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   Chapter 7 The woman in red

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Arriving back home after a weird day at work, Jade ran into Betty. The older woman just finished cooking dinner and was about to leave.

"Had a rough day today, honey?"

Jade nodded as she reached for the teapot and filled it up with cold water to boil it, "It wasn't a fun day." She admitted to Betty.

Betty was shrugging her jacket on, "It's a good thing I made comfort food then."

Jade glanced at her and smiled, "Yeah, is Mark already home?"

Betty flashed her an apologizing smile, "Oh, honey, I nearly forgot." She reached out to Jade and placed her hand on her arm, "He called earlier letting me know he couldn't make dinner. He said he called you as well, but you didn't answer." She pulled away and buttoned up her jacket, "He is coming home late tonight because something came up."

Jade knew something came up alright, the woman in red whom she dressed came up. She didn't want to show how annoyed she was in front of Betty so she smiled instead. She knew how to keep up a fake smile since she did it most of her day at the shop.

"It's fine, I need some me time anyway."

"Honey, I feel you." Betty turned around and headed out of the kitchen, Jade followed after her to see her off, "Hope you enjoy the soup. Maybe take a bath, it always helps me calm down."

Jade nodded, "Thank you, Betty. Have a good night." She closed the door when Betty left and leaned against it, taking a deep breath.

Mark wasn't coming home early like he mentioned last night. He told Betty something came up and nothing more. It could be because he didn't want to share something personal with Betty or he didn't want Jade to find out about his meeting with the woman in the red dress.

Trying to shake it off Jade threw a bag of peppermint tea in her teacup, poured the boiling hot water into it and let the bag sit while she went through the cupboards to find a bowl. The pot with soup was still hot so she figured she could have dinner. There was also a salad and garlic bread, but Jade didn't feel like it right now. Instead, she poured the creamy mushroom soup into the bowl and took her soup and tea to the living room.

Kicking her heels off she left them to the side of the rug, placed her bowl and cup on the coffee table and reached for the remote control. Curling up on the couch she settled on a comedy show and sipped her soup. It was delicious and warmed her belly up. It helped her settle down and momentarily made her forget about the stupid woman who walked right into her shop to check her out. What she wanted to know was how the woman knew who she was. It was creepy. She might be one of those stalker ladies who couldn't leave Mark alone. She had seen too many of those in movies, read about them in books. They were never going to let go which meant trouble for her. She hoped she was wrong about the woman in red, but something told her she wasn't.

Washing her bowl Jade took her cup of tea with her to the bedroom. She placed it on her bedside table and undressed, shrugging on her robe and tying it tightly around her waist. She filled up the tub with warm water, poured some lavender smelling bath salt in it and locked the door. She took her time in the tub, laying down and trying to calm her chaotic mind.

When the water turned cold she got out, dried off and moisturized her body. Tying her robe up again she left the bathroom, stepping to her bedside table and finished off her cold tea. It was disgusting, the cold tea, but she didn't want to waste it. She checked the time. It was nearly ten and Mark wasn't home yet. She'd worry if Mark meant anything her, but she didn't. She was curious though if he'd tell her he met up with the woman in the red dress. She'd ask him subtly, wanting to know if he'd lie to her.

Instead of shrugging on her usual joggers and tee for bed, she changed into something more fabulous. It wasn't to let Mark know what he was missing, it was to make her feel better about herself. She might not be as confident and busty as the woman in t

't plan on having lunch dates with that woman either.

"Mom, you can relax. I wasn't planning on becoming besties with Tessa."

"I'm not warning you about that, I warning you about your engagement."

Jade reached for the tray and picked it up, "Mom, if Mark wants to get back together with Tessa then he should do that. I'm not going to stop him."

That was not what her mother wanted to hear. She sprinted ahead and stopped Jade from leaving the room. If they were discussing anything else she would have laughed, but their subject wasn't amusing at all.

"How can you say that?" Her mother glared at her, "You've caught that guy's eye. I've seen you two together and the way he looks at you, that says enough. Mark didn't see a future with Tessa who is let's be honest closer to his age and has more experience in life, but even so, he didn't think they were compatible. He, however, thinks you're his future. You can't let that slip away from you. Can you look me in the eye and tell me you'll find someone better than him?"

She wanted to scream yes, any other guy would be better than him. Mark didn't love her and he didn't look at her in a way which would scream he loved her either. Her mother was seeing things because she wanted things between them to be special. They were marrying because they had a deal, that was the truth. She couldn't tell her mother that so instead she shrugged.

"Maybe not, but I also don't want to be with someone if he doesn't want to be with me."

"Of course he wants to be with you." Her mother told her firmly, "But that doesn't mean he can't be dazzled by his ex-girlfriend. Don't let him make a mistake and fall for her tricks."


"Honey, promise me."

Jade knew her mother wouldn't move aside until she promised, so she did, "Fine, mom. I promise."

Her mother seemed very pleased with that and straightened her skirt. She flicked her hair back and turned around, "Let's face those ladies and pretend we don't want to rip that little blonde's face off and kick her out of the house."

Jade never hurt her mother talk like that and was actually entertained, "Mom!"

They joined Sophie and Tessa in the living room again and pretended the whole incident never happened. Jade could tell that there was tension between Sophie and Tessa though. She'd lie if she said she wasn't curious. It had to do with Mark, but she knew Tessa wouldn't talk. Since her future husband lied to her about meeting Tessa she knew he wouldn't tell her either. She'd find out though. She had her mother on her side and apparently, her mother was more feisty than she thought the woman was. They'd find out what Tessa was up to.

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