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   Chapter 7 Spontaneous offer

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The next few days were like a fantasy, it felt like his mind had made Evelyn up to guide him through a difficult time. She made him laugh and entertained him with her stories. She also told him about her dreams and ambitions and he wanted everything for her to go right. She was passionate about her photography and cinematography, her hazel eyes always gleaming with happiness whenever she talked about it.

While she worked her shifts at the café he took care of work-related things like meetings and video conferences. Also reading through Adam's reports about the main office. Things were going well without him, he didn't think it would, but once he got back he'd give his assistant a raise. He well deserved it. Adam mentioned that Zara had been over a few times, questioning him about the missed phone calls. It was unlike her. Something was going on with Zara, but he couldn't deal with her right now. He was leaving tomorrow and he dreaded it. He liked spending time with Evelyn a lot and the thought of things ending was actually painful. If he could, he'd take her with him.

"Do you want to eat out tonight?" Evelyn asked him.

He flickered his eyes to her, her eyes not as bright as usual. She dreaded his departure as well. They both knew things were not going to be long-term when they started their little affair, but knowing was only something you could picture mentally. Experiencing it was physically painful.

"I rather spend the night in together with you."

She sipped her tea, "Sounds even better."

His lips twitched when he noticed the intense look in her eyes, "I was talking about actually eating in. You know, dinner and maybe a horror movie."

She feigned surprise, "I was also thinking that."

He shook his head at her, "Right. I think I know your look by now."

She smiled, "What look?"

"The 'I want you now hard and fast' look."

She burst out in laughter, the sound very musical and pleasant to listen to. It also made a few people's heads turn and glance at her. She didn't notice, but she always had people's attention. It was her confidence he figured. He always thought Zara was a very confident woman, but she proved him wrong after their phone call. She sounded desperate and manipulative. It was odd how she brushed him off when he told her he met someone else. Like it didn't matter to her at all. He knew that if he told Evelyn he wanted to bang the waitress in the bathroom stall because he liked how her tits bounced in her tight white shirt and how nice her ass looked in her tight black pants, she'd freak. Because the woman who cared about you was bound to feel something when he mentioned his attraction to other women. Just a hint of jealousy confirmed that she genuinely gave a fuck.

"I always want you hard and fast."

It was his turn to laugh, "Seriously Evelyn, do you know you have a dirty sense of humor?"

"Oh, you're talking about the muffins."

Her Cheshire cat grin told him she knew he meant that. She was playing around, keeping the mood light between them. He appreciated it. It was better than the dark cloud of doom hovering above their heads.


"Don't worry." She reached for his hand, gently placing her hand on top of his, "I'll bring my delicious cupcake tonight."

He cursed

" He joked.

It made a smile spread across her face, "Glad to hear that."

They exchanged email addresses and planned her trip. She was against staying at his apartment, thinking it was odd, so against his wishes she booked a hotel instead. It was quite far away from his apartment building, but he could make it work. It took them a while and when they checked the time it was near midnight. He had an early flight to catch and he didn't want to stay up too late.

"How about we just go to sleep?" She suggested, "Then I'll go with you to the airport tomorrow."

"I wanted this to be memorable." He brushed her locks behind her ear, leaning in to kiss her.

She gave him a quick kiss and pulled away, "It already is. This thing between us, you've given me so much more than you can imagine."

"I want to explore things." He told her honestly.

"Me too."

Putting away the laptop, Michael set his alarm for six thirty. He took a shower first while Evelyn was hanging out in the bedroom, going through her savings and making plans for her visit in two weeks. Once he entered the bedroom she went to the bathroom to freshen up. He went through his messages, very grateful to Adam for taking care of things. Adam would meet him at the airport when his plane landed tomorrow. His assistant also let him know that Zara was on a warpath. She wasn't taking the break-up very well and he was sure she'd probably wait for him at the airport as well. He wasn't looking forward to being greeted by her, but there was nothing he could do about it. For now, he'd push the thought of Zara to the back of his mind and crawled into bed, waiting for Evelyn to join him. Evelyn joined him in bed a few minutes later. They were spooning, his arm wrapped around her waist while he leaned in and kissed her hair.


"Night." He heard the smile in her voice which settled his worries.

Whatever awaited him back in New York, he'd be able to handle it. Evelyn taught him life wasn't that hard if you gave a crap about the things you were doing. He'd deal with Zara and make sure she stayed in his past. He made the decision to explore things with Evelyn, so now she was his future.

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