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   Chapter 5 Babydoll

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Michael frowned as he felt pressure on his lower body, he tried to shift but something stopped him from moving. Flickering his eyes open he tried to adjust them to the lighting in the room. Inhaling sharply when he identified the pressure he felt. Glancing down he noticed a hand was pressed against his stomach, holding him down while hazel eyes looked at him. The sight of her lips around him while she challenged him with her mischievous look was almost enough to make him come. Moans left his lips when the pressure kept building and building until his hips jerked. He tried to pull away from her, but she pressed down harder and made him come within mere seconds. He shut his eyes tightly closed as he rode out the pleasure, the sounds coming from his lips muffled by her giggle. She was staring up at him, licking her lips as she let him come down his high.


"Morning." She told him quietly.

He tried to reach for her but she was faster and rolled away from him, getting off the bed as she slipped his white shirt on, doing up a few buttons.

"I'm sure you don't mind if I use your bathroom?"

"I don't." He breathed.

Rolling to the side of the bed, Michael reached down and grabbed his boxers. Slipping it on he got out of bed and reached for his pants. Taking his wallet and phone out he dropped the wallet on the unmade bed and scanned through his emails while Evelyn was taking a shower.

He didn't have any meetings planned today, just a friendly dinner with Robin and his girlfriend. He knew it was important to show up because it was better to maintain a good relationship. Hanging out with Robin wasn't that bad, but he preferred Evelyn's company for obvious reasons.

"I used your mouthwash." Evelyn wrapped a towel around her naked, wet body and stood in the doorway, "And your shower gel and shampoo."

"It's fine." He let his eyes wander over half naked, dripping wet body.

Dirty thoughts crossed his mind but he knew they didn't have the time to do what he wanted. Placing his phone on his bedside table he walked past her, stepping into the bathroom.

"I won't be here when you're done." Evelyn told him, following after him, "So this is goodbye for now." She leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, "Thanks for last night, it was pretty amazing."

He brushed a thumb over her lips, "I'm pretty sure I'm the one who is supposed to thank you."

She smiled at him and turned around, walking out of the bathroom and closing the door behind her. He brushed his teeth and took a shower, knowing Evelyn was probably gone by now. He didn't regret a thing though. They had a fun night together and like she said it was pretty amazing. She was amazing with her mouth and other things. He wanted more than one night and he was sure she agreed with him. It seemed like Evelyn was up for two weeks of fun too. Or more like one and a half week now, but that didn't matter. What mattered was making sure they were both on the same page and if they were they couldn't waste time.


After breakfast, Michael took the time to catch up with Adam's report and some work. He video chatted with tons of people and before he knew it he had to change into formal clothes so he could meet with Robin. Robin and his girl were meeting him in the lobby and they'd walk to their destination. He freshened up, doing his hair and spraying on some cologne. He was about to leave the room when his phone beeped. Reading the message he received he couldn't help but smirk. Evelyn liked talking dirty to him, he found that out last night. He liked it a lot. She wanted him and she wasn't being subtle about it. Not that he minded. He messaged her back telling her to come over later tonight. He'd text her when his friendly dinner with Robin was over. Evelyn agreed and would actually meet him later tonight. It was something he was looking forward to.

Leaving the room Michael headed to the lobby and met up with Robin and a blonde, tall girl. She was a few inches taller than Robin, as he glanced down he figured because she was wearing high heels. The girl had freaking long legs which didn't seem to end, hair which came down till her waist, a very straight nose, and pouty pink lips. She wore a navy dress which looked very short, he figured if she moved a bit too much she'd flash everyone her panties. He at least hoped she wore panties otherwise things would get awkward. Glancing at Robin he flashed him a smile.

"Sorry, I had some business to take care of."

He scheduled in a booty call, but Robin didn't need to know that.

"It's fine." Robin brushed him off, gesturing to the girl beside him, "This is Laura, my girlfriend."

Michael held out his hand, "Nice to meet you, Laura." He greeted her politely, "Michael."

Laura smiled but didn't respond back. He figured she either couldn't speak English well or she was shy. He wasn't interested enough to figure out which one it was. Instead, he wanted to get this over with so he could bury himself in Evelyn again.

"There is a pub around the corner which serves great food." Robin told him as they walked out, "Also great atmosphere and people."

Michael followed the couple, listening to Robin talk. He translated a few things to his girlfriend. As the night progressed Laura became a lot more vocal and actually seemed like a nice girl. She was a shop assistant at a fancy boutique. She loved her job and mentioned a few times that she liked the way he dressed. It was awkward but Robin didn't seem to mind. He figured the guy didn't care much for Laura. She wasn't here to stay. If h

e told Robin he needed to go because he wanted to do dirty things to a girl who was six years younger than him the guy would probably understand. He didn't say a thing though, instead, he politely listened to Laura who told him about the kind of people who visited the shop.

"There are some buildings which I'd like to show you tomorrow." Robin reached for his beer and took a sip, "I'm sure there is a building to your taste."

"My afternoon is free."

"Good, we'll view those buildings and have dinner after."

"Sounds good to me."

After they shared another drink they ended the night. It was close to eleven when he texted Evelyn and to his surprise, she told him she'd meet him at his room. She was on her way. Walking back to the hotel Michael froze when his phone rang. He was pretty sure it wasn't Evelyn, as he cautiously glanced at the display his heart dropped to his stomach as he saw Zara's picture. He knew if he answered her call he wouldn't be in the mood to face Evelyn. He didn't understand why she was calling him since they both agreed they'd talk when he got back to the states. So instead of answering her he muted his phone and continued his walk to the hotel.


Approaching his room he locked eyes with Evelyn who was wearing a long coat, tightly tied around the waist which showed off her curves while a weekend bag was lying beside her foot. He reached into his jacket, taking out his keycard and opened the door. Reaching for the bag he let Evelyn enter first and followed after her, closing the door behind him.

"You came prepared." He placed her bag on the one-seat and watched her turn around.

Evelyn reached for the belt around her waist and undid it, slowly unbuttoning her coat as her eyes gleamed with dark promises.

"You have no idea." She told him as she slowly revealed a red lace babydoll which was sheer and left nothing to the imagination.


Her lips curled up to a smirk, "I think it's time for you to return the favor." She told him as she dropped her coat to the floor.

He reached for her, wrapping an arm around her waist as he pulled her to him. Pressing her up against his body he leaned in and covered her mouth with his, slipping his tongue in to kiss the life out of her. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck. Wrapping her up in his arms he pulled her up, she understood what he wanted and wrapped her legs around his waist, her heath pressed up against his crotch. When she grinded against him he pulled his mouth away from her and dropped her on the bed, watching her bounce a little while a laugh left her lips painted in red. The color had faded, probably also covering his lips. He didn't care though. Taking off his shoes he held her gaze and crawled on top of her, his hands trailing over her bare, soft legs going underneath her flimsy babydoll. Reaching her red lace boxers he slipped it over her legs, pulling away from her. He tossed the flimsy material aside, grabbed her thighs in his hands and leaned in pressing a kiss to her stomach. He heard her inhale sharply, the anticipation causing her breathing to pick up. He slowly kissed down until he reached her thighs. Spreading her thighs he looked up meeting her heated hazel eyes and brushed his thumbs over her, causing a mewing sound to leave her lips. He loved it. Smirking he leaned in and kissed her right where she wanted, an actual loud moan leaving her lips. Like she more or less demanded of him he returned the favor, but unlike her, he teased her until she begged him and clawed at him till he gave her what she wanted. She came hard, a full body orgasm which made her incoherent. She had her eyes closed as she tried to catch her breath, her hands falling from his hair. He licked his lips, the taste of her still there. Letting her catch her breath he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. She opened her eyes and flashed him a grin which meant trouble. Before he knew it she had her hand on his erection and squeezed him through his pants.

"You're such a dirty girl." He chuckled.

"Yeah, but you love it."

"You know I do."

He pushed her hand off him and took control of her. Last night they were playing on even ground, discovering what they liked and what made both of them lose it completely. Tonight he'd show her how much he appreciated her effort to spice things up. The image of her in her red lacy sheer babydoll forever burned in his mind.


It was around four when Michael woke up, Evelyn's head resting upon his shoulder while she had a leg tossed around his waist. Both of them completely naked. The sheets had dropped, giving him a nice view of her breasts. He didn't want her to get cold though so he pulled the sheets up and made sure both of them were covered. Evelyn shifted in her sleep and rolled away from him, her back turned to him while she let out a whiny sound which sounded so adorable to him. Glancing up at the ceiling he tried to get some rest. They had been going at it for hours. He only had two hours of sleep before he woke up. He didn't have anything planned in the morning, but he knew Evelyn wouldn't stick around because she had work and classes. She hadn't promised him anything but he was sure they'd spend the night together again. He was addicted to her body. She was wild and liked it rough. He could feel the scratch marks on his back and arms, a reminder of how rough things got between them. He didn't want his trip to end, but instead of dwelling on it he promised himself he'd enjoy every second of it. Enjoying every second he could spend with Evelyn.

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