned, "Please, don't remind me."

She leaned closer to him, "Mark?"

Her eyes widened realizing just how close they were. His eyes flickered to her lips instead of her eyes, "Brad is a complication which will be dealt with soon enough." He told her, brushing his lips against hers.

He didn't kiss her, but it felt like he did. She stopped breathing, her eyes closed as she pictured those lips pressing against hers. She thought she heard him make a sound, but when she opened her eyes she only saw him staring back at her, his face void of any emotion. Her breathing hitched in her throat when he cupped her cheek and leaned in.

"You're beautiful." He whispered.

He kissed her gently and quickly pulled away again.

"We should go to sleep." She whispered, not wanting to give into her desire to keep kissing him.

She had a promise to keep. Staying celibate during their marriage. She said it out of anger, both of them knowing she was full of shit. But she didn't want to give in now. Now was too soon. So she diverted, trying to create some distance between them.

"I'll give you that." He whispered back.

"Give me what?"

"Space." He rolled off the bed and pulled at the sheets, making her shift as well, "You need that right now to clear your mind. But we're going to happen eventually, Jade." She got under the covers and turned on her bedside table light while Mark turned off the lights, "You feel it too." He told her once he crawled in beside her and wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her closer to him.

She had her back pressed against his stomach, feeling the hard muscles tense when they made contact. Letting out a breath she calmed down and closed her eyes.

"I don't want to think about it."

His arm around her waist tightened, "That's good too." She felt his breath against her ear, "For what is going to happen eventually there is no need to overanalyze things." He pressed a kiss to her temple and settled in, "Turn off the light, Jade."

Reaching for the lamp she turned off the light and settled back against Mark. She wasn't sure about Mark not being involved with organized crime, she wasn't sure about anything in her life anymore. What she was sure about was the fact that she actually wanted what he wanted. Fighting that feeling was harder than suppressing the urge to run and never look back.

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