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   Chapter 10 The path you chose

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Like Evelyn told him he had to live with the regret of making a decision which eventually leads to him being miserable for the rest of his life. Ever since he got married he wondered what she was doing, if she was okay. She didn't respond to him no matter how hard he tried to make her listen. Eventually, she changed her number and there was no way for him to communicate with her at all. Knowing he was a coward for choosing the safe road made his heart bleed. He wished he could go back and tell Zara straight out no, kicked her out of his apartment and eventually life. But he didn't do any of that because she was safe and familiar. Nothing in their lives had changed. She was working most of the time, he was working most of the time. And they rarely spend time together. He didn't remember the last time he even had a decent meal together with her. Everything was rushed and the way his mother looked at him whenever he went over to her for dinner hurt even more. She knew he wasn't happy, she questioned him about the choices he made and called him an idiot straight out. He didn't correct her either, because she was right. Only a fool would continue to live the way he was living.

"You should take a break."

Michael flickered his eyes to Adam who sat across him, his eyes full of pity. Adam had met Evelyn for five seconds and liked her. Told him straight out he was an idiot too.

"I'm fine."

"Thought you wanted to take half an hour of your time to do something you actually like to do?"

"I can't afford it."

Adam rolled his eyes at him, "You can, but you don't want to."

Michael couldn't help but be reminded of Evelyn. She had said the same words, every one of them being like a stab to the heart.

"Story of my life."

Adam held his gaze for a while before he flickered his eyes back to his tablet, pretending to be nonchalant.

"Things in Amsterdam are moving along."

For once Michael was glad someone changed the subject not so very subtly. Amsterdam linked to Evelyn in his mind, but he was sure Adam didn't intend to hurt him even more. He liked to think that his assistant was more than his employee.

"Yes, Robin is doing great work."

"He is." Adam agreed.

Michael flickered his eyes to his little gaming section. He had asked Adam to take care of it, make him space where he could relax if he needed to. He never used the space before but it was very tempting right now.

"Told you, you have time to do something else than writing up emails and ordering people around."

Michael glared at Adam for that little mean comment

something she liked to do. She spends more time at home, taking care of their daughter and doing things she actually enjoyed. She delegated and he did the same. Wanting to spend more time with the people he cared for.

"Have you seen it?"

He leaned down pressing a kiss to Violet's dark locks, "Seen what?"

Zara looked up from her knitted work, "The photos? The new blog post?"

"No, I haven't."

Ever since the day he told himself to move forward he didn't look back at all. He didn't check on Evelyn knowing he'd feel like shit. He focused on what he had in his life. Zara. They fixed them, they weren't quite the same anymore. It was hard to forget, but they moved past the hurdle and became solid enough. Violet was what really glued them back together. It wasn't supposed to be that way, but unfortunately, love wasn't enough for them.

"She directed her first horror movie."


Zara nodded, "Yeah, Adam told me you're in the credits."

He held Violet closer to his chest, "I'm what?"

Zara's lips curled up to a smile, "You're in the credits. As a special thanks to."

"I didn't help her with that movie."

"I'm sure she is thanking you for a different reason."

"Like thank you for breaking my heart, because of you I could make this epic horror movie."

Zara laughed, "No, from what you told me I'm pretty sure she is thanking you for your support. You believed in her in a time she was still trying to make it. Some people, good people, they don't forget. They're always grateful to those who supported them.

He smiled, "Yeah, she is a good person."

Zara continued with her knitting, "I'm glad things worked out for her."

He kissed Violet's head again, "Me too."

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