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   Chapter 3 Done deal

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Jade left the office building on wobbly legs, not really seeing anything because she was living in her own mind. Mark didn't seem like a bad guy at first, he remained calm and collected while she accused him off a lot of things. Then he suggested something to her which didn't feel right to her. It made her doubt his character. There was no way he suggested what he did because he had genuine intentions toward her.

Unlocking her car she got behind the wheel and inhaled deeply, trying to get rid of the anxiety which started building in her stomach and making her heart race. She promised herself she'd do whatever he wanted to get her mother their house back, but now she was doubting herself. Willing to break a promise to herself for the very first time.

She jumped when she heard rapid knocking on her window. Tilting her head to the side her breathing picked up when she met Mark's stormy gaze. Rolling her window down she watched him reach for something in his pocket and handed it to her. It was a business card.

"I've written down my personal number on the back." He told her, "Let me know what you've decided."


"You have till this Friday, Jade."


He didn't move away so she figured he wasn't done talking. He didn't say anything for a while, just taking her in. She wanted to ask him if something was on his mind but then he continued talking.

"There is no saving your father. The evidence speaks for itself, he is guilty and will be put away for life. Your mom, she'll lose all her savings and will have nowhere else to go. From what you've told me, she isn't someone who can live independently. You'll have to take care of her the rest of your life, but she won't be grateful because you won't be able to offer her the same lifestyle your father had. Slowly things will get so bad between you two you'll get sick of living with your mother. You'll end up blaming each other for the miserable life your father made you live."

"Sounds like you know what you're talking about."

"I've been there, Jade. Different reasons but same ending. It will be tough and horrible, do you really want to go through that?"

"What happened to your mother?"

"She got remarried and is now someone else's problem."

"You're not talking to her anymore."

"I rarely talk to her. Too much shit between us to make things right."

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

She placed her hands around her steering wheel and squeezed it tightly, "Because it's my father who made you go through all that." She flickered her eyes back to him, "Why would you want to marry the daughter of a man who destroyed your life?"

"Does the reason why really matter? In the end, both of us get what we wanted."

"It matters to me."

"It's personal." He glanced over his shoulder, "I need to run, call me whenever you've made up your mind."

With that, he walked away. Leaving her to figure out why he wanted to marry her. She knew deep down what his intentions were though, it wasn't that hard to figure out. He didn't want to tell her because he figured she'd run when he told her the truth. And she knew she should actually run. But the reasons he gave her for accepting his deal made a lot of sense, he wasn't wrong. She had till Friday to make a decision, she'd take her time because whatever she decided she'd do would change her life forever.


Arriving back at her apartment, Jade tossed her keys in the bowl by the door. She locked up the apartment and headed to the living room, her mom laying on the couch still curled up in a blanket while she watched a cooking show. As she entered the room her mother's eyes flickered to her.

"You went back to work?"

She took a seat beside her mom and focused on the cooking show, which was oddly calming to watch, "No, I went to talk to Mark Bennet."

"The Mark Bennet?"

She shifted her gaze to her mom, finding it odd how surprised her mother sounded.

"You know him?"

"Who doesn't know him?!" Her mother seemed a lot more alive now, "He made his first million at the age of twenty-eight. He is a billionaire now and only thirty-six. How do you know him?"

She didn't, but if she agreed to marry him she'd get to know him pretty well she assumed.

"I don't know him that well."

"Did he come to the shop to buy something extravagant for one of his girlfriends?" Her mother totally forgot about her depression and focused entirely on Mark Bennet, the dollar signs very clear in her eyes, "Heard he is between girlfriends at the moment. Honey, you shouldn't let this opportunity pass you by! You're a beautiful girl." She ran her fingers through Jade's locks, "You'll get his attention if you play your cards right."

She pulled away from her mother and got to her feet, "Mom! Seriously."

"You've been single for a long time now, Jade. You're not getting any younger and if you land a guy like Mark You'll be set for life."

"I'm not marrying a guy because of what he makes."

"You need to start thinking about your future." Her mother gestured around the living room, "You want to keep living like this forever?"

"Like what?" Now she was triggered, not liking how her mother was judging her, "Like an independent woman who doesn't owe anyone anything? I was actually quite happy with my life so far, away from you and dad."

"I'm sorry we were so horrible." Her mother whispered.

"Mom, I didn't mean it like that."

Her mother wasn't getting over it though. She had hurt her feelings and now she was retreating. Maybe that was for the best. Things were being said which both of them didn't mean.

"I'm heading to bed." Her mother announced, leaving the room.

Jade sat back down on the couch and curled up to a ball, trying to tune everything out but the cooking channel. She needed every dark thought to leave her mind so she could make a decision based on her own opinion and not her mother's.


Getting ready for work, Jade curled the ends of her hair and ran her fingers through it. Making them loose and wavy. She was wearing another little black dress with a statement necklace. Pleased with her lo

ok Jade reached for her bag and headed to the living room. Her mother got up early and muttered something about preparing breakfast. She couldn't remember when her mother last made breakfast for her. They had staff who took care of the cooking when she lived with her parents. She assumed that hadn't changed until the day her father got dragged away by the cops.

Dropping her bag on the couch she headed into the kitchen and watched in awe as her mother set the table. A plate with a stack of pancakes sitting on the middle of the table along with a bowl of fruit and a pitcher with syrup. Taking a seat at the table she thanked her mother for plating her breakfast.

"Smells good, mom."

"Eat up, you have a long day at work."


"I have a charity event on Friday night. I hope you can join me since your father is not available at the moment."

She was still in denial. It actually made Jade's heart hurt for her. Her mother didn't want to face the fact her father had done horrible things to get as far in life as he had. It was pretty sad.

"Friday night? I do have work."

"It starts at nine, so you have plenty of time to get ready after work."

Her mother was bribing her to tag along with breakfast.

"Okay, sounds fun."

Her deadline for accepting or rejecting Mark's offer was on Friday. It made her heart race just thinking about him. Her mother approved of the guy only because he was worth billions. The age gap didn't even matter to her. Set for life, that's what she said. She wasn't sure if accepting Mark's offer meant that she'd be living large. He promised he'd annul the contract her father had signed if she agreed to marry him. To please her mother. Nothing had been promised toward her. She wasn't sure if she wanted more from him. She didn't want to owe him anything at all. It sounded like owning the devil your soul if she took anything Mark offered her.

"Mark will be there too, it's a charity cause we both support."

She was sure her mother would continue her conversation from last night, thinking she had calmed down enough to bring up Mark's money again.

"Really?" She asked, acting like she was surprised.

"Yes, he supports a lot of charity causes. He likes to give back, you know. Such a good guy. Men like him are rare, you know."

"I know."

"If you know you should try and talk to him Friday night. See where it goes."

"Mom, what if he brings a date?"

"Who cares? Everyone knows Mark hasn't been serious about any of his women before. All the same beautiful women with no personality whatsoever. Women who he can easily break things off with when he gets tired of them." Her mother smiled at her, "You're different. You're making a career and you care about more than make-up and the latest fashion trends. And it's a plus you're a pretty girl too. He'll like you, I know he will."

"Mom, I'm not the type of girl who'd try to hook a man while he already has someone in his life."

"He's between girlfriends. I've told you that."

"But you know he never shows up without a woman on his arm, so he'll find someone to accompany him Friday night."

Her mother looked annoyed by her, "There is nothing wrong with starting a conversation with someone."

"We'll see what happens Friday night." Jade ended the conversation with that, "I need to run. See you tonight, mom."

She got up, kissed her mom's temple and left the apartment heading to the shop.


Jade was standing behind the counter going through their weekly income and expenses when Nia walked up to her, looking like a kid who just met Santa. The big grin spread across her pixie face actually terrified her.

"There is a guy here to see you." Nia whispered, glancing over her shoulder, "He said he's your boyfriend and he needs to speak to you privately."

Glancing past Nia her breathing hitched in her throat realizing it was Mark. She wasn't sure why he came over, but the amused look in his eyes told her to be cautious of his intentions.

"I'll talk to him, please take care of the register while I'm gone."

"Sure thing, boss lady."

Leaving Nia to it Jade headed straight for Mark, her heels clicking loudly against the floor. Mark didn't flinch, he folded his arms across his chest, causing his jacket around his arms to show off his muscles. He looked breathtaking in his navy suit with his perfectly gelled hair and his nice leather shoes. The guy knew how to dress. She liked that about him.


"Good afternoon, Jade."

"How can I help you?"

"Your mother contacted me this morning, sounding very excited about the upcoming charity event this Friday and she asked me if I had a date."

She closed her eyes, letting out a tired sigh. She wished her mother wasn't a meddler. Things were already awkward between her and Mark because of his offer standing in their way. Her mother made things even worse.

"She doesn't know about you."

Mark's lips curled up to a smirk, "I suppose your father never told her anything."

"And she is pretty good at denying things."

Mark's eyes scanned the shop, "You dress well." He told her straight out, "So I assume you have a proper dress you can wear Friday night."

"Excuse me?"

His eyes flickered back to her, "I'm taking you to the event Friday night. I'd like you to wear an appropriate dress."

"I haven't accepted your offer." She reminded him.

"You will."

He couldn't sound cockier. The smug look on his face making her scrunch her nose.


"I'll pick you up at eight thirty, I need to be there on time since I'm giving a speech."

After his announcement, he turned on his heels and left. She didn't have time to think about what just happened because Nia ran up to her and squealed rather loudly. Questioning her about Mark. She tried to brush Nia off but the woman wouldn't shut up about how handsome Mark was. She had to agree that he was easy on the eyes. But that was all there was to him. He was pushy and convinced she'd agree to marry him because her mother messed things up for her. She didn't like men who tried to take control of every aspect of her life.

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