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   Chapter 6 The competition

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Three weeks later Jade moved into Mark's penthouse. To her surprise, he took the day off to help her settle in. She figured he'd ask his staff to take care of it, but apparently, he thought she was worth it to invest his time in. She didn't want to think much of it, but her mother told her it was big. She was currently in the bedroom making sure Jade's clothing was installed in the walk-in closet which was gigantic and consisted of Mark's awesome suits, shirts, and shoes. She was standing in the living room staring at Mark who was going through her three boxes.

"Is this all you have?" He asked, getting to his feet to meet her gaze.


"Your life fits into three boxes?"

"I own more makeup and clothing than anything else."

"And these boxes mostly consist of books."

"And important documents." She corrected him.

He turned to the housekeeper who worked for him from Monday till Friday. Her name was Betty and she was around her mother's age and she was lovely.

"Can you take care of these books?"

"Yes." Betty turned to look at her, "Honey, what do you want for lunch?"

She met Betty that morning but the woman already treated her like she was one of her own, like she had lived in that house for ages. She loved that.

"I don't know, what's Mark having?"

Betty snorted, "Mark will be having what you're having."

Beside her, Mark smirked, "Will he now?"

Betty threw him a look which told him enough. Mark didn't say anything else and focused on her boxes instead, "Didn't you have any furniture you wanted to keep with you?" He asked.

"I stored what I wanted to keep at my parents' house."

He didn't seem to like that, "Jade, there is plenty of room for your stuff. There is no need to keep it stored at your parents' house."

She knew he got what it meant for her to have her stuff stored at some other place. He couldn't convince her to change her mind though. Unlike her mother, she didn't believe in happily ever after love stories. Life had its up and downs and she knew sometimes things could go horribly wrong. She wanted to be prepared for whatever life would throw at her.

"It's fine, mom doesn't mind at all."

"Your mother isn't thinking clearly right now."

She feigned offense but she knew he was right. Her mother was in denial when it came to her father's situation and when it came to her situation her mother was seeing the world through pink glasses.

"You take that back." She told him and turned to Betty who was collecting a stack of books, "I'll help you with that. I also have some files which I need to store."

"Follow me, we'll get this done within the hour."

"If you just show me where I can store my books you can continue with your cooking."

Betty took the lead, heading to Mark's office where a wall of floor to ceiling bookcases was placed on the left side of the wall. Comfy chairs placed in front of them with a soft looking rug beneath them. It was a nice reading nook, but she knew she'd never read her books there. It was his place. She rather not invade his place if she didn't have to.

"There is plenty of space for your books. I'll bring over the rest of it while you organize your things. You want a cup of tea or something else while you're here?"

Betty was so nice. She wanted to hug the woman, but she figured that would freak her out. So instead Jade flashed her a smile.

"A tea would be great."

"Coming right up, honey."

"Thank you, Betty." She called as the woman left the office.

While she was organizing her books, Mark walked back and forth to bring her all her books. Apparently, Betty ordered him to do it while she was taking care of lunch. She did bring over a cup of tea while ordering Mark around. It was lovely. Jade couldn't remember the last time she had that much fun.


"In here, mom!" She called, ca

making poses as she observed the dress.

"You're right, I do like this a lot."

"You also like the color?" Jade asked, "We do have the dress in black and navy blue."

"No, this one is perfect." The woman smiled, she flickered her eyes to Jade, "I'll take it."

Jade nodded, "I'll be waiting for you at the register."

Jade headed back to the counter and pressed her lips together when Nia caught her eye from across the room and imitated the woman. The woman was rather confident, going straight for what she wanted and didn't hesitate once. She knew what she liked. Some people didn't get it. Usually Jade respected women who were confident like that, this time something was off though. It was like the woman was trying to get a rise out of her. But she didn't budge. She had to stay polite, treating the customer right.

A few seconds later the woman walked toward her with confident strides, not even frightened she'd trip and break her neck on those heels of hers. She put the dress on the counter, her pale blue eyes darkening as she met Jade's gaze.

"Cash or card?" Jade asked politely.

"Card." The woman reached into her leather bag and held out her card to Jade.

Jade took care of putting the dress into one of their nicer bags and handed the woman the receipt after the card was processed.

"I'll ask what he thinks of my dress."

"Excuse me?"

"My date." The woman smiled as she took the receipt and bag from Jade, "I'll ask Mark what he thinks of it. Hopefully, he'll like it more than I do." She turned around and headed to the exit, "It was nice meeting you." She called and left the shop.

Jade turned to look at Nia who joined her at the counter, "What the hell just happened?" Jade asked her.

Nia looked just as stunned as her as they faced the door, "I think that was a woman who came to check out the competition."

Jade couldn't do anything else but stare. She realized the woman knew exactly what she wanted because she had done her research. She came to that store with one goal in mind. She was checking out the competition as Nia called it. And apparently, their prize was Mark Bennet.

"That woman has lost it." Nia laughed, "You've already won, you're marrying him."

"We're not married yet." She whispered.

One of the other girls joined them and nodded, "And to a woman like that it means it's game on."

"I'm not playing the game." Jade straightened up and forced her work mask back on, "If she wants him she can have him. The last thing I'll do is fight over a guy. Now, let's get back to work ladies."

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