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   Chapter 6 Taking a risk

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Sitting across a dressed, cheerful looking Evelyn, Michael sipped his coffee. Returning her smile he reached for his phone and scanned through his messages. They were having breakfast together at the hotel's restaurant. Only a few other people were around this early in the morning, but he figured people would start coming in soon.

"You have any plans tonight?" Evelyn asked, tearing his attention away from his phone.

"The guy who is showing me the buildings this afternoon mentioned something about dinner."


He noticed the disappointment in her eyes. Putting his phone down he focused entirely on her.

"Did you want to do something?" He asked carefully, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable.

Her eyes brightened, "Since I only have one class today I figured we could meet up after your building tour around the city, have dinner together and catch a movie at the most beautiful theatre in the Netherlands." Her lips curled up, "Well according to me it is."

He couldn't refuse to see the excitement in her eyes. He figured hanging out with Evelyn was a lot more fun than dinner with Robin, though Robin seemed like a nice enough guy. He rather spends his remaining time in the Netherlands together with a beautiful lady.

"Sounds good to me."

She looked surprised, "Really?"

"I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but it's not just your body that interests me, Evelyn."

She chuckled, her eyes dancing with amusement, "I'm glad." She took a deep breath and let out a sigh, "Okay, text me the last building you're viewing and I'll meet you there. We'll take the tram to the theatre, there is a good Asian place near it where we could eat. If it's not what you like there are also a lot of other restaurants around."

"Asian food is fine." He assured her, "I'll text you the address later today." He finished the rest of his coffee and thanked the waitress who asked her if he wanted another cup, he opted for water instead and focused on his pancakes, "So what class are you following today?"

"Film." She told him without hesitation, the excitement clear in her eyes and voice, "We're focusing on documentaries now. It's not my favorite kind of production, but it also has its charms."

"It's certainly down a notch from the horror short film you made."

"It is." She agreed, "The shots are not nearly as exciting. But I can manage to film it on my own. We're focusing on editing today. I can't wait to get behind my laptop and start editing my rough cut."

She was passionate about what she was doing. A documentary was not something she liked as much as shooting a horror, but she enjoyed the process. She thought he was being nice when he told her he wasn't only interested in her body. She had no idea how interesting he found her mind. The way she behaved and the way she viewed life. He liked it a lot. Spending time with her helped him reflect on his own way of living his life. When he was going back to New York he was going to change things. He was definitely taking her advice and find at least half an hour in his day to do what he liked most.

"When is your project due?"

"In two weeks."

"You have time."

"I finished earlier than expected." She admitted to him, "I just couldn't wait to get started, you know."

When you loved something you didn't mind spending a lot of time and effort into it.

"I know." He smiled at her.

His eyes flickered to his phone as it vibrated against the table. Zara's picture came up which made him panic for a second until he realized he wasn't doing anything wrong. He wasn't together with Zara and he didn't make things official with Evelyn. They were only having fun so he didn't owe her an explanation. Yet he felt like he couldn't disrespect her by answering Zara's call. So he declined it. Turning his phone to mute and putting it display down on the table.

"You not going to take it?" Evelyn asked, taking a bite of her pancake.

"It's not important." He told her, "So tell me about your documentary."

Evelyn didn't question him nor did she look taken back by his short explanation. Instead, she told him about her project, the excitement in her voice making him forget about Zara and her constant phone calls. It was unlike her, but he wasn't obligated to care. He'd get back to her when he could.


w hours later they woke up and cleaned up. He had taken a shower and was sitting in bed, going through his emails while Evelyn was taking a shower. He freaked out mentally when he woke up, realizing they didn't use any protection. She assured him they were fine though and he trusted her. It was weird to trust someone he met only a few days ago, but he did. He knew her a lot better than the woman he was about to marry which said it all. Instead of letting Zara contact him first he reached for his phone and called her. She answered the phone a lot faster than normal.



She hesitated for a few seconds before she spoke again, "I called you a few times."

"I know, I wasn't ready to answer."

He knew it was cold, but he didn't want to lie to her.

"I see."

"What's wrong?"

"I just..." She didn't finish her sentence, inhaling sharply before she continued, "I just missed you."


"I know I'm the one who broke things off and I know we agreed we'd meet up when you get back. But I needed to hear your voice. It's so different with you not being around."

"Thought the relationship was too much of an effort?"

"Michael, I can't imagine marrying anyone else but you. We're a good team together and I apologize that I realized that a lot later than you did."

"You're feeling lonely, Zara. That's the only reason why you're reaching out to me."

"No, it's not."

He sighed, not being able to listen to her a second longer. If he did he'd get confused and he didn't want to go back there. Evelyn showed him how amazing things could be. He wasn't going to give that up. Not for Zara.

"I've met someone." He told her, knowing it was going to be a stab to the heart for her, but she needed to know.

"You've met someone?" She repeated.


She was silent for a long while, he checked his phone to see if it disconnected. But it didn't. He was about to ask her if she was okay when she spoke up again.

"That's fine. You're pissed at me for breaking things off, so I'll give you that. We'll talk when you get back. We're going to be fine."

"We're not." He told her firmly, "We're over, Zara. You're the one who ended things, don't go changing your mind, because you were right. We weren't going to work, things were too forced between us. I've actually met someone and I want to explore things with her." He flickered his eyes to the bathroom door and figured he needed to end the conversation, "We're not going to be fine, Zara. I think this is goodbye." He told her, "Take care of yourself."

Ending the call he let out a sigh of relief. It actually felt like a burden just got lifted off his shoulders. He knew it was a risk to say goodbye to Zara, but things felt right with Evelyn. He wanted to explore things with her and see where it goes. What he didn't want was to have any regrets when he left Amsterdam.

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