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   Chapter 4 The game

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Waiting at the table for his date to arrive, Michael's gaze was focused on his wine glass. He wasn't tasting the rich flavor of his red wine though, his mind was elsewhere. He couldn't help but wonder about Zara. He knew he made this decision because he wanted to live life without regrets, but he wasn't sure if this was the right way to do it. He couldn't back out now though. Evelyn was on her way and it wasn't fair to her to suddenly freeze over and tell her they couldn't go through with it. Evelyn was a nice girl and she deserved better than that. So he took a huge gulp of red wine and let out a relieved sigh. There were no promises made, they could have a fun night, having dinner and a pleasant conversation about their lives. It didn't have to lead anywhere.


He looked up, his eyes wandering Evelyn's body from top to bottom. She was wearing a short black dress with lace long sleeves. It was daring but at the same time conservative. He liked it a lot. She wore her hair down, her brown locks shining in the lighting which reminded him of a chocolate river. She had done her make-up. Her eyes smoky while her lips were painted in a soft pink color. It suited her. All thoughts about bailing evaporated like snow before the sun.

"Hey." He got to his feet and helped her in her chair before he settled in his seat again, "You look amazing." He told her, not keen on playing mind games.

She smiled at him, "You looking fine yourself." She told him as she took him in, "Love the suit."

He glanced down before he met her gaze again, "So it's the suit which won you over?" He asked teasingly.

"You know it."

He chuckled. She made him forget about all the negative thoughts he had about this night. Just her mere presence brightened up the room. He wasn't sure if it was because of her bright smile or her cheerful laugh. Whatever it was, she lured people in without effort.

"What do you want to drink?" He asked her when a waiter approached their table.

Instead of telling him her order she spoke to the waiter in Dutch. She smiled at the waiter, giving him a firm nod and flickered her hazel eyes back to him once the waiter left the table.

"Sorry, I just thought it would be easier that way."

He brushed her off, "It's fine, it probably is easier that way."

"So." She ran her fingers through the end of her hair, her nails painted a deep red, "You're staying at a fancy hotel, wearing fancy suits while drinking fancy wine. You must have figured life out."

He never really liked to talk about what he did because he knew it would sound like he was bragging. He didn't mind talking about it with Zara because she understood. He didn't want Evelyn to think he was a selfish jerk who only liked to make money.

"I'm doing okay."

She narrowed her eyes at him, leaning her elbow on the table while she rested her chin on her palm, "You don't like talking about what you do." She concluded, apparently a keen observer.

He reached for his glass and knocked back the last remains of his wine, "It's nothing worth talking about." He locked eyes with her, her hazel eyes ablaze with curiosity, "I'm more interested in what you're doing. Film and photography, that sounds challenging."

Her look told him she wasn't finished with him, but for now, she'd leave it the way it was. He was grateful she didn't push him to talk. He didn't want to make her despise him, he'd talk more about himself when she was a lot more comfortable around him.

"It is." She admitted to him, "I made a short film a while back. An eight-minute horror which made me realize that I absolutely love making movies. I wrote the script, directed the movie and edited it. It took a lot of hours and at the end of it, I was mostly done with it. But seeing people enjoy watching your work, that feeling, it's indescribable."

He smiled seeing how her eyes gleamed with excitement as she told him about her passion for movies. Mostly the genre horror. The little gestures she made, her excited behavior made the people around them smile as well. She didn't realize it, but she was the type of woman who caught people's attention. Who people liked to watch and listen to.

"I actually would like to see it."

"You serious?"

"Of course." When the waiter came back with her wine he also handed them the menu which he was flipping through, "It sounds like you had a lot of fun making that movie."

"I'm asking because of not a lot of people like horror."

He glanced up from his menu, "I don't mind it. I prefer horror over romantic movies."

She smiled mischievously at him, "Romance not your thing?'

He shrugged, "I just don't believe in finding true love and having a happily ever after with a person you met like five seconds ago."

She nodded, "You're right."

"You agree with me?"

He figured someone who loved life, who wanted to experience new things and have no regrets would believe in finding that one person people would refer to as their true love. It surprised him she wasn't a romantic.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" She asked him, her eyes dancing with amusement, "Even someone like me doesn't fall in love with the first handsome guy who walks through the door."

"That's my bad, sorry." He titled his head to the side, meeting the waiter's eyes to catch his attention, "I shouldn't have assumed things."

"I like that."

He glanced back a

t her, "Like what?"

She had now both elbows on the table, her chin resting upon her palms as she observed him, "A guy who knows when to apologize."

They ordered their food and chatted about places they visited or wanted to visit. Evelyn told him all about the movies she loved and the movies she thought were pretty crappy, or more or less an embarrassment to all those who made the movie. It was hilarious to listen to her. He rarely sat down with Zara and talked like this. He missed it, but she never thought things were lacking in their relationship until she broke off their engagement. It made him remember what she told him. Things weren't supposed to be that hard in a relationship. He thought she was being foolish when she told him that, but now he started to wonder if she had been right because things were pretty easy with Evelyn. They talked without holding back and they laughed a lot. It didn't feel forced, he really liked that.

"So you're going to tell me about your life?"

"I invest in projects, mostly gaming projects-"


"I don't do the creative part." He smirked, knowing why she sounded so surprised, "I just fund projects and get a percentage of their profit. Some projects do great, others not so much. But I'm doing well enough to expand my company."

"Really?" Now she sounded even more surprised.

He couldn't help but laugh, "REALLY." He mocked her which she took like a champ, "We're developing our first game, it's a big project, but it feels like a natural step."

"Sounds really fun actually."

"Like I said I'm not involved in the creative part." He reached for his glass of wine, "I make sure my company doesn't go bankrupt and the people I employ actually get paid. I take care of the boring part."

"But you're good at it."

He swirled the rich liquid around as he took a minute to think about it. He was good at it, but he didn't love his job as much as he did in the beginning. He was looking for a challenge and he figured by expanding the company he'd be more motivated. Now he started to question things.

"I guess I am."

Evelyn polished off her white wine, "So do you like playing video games?"

"I liked it."

"Liked it?"

He chuckled, "I don't have the time now."

She placed her glass down, her look being very judgy, "If you don't like what you're developing how do you expect the consumer to like it enough to buy your product? I say you need to carve up some time and do what you love." Her lips curled up to a smile, "Like half an hour a day dedicated to you playing video games."

Yeah, he definitely loved talking to her. She was hilarious. He couldn't remember the last time he actually played a game. He watched tons of screenshots, gameplay, presentations and so on. He just never actually played those games himself.

"That's the best advice someone ever gave me."

She reached for him, her hand resting on top of his. It reminded him of the girl who had been eying his table the other day. The guy who she was with had been touching her the same way. Unlike that girl, he did appreciate the subtle touch Evelyn gave him.

"You deserve the best, Michael." Her hazel eyes told him she meant every word.

It was such a nice thing to say, also a minor thing which could light up someone's day. Just not a lot of people around him took the time to be nice. It meant more to him than she'd ever know.

"Want to go somewhere more private?"

She squeezed his hand before she answered him, "Yes."


Michael unlocked his door and let Evelyn enter his room first. Closing the door behind him he watched her take the room in while she kicked off her heels. He smiled, lots of women did that. It was a good sign she wanted to get comfortable around him. He didn't want to force things upon her she didn't want. Pushing away from the door he followed her in, watching her take a seat on the edge of the bed while she dared him with her mischievous looking eyes to come closer.

"Want to play a game?" She asked which made him chuckle, "I expect you to dedicate more than half an hour to it though." She warned him, her lips curling up to a smirk.

Shrugging his jacket off he tossed it to the side, loosening his tie he approached her slowly. Their eyes daring each other. She sunk her pearly white teeth into her lower lip, that look alone going straight to his crotch. He wanted to play a game with her alright, and he sure as hell would dedicate more than half an hour to it.

"There are no winners or losers in this game if it's played right." She continued, giggling when he also kicked his shoes off and stood in front of her.

His breathing hitched in his throat when she hooked a finger in his belt loop and pulled him closer to her. She sat on her knees, her eyes level with his throat so she tilted her head back to meet his gaze while she slowly undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

"All players get the same ending." She whispered.

She slipped her hand in his pants and gripped his erection, giving it a tight squeeze. That threw him off completely. Grabbing the back of her head he tilted her head further back and slanted his mouth over hers, kissing her deeply while she started to move her hand. She swallowed his sounds as she pleasured him through his boxers. He forgot about everything else. All that mattered was that all players got the same ending tonight.

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