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   Chapter 3 Dirty jokes

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Michael's ten AM meeting flew by, Robin was there and did most of the talking. Sometimes even switching to Dutch. He wasn't worried though, the plans they had matched his so he was considering it. It would cost money to invest but in the long run, it'd be worth it. After his meeting, he decided to walk around town, get some fresh air before he'd lock himself up in his hotel room to talk to his lawyer and financial director. Going over his ten AM meeting with them.

He was walking along the bridge, admiring the boats when he ran into an all too familiar brunette. She hadn't noticed him. She was leaning against the railing of the bridge, a professional camera in hand while she took several shots of an empty boat. He didn't see the beauty in it, but he was sure she'd argue with that. Through her viewfinder, she probably saw the beauty in everything. He stepped closer to her, standing beside her as he also took in the boat.

"Is it the loneliness you're trying to capture?"

She shifted her camera to him and took a shot, lowering the camera to see his image on the display, "Something like that." She showed him the picture, "I think your eyes express it better though."

He chuckled, "So I'm the lonely tourist wandering around your city?"

She smiled at him, "Well, it isn't my city, but thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to call this one the lonely tourist." She joked, her eyes bright with amusement.

He took her in. She had let her hair down, it came just below her shoulders, her hair swept to the side. She wore make-up, but minimalistic. Her lips were painted a peachy color which looked barely there. She wore make-up to enhance her natural features. A plain white t-shirt which was a bit tight around her chest, showing off her coral colored bra. He had to bite back a smile, the girl didn't seem to care about it. She wore a denim light shirt over her t-shirt and matching shorts. Her feet covered in booties. She looked comfortable in her clothing even though some people would question her fashion sense, calling it too daring. She looked up, meeting his gaze. Her hazel eyes sparkling as she held out her hand. She had seen him take her in, but she didn't mind. She brushed it off like it was nothing.

"I'm Evelien by the way."

He tried to catch it, but he was at loss, "Could you repeat that?"

She giggled, brushing it off, "Evelyn." She told him.

He shook hands with her, "Michael." He nodded to her camera, "So are you a freelance photographer or is it a hobby?"

She raised her camera, handling it with care, "I'm a part-time photography and film student." She carefully put her camera away in her big bag and pushed the strap on her shoulder, "Also part-time waitress."

"I remember that." He said jokingly, "Thanks for the muffin by the way."

Something sparked in her hazel eyes as she turned away from him, her hands clutching the iron railing while she smiled, "I'm glad you enjoyed my muffin."

He couldn't help it, laughing he shook his head at her, "You probably shouldn't say it like that."

She glanced at the side, a mischievous look in her eyes, "Oh, I know what I said." She smirked, "I'm not taking that back."

It felt like everything around them slowed like they were the only two people standing on that bridge. He even felt like his breathing suddenly stopped as he stared into her hazel eyes. She raised her hand and ran her fingers through her brown locks. Her tongue darting out as she licked her lips. It was at that moment he knew what she meant by that. He'd lie if he'd say he wasn't interested. He couldn't give into his desires though. He had to force himself to walk away.

"I've to run, it was nice meeting you Evelyn."

She didn't smile brightly like she usually did, "Nice meeting you, Michael." She told him.

For once her eyes didn't lure him in, she actually looked disappointed.

"See you around." He told her, walking past her.

"You know where to find me." She called after him.

She was dropping the ball in his court now, he didn't know how to feel about that. Yes, she very much intrigued him, maybe because she was so cheerful and confident. Looking like a woman who was very comfortable in her own skin. He was only there for two weeks though. If he accepted her invitation it would only be two weeks of fun. He knew not a lot of women could deal with that. So no matter how flattering it was he had to forget about it.


Finishing up his last meeting Michael ended the conference call and checked his email. Zara had not responded, but he didn't think she would answer him right away. Closing his laptop he went to the hotel's restaurant and had dinner there, taking his time to catch up with his emails on his phone, reading through them to stay on top of things. Adam gave him daily reports about the situation at the office.

Sipping from his water he nearly dropped his phone when he saw Zara's caller ID. It was the first time she managed to surprise him in a good way. Zara always had been very calculating, it wasn't hard for him to guess what she was thinking.

"Hey." He greeted, answering the phone before he missed her call.

"Hey." She greeted back, sounding a lot gentler than when he last spoke to her, "I hope I didn't wake you."

"No, you didn't it's nearly nine, I'm having a late dinner."

"Working late?" She asked.

"Yeah." He carefully asked her, "Did you read my email?"

"I did." She didn't hesitate when she answered him, "I think that you're right. When you get back we should actually discuss things. I don't like the way things ended. It's not how it was supposed to go. I know how you feel about me and I feel the same."


"I don't tell you that often, I'm aware of that. That's why-"

"You told me to find someone better. Zara, there is no one else wh

o I'd like to marry though."

He could actually hear the smile in her voice, "That's really nice of you, Mike. But we shouldn't make decisions over the phone. For now, we should leave things the way they are. When you get back we'll get together and actually talk things through."

Sometimes he wished his Zara was less clinical about things. That she could make choices based upon her actual feelings, but she had let that go a long time ago.

"Okay, we'll leave things the way they are for now." He agreed.

"When you get back we'll talk, I promise."

He paid for his dinner and headed to the elevator to go back to his room. He was done for tonight.

"Sure." He never did this before, but couldn't listen to her talk right now, not when she crushed his heart once again, "I need to go, we'll talk when I get back." He told her and ended the call.

He hated that he let his emotions get the better of him, but relationships weren't supposed to be the way Zara wanted it to be. She told him things weren't supposed to be that hard, but they weren't supposed to be that thought out either. When you loved someone you'd make things work. It was something he firmly believed in.


Without thinking he walked to the café that morning. It was before his meeting with Robin, he wanted to grab some coffee and before he knew it he stood in front of the counter facing Evelyn. She greeted him with her bright smile, nothing else.

"Morning." She told him, "Espresso?"

She remembered his order even though she probably had tons of orders after that day. She was making an effort and it didn't go unnoticed by him.

"I'd like a cappuccino."

"Switching things up." Her cheerfulness seeped right through him, making him less uptight, "I like that."

His eyes shifted to her tattoo as she was preparing his coffee. He wanted to ask her about it since it really got to him. It could either have an inspiring background or a rather ominous one. He didn't want to ruin her morning by asking her something which would make her feel like crap. So he opted to keep his words to himself and took a seat while she made his order. It wasn't crowded at all so when she came to bring his coffee she lingered.

"So you're suited up this morning." She let her eyes travel from top to bottom, "You're here for business, Michael?"

"Yes." He told her, pouring one packet of sugar into his coffee, "I'll be leaving next Friday."

"So you're here for two weeks?"

"Two weeks." He confirmed.

She noticed his eyes shifting back to her tattoo. Smiling she brushed her fingers over the curly letters.

"It's a reminder to never take life so seriously. To do what I like and have no regrets, you know?"

He knew what she was talking about, but he wasn't one of those people who lived like that. He lived by the rules and he was going to marry a woman who was the same. Who kept him in line when he wanted to switch things up. He figured even though he lived a life of luxury Evelyn was the one who enjoyed life more. It made him long for more.

"You're living your life the way you want to?" He asked her curiously, very intrigued by her.

"Pretty much." She told him, her face brightening, "I'm following classes which I very much enjoy. And this part-time job isn't that bad either. My collogues are nice people and my boss is pretty cool too. So I have no complaints so far." She shrugged, "The apartment I'm sharing isn't that great, but I know people have it much worse. So I don't have the right to complain."

"You're doing photography and film, right?"

"Yes!" She seemed like she wanted to talk about it, but a large group of people walked in, "Maybe we can talk some other time?" She asked him, longing clear in her eyes.

He knew the right thing to do was to turn her down, he had done it before but this time he couldn't. For once he'd follow his heart and make a decision based on his feelings rather than the invisible rules he had carved into his mind. He'd live his life and see where it would lead him. It would either go well or crash and burn. He promised himself he would have no regrets. Not when he for the first time in a while didn't think about his decisions. He just did what felt right.

"How about we meet up for dinner at my hotel?" He asked her.

If she turned him down he'd know she wasn't interested in him like that. The hints she gave him made things pretty clear to him, but it was never a good thing to be too confident. Then you'd fall so hard it wasn't easy to get back up. If she accepted his offer he'd just go with it. Not overthinking things and just enjoying the moment. Enjoying life.

"Sure." She reached for his napkin and wrote her number on it, "How about you text me the address and I'll meet you there?"

"Eight PM?"

She eyed the cue with stressed looking people, "Eight sounds good to me." She flashed him a smile, "See you tonight."

He finished his coffee, sending her a text with the address and left the café. When he met Zara he didn't ask her out because he thought she was interesting. Her personality didn't intrigue him at all. He made a calculating move when he asked her out, knowing they matched perfectly. She wouldn't be one of those whiny girls who'd tell him he worked too much, didn't give them the attention they wanted. With time he fell for her. Liking the woman she was. But like him, Zara had been very calculating too. Unlike him, she didn't fall as hard. She always kept a clear head.

Asking out Evelyn had been spontaneous. He wanted to talk to her because he rarely talked to people who enjoyed life to the fullest. Like Evelyn, he also didn't want to have any regrets in life either. If he left without ever making that move he knew he'd always wonder about her. The girl with the bright smile and bubbly personality.

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