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   Chapter 4 Happiest man alive

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Jade had wanted to question her mother about her meddling after work, but when she got home and noticed how empty her mother's look was, she kept her mouth shut instead. She tried to lighten the mood by talking about what they'd wear. Their belongings which they could take were delivered that morning apparently and were now in boxes all over the place. Her mother just had a lot of clothes and shoes. They went through the boxes together and her mom found the perfect dress she'd wear.

"What are you going to wear?" Her mother asked her.

"I'm thinking a silver dress, it will go with whatever Mark is wearing."

That made her mother's eyes widen and light up, "You're going together with Mark?"

She folded her arms across her chest, raising a sharp eyebrow at her, "Mom, you're the one who called Mark and asked him about it. I thought you were just acquaintances."

"We are, but he took my call anyway. Such a good boy he is."

She rolled her eyes at her mother. If she knew the truth if she knew Mark was the one who wanted to take her house she'd call him something different. Jade was also sure Mark was the one who handed the cops their lead. Not to mention that he only wanted to marry her to get back at her father. She wasn't close to her father though if he knew that he'd lose interest for sure. So she'd keep that from him for now.

"Mom, everyone is flawed. I'm sure Mark has some skeletons in his closet."

"Don't be so negative, Jade." Her mother started to unpack a few boxes which made her anxious, "Just because someone is doing well in life doesn't mean they're hiding skeletons."


"Arthur is innocent!" Her mother told her firmly, "He didn't do anything wrong."

"Mom, he isn't getting out of prison." She told her mother quietly, "All evidence is pointing toward him. I had a talk with dad's lawyers this afternoon and one of them told me dad is probably cutting a deal."

"He is?"

Jade nodded, "An innocent man wouldn't do that. Do you ever talk to dad about anything deeper than what you'd like for your birthday or Christmas? I've known he was doing bad things since I was a kid. It surprised me you didn't know anything. Were you really that oblivious?"


"Mom, seriously, I want to know."

Her mother moved her things to the bedroom and Jade followed. Once inside she kicked her heels off and went to her closet to grab a pair of joggers and a t-shirt. Her mother was laying out her outfit while she continued their conversation.

"I didn't have much when I met your father. Arthur promised me the world when I got pregnant of you. Promised himself to give you and me a better life than we had." She glanced at Jade while she was putting away her black dress, feeling a lot more comfortable now that she was wearing a tee and joggers, "He gave us a better life, Jade."

She wanted to tell her mother that it didn't matter if they had very little, as long as they were together they'd be fine. But she knew that wasn't the truth. She got an education because of her father and he always tried to give her the best of everything. She was just reluctant after she found out he wasn't the superhero she believed he was. He broke her heart and she ran away. She knew now that her mother never stopped seeing him as a superhero. She could understand now why her mother was so torn up about the man she loved.

"Mark is picking me up at eight-thirty. Do you want to tag along with us?"

Her mother brushed her off, "No, I'm not going to be the third wheel. I'll ask a friend if I can tag along with her. I'm sure it will be fine."

"Mom, you wouldn't be the third wheel."

Her mother wasn't having any of it though, "I'll prepare us something to eat. I did some groceries this morning, I'm thinking mushroom soup and some garlic bread. What do you think?"

"Sounds good, mom."

"Okay, honey."

Jade sat down on her bed when her mother left the room, taking in the outfit she had laid out. She figured since she was going to be Mark's date it meant that they would get married. Getting up she headed back to her closet and scanned through her dresses. She had a long silver gown which was covered in little diamonds. An expensive dress her mother bought her when she turned twenty-five. She never wore it before, the tag was still there. She figured she'd go all out Friday night. It would be the last day she'd be known as Jade Sparks.


Jade rushed home after work Friday night to get ready for her night out with Mark. She took a shower, moisturized her entire body. Got her hair and make-up ready and slipped into her silver gown. Her mother zipped her up, giving her approval.

"You look gorgeous." Her mother gushed, "Everyone will be watching you and not Mark tonight."

"Thanks, mom."

Her mom's phone rang which made her move, "That's my ride. Have fun tonight, honey."

Jade watched her mom leave and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She had tied half her hair up and curled the rest in loose wavy curls. She ran her fingers through her curls, trying to get rid of the nerves which were building up in her stomach. Mark would show up in a few minutes, she wasn't sure what he had planned, but she knew he wouldn't let the opportunity pass.

Jade glanced at the door when she heard her phone ring. Mark was here, she knew she had to move, but her feet wouldn't listen to her. She stood frozen to the spot as her phone kept ringing. Placing her hand on her chest she tried to even her breathing. She could do this. She'd get her mother's house back and be known as the woman who'd marry Mark Bennet. She just had to keep in mind that it was just a business deal, nothing more.

Reaching for her clutch she opened it and answered her phone, "I'm on my way."

"The limo is parked right in front of your building."


Jade ended the call, placed her phone back in her clutch and locked up her apartment. Putting the key back in her clutch she carefully headed outside, making sure she didn't trip over her own dress. Walking out of the apartment building she stopped and stared at the limo. She had seen one before, her mother always drove in style when she attended social events. She just realized that from now on it would also be her life. She'd be attending social events like the one she'd be attending tonight, wearing expensive dresses and moving around in limousines. She wasn't sure if she was ready to embrace that. She rather liked her quiet nights in, curled up on the couch while watching a movie.

"Mr. Bennet is waiting." The driver opened the door for her and helped her climb inside.

Jade met Mark's stormy gaze as she heard the driver move around in the background. She didn't pay much attention to her surroundings though. She couldn't look away from Mark. His eyes scanned her from head to toe. His stormy eyes darkening. He liked what he saw.

"You don't disappoint, Jade."

Her cheeks flushed, flickering her eyes to the window to avoid his gaze, "Thanks, I guess."


shifted in his seat and put up the privacy screen, "You know what this means, right?"


She felt his eyes on her, but she still refused to look at him, "I'll move things along."

"Just make sure my mom gets her house back. That's all I care about."

"I know." He grabbed her chin and made her look at him, "Don't leave my side tonight." She wanted to pull away, but he wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her in place, "Promise me, Jade."

"I won't leave your side tonight." She promised him quietly.

He seemed pleased with that and released her, "I don't want to discuss business tonight because I know it will affect both our moods, so instead, we'll meet at my office Monday."

"I can't. I work from nine to five."

"Then I'll pick you up from work and we'll discuss things over dinner."

"I drive to work. How about you text me the address and I'll meet you there?"

Mark sighed, but didn't protest which she was grateful for, "Fine."


Arriving at the charity event they were greeted by cameras flashing, she wasn't used to that. Mark noticed her discomfort immediately which surprised her and reached for her hand, holding it tightly in his. He led her through the crowd easily, throwing charming smiles left and right. Entering the building she immediately recognized a few people who her mother hung out with. By the looks of it, they also recognized her and they definitely recognized the guy she was with. She could see the curious looks in their eyes, wondering how she landed a guy like Mark. If only they knew the truth. They'd be laughing at her rather than staring in awe at her.

"Mark, I'm glad you could make it." An older blonde lady approached them, her hair pulled neatly back and her black dress sparkling brightly in the lighting, "Let me lead you to your table." She stopped in her tracks and flickered her blue eyes to Jade, "Oh, and who is this lovely lady?"

"This is Camilla's daughter, Jade." Mark told her, "Jade this is Sophie Thompson, the head of this charity board."

"Oh, honey." Jade didn't like the tone Sophie used but she forced a polite smile upon her face anyway, "I've heard." She whispered loudly, "We're here for you and your mother. If you need anything, just let me know." She turned back to look at Mark, "So your table?"

Mark released her hand and wrapped an arm around her waist instead, pulling her close to his side. He was making a statement, the look on Sophie's face told them both she didn't like it. Jade was sure Sophie also had a daughter who she'd like to meet Mark. These women her mother hung around with were all pretending to be friends but behind their backs they were competitive, always wanting to be better than their friends. She didn't like spending time with them, but her mother did so she pretended to be nice. She could smile all night and say absolutely nothing. It would benefit everyone.

"We'll find it ourselves, " Mark told her.

"Okay, but let me know if you need anything." Sophie turned on her heels and went back to the main room.

Once she was gone Mark glanced at her, "We'll leave right after my speech." He assured her.

"You don't have to do that on my account."

"I don't like these things, but it's a necessary evil to socialize."

"Mingle with people like the lovely Sophie? How is that a necessary evil? She adores you."

He smiled an actual smile which warmed his stormy gaze and made people around them stop and stare. Unfortunately for them he only showed her that rare, genuine smile.

"Aren't you a sassy little thing."

"Excuse me, I'm not that short."

His eyes trailed down to her shoes, "That's because of your damn heels."

She ignored his comment about her heels because she knew he was right. She only wore heels because she was well aware of her height.

"And I'm not sassy at all."

He nodded, "Okay, you might not be. But when you get pissed you let your emotions lead. It's how you ended up at my office. Wanting to yell at me, because you were convinced it was all my fault your life was falling apart. Or rather your mother's life."

She didn't say anything because she knew he was right. There wasn't an actual reason for her to meet up with Mark. She just wanted to yell at him to feel better. Yet now she realized he found that highly amusing.

"I'm glad at least one of us is entertained."

He led her through the crowd, going around the main room to find their table. She knew they were the center of everyone's attention but she focused entirely on Mark. He was actually a pretty good date, trying to entertain her while making sure no one came too close to ruin their night. He even gave Sophie the cold shoulder. She could appreciate that. It almost made her forget about his ill intentions toward her and their future together.

They had dinner together with their table mates who all wanted Mark's attention. He politely interacted with them until it was time for him to give his speech. He surprised everyone at their table, including her by leaning in and kissing her temple before he got to his feet and headed to the stage to talk about the charity they were supporting.

His voice made women's panties drop she was sure of it. It was deep and calming. He didn't talk around in circles, he went straight to the point and thanked everyone for their support. As he was finishing up his speech she realized something was wrong when his eyes landed on her.

"On that note, I also want to announce something very personal but close to my heart." She felt the eyes of their table mates on her, "I've proposed to the lovely lady who stole my heart and she accepted-" He grinned when people cheered them on, "Thank you." He reached for the champagne glass the staff were handing out and raised his glass, "And thank you, Jade, for making me the happiest man alive. Cheers."

They toasted on their upcoming marriage but all she could think about was asking him what the hell he was thinking by going public like that. He took his sweet time to get back to their table. She got to her feet when he was about to approach her, but he got cut off by her mother wrapping her arms around Jade and pulling her close.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me."

Jade glanced over her mother's shoulder, meeting Mark's amused gaze, "Mark wanted to announce it at this event." She lied and pulled out of the hug, "Mom, I want to officially introduce you to my fiancé." She gestured to Mark and forced a smile upon her face, "The man who stole my heart." She used his words mockingly, but only Mark caught on.

They had to listen to her mother screech on and on about how exciting it was. It made her forget about her father for a few minutes so Jade wasn't too annoyed with her. At least Camilla was happy and much more alive. So she played along, pretending to be the happy fiancée who was very much in love with her future husband. When they were alone though, she'd give him a piece of mind. She wouldn't let him off the hook that easily.

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