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   Chapter 8 Seed of doubt

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The next morning, very early in the morning, Michael was saying goodbye to Evelyn at the airport Schiphol in Amsterdam. They didn't have time to have their usual breakfast date, but they did grab a coffee, waiting at his gate. Evelyn looked nervous, shifting from foot to foot as she clutched her cup in both hands. He didn't blame her for being that anxious, he wasn't doing any better either. They were going to be two weeks apart, going back to their lives before they've met. He wanted to make things official, but he felt like things were going too fast. He was all about living in the moment, just like Evelyn lived, but making promises right now was a bit too much for him. He needed a bit of cautiousness in his life. Especially if Evelyn jumped into things without much thought. One of them needed to make sure they wouldn't drown.

"Two weeks will pass in a heartbeat." Evelyn told him quietly, "Right?"

Reaching for her, he gently ran his knuckles over her cheek, trying to comfort her. That little gesture did make a smile spread across her face, but it did nothing to the sadness in her eyes. He was on the same page as her though. He dreaded taking the plane and heading back home. So much shit was going on back home too. He had to deal with Zara behaving out of character. Then again it was probably a good thing to deal with her personally. Trying to figure out what she was after.

"Right." He agreed, "We'll explore the city together. It will be so much fun."

"You'll find the time for me, right?"

She was insecure, something he didn't quite witness before. It was refreshing and it also made her appear more human. He liked finding out these little things about her. Leaning in he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, ignoring her soft sound of surprise. Pulling back he smiled at her, his eyes softening as he noticed the nice pink color that had spread across her face. She was gorgeous, he wanted this image of her to forever be burned in his brain.

"Of course. I'm the one who asked of you to come to stay with me."

"I know you have a busy job, you owe a company."

It almost sounded like an accusation, but he knew she was doubting her decision. He wouldn't let her though. They needed more time together, finding out more little things about each other. So far he liked a lot about her, but he was curious if he'd find out something small about her which would annoy the hell out of him. It was also part of a relationship. No one was perfect, so of course, every once in a while the person you cared about would do something you didn't quite like.

"I do." He sipped from his coffee, polishing it off, "But I won't leave you to fend for yourself. We'll meet up as often as possible and do a lot of things together. I'd like to get to know you a lot better."

That made her lips curl up to a smirk, "Even better than you already know me?"

He laughed, shaking his head at her, "There is my girl."

She raised an eyebrow at him, "Hm?"

"You and your dirty mind."

She chuckled, "A girl can't help it when her guy has mad skills."

"Your guy?"

She looked like a deer caught in headlights when she realized what she had said, "Y-You know what I mean."

He did know, he didn't want their goodbye to being awkward so he brushed it off, "I know." He reassured her, "I should get going." He said glancing at his phone, "I need to check in. We'll stay in touch." He promised her.

"See you in two weeks." Leaning in she kissed him.

He took his time, his lips gently caressing hers. He pushed his tongue in, deepening the kiss. He felt her clutch the lapels of his jacket, trying to get even closer to him. Pulling away they both were out of breath, staring into each other's eyes with smiles on their faces.

"See you in two weeks." He whispered to her.

They didn't

into pulling away from him and stopped them both mid living room, "You can't cancel the wedding, a lot of time and money went into it. You'd break your mom's heart."

He spun around, facing her, "What did you do?"

"When we talked I told her we were both excited about this wedding. That I couldn't wait to get it over with. She thought we were rushing and I didn't stop her from thinking about it."

His heart squeezed painfully when he realized what Zara had done. It was a calculating move to make him go through with the wedding, she knew he wouldn't be able to break his mom's heart.

"You let her think you're pregnant?!"

"She was the one who assumed that I just didn't correct her."

He was shaking because of how angry he was. His fists clenched beside him, his jaw clenched so tightly it hurt. He was seeing red and he felt like screaming at her, but that wouldn't change anything. Instead, he pointed to the door.

"Get the fuck out." He whispered, boiling inside when she didn't move, "Right now!"

She moved to the door and leaned against it with her back, shaking her head at him as tears streamed down her cheeks, "I'm not leaving. You know deep down that things are right between us. Whoever you've met, you know deep down that she is never going to be right for you. Between us-" She stepped closer to him, "Things are right. We're doing the same things, move in the same circles and we're already familiar with each other's family. If you break that up, things are going to be difficult. Not only for me, but also for her."

"You're threatening me."

"No, I'm just making you aware of the situation." She closed the distance between them and cupped his face in her hands, "We're getting married in five months, Michael. Our family expects that of us and we're not letting them down."

She stood on her toes and kissed him. He didn't kiss her back but her words were echoing in his mind. Her words cutting him like a sharp knife. He never knew just how calculating and manipulative Zara was, but he found out today. She manipulated everyone in his environment to trap him into their marriage. She was well aware he'd never have it in him to make his mom cry and she would if he told her he didn't want to marry Zara anymore. He was sure if he went through with what he actually wanted to do Zara would make sure everyone thought he cheated on her with some girl. Things would become difficult for them, things would get difficult for Evelyn. He didn't want someone innocent to get hurt by the people around him.

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