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   Chapter 2 Muffins

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Once Michael was settled in his hotel room which had an excellent view of the city, he sat down on the edge of his bed and stared out the window. Trying to enjoy the view as much as he could. He was sure once it was nighttime the view would be even better. His mood wasn't good enough for him to actually enjoy it as much as he wished he would. Which was a shame because he wasn't considering to come back anytime soon.

Getting to his feet Michael headed to the bathroom. He freshened up and got dressed in something more comfortable. He wore black slacks with a soft grey sweater. The sweater had been a gift from Zara which brought back a flood of memories.

He left the hotel to go for a walk, needing the exercise. The city was very much alive, not that different from New York. He had to keep an eye out for those bicycles though, they were everywhere. If you weren't alert enough you'd get hit by someone or probably go deaf by the bell they kept ringing whenever you were in their way. If he was quite honest he thought the people riding a bicycle were quite rude. But what did he know? He didn't live in this city, so maybe this behavior was normal and he was the one to blame.

After walking around he found a small café which wasn't as crowded as the other places he passed and took a seat near the window, grabbing the menu to flip through it.

Soft music was playing in the background, the wooden tables were painted white. It looked like a place Zara would enjoy having a coffee at. It made him swallow painfully, not even trying to pretend to be over it. They broke off their engagement yesterday, he had the right to still be upset about it.

A brunette walked over to him, speaking to him in a language he didn't understand. The language had lots of harsh tones. He assumed it was Dutch, he heard people around him speak that language.

"I'm sorry I don't speak Dutch." He told her.

"That's okay." She smiled at him, her whole face brightening up which brought out her hazel eyes, "I asked if you made up your mind yet?" Her voice breathy and sounding awfully sinful to him.

His eyes traveled to the menu he was holding. He had opened it on a page which was in Dutch so it wasn't odd for the girl to suddenly speak Dutch to him. He flipped to the English section and scanned through it. Not wanting to keep the brunette up.

"I'd like an espresso."

"Got it." She cheerfully announced, "I'll be right back." She promised him.

He watched her walk away, she swayed her hips from side to side. She was wearing tight skinny jeans which didn't leave anything to his imagination. She had a nice rounded ass in those jeans. It was a nice distraction from the sadness he had been wallowing in.

As she passed tables which were people sitting at she smiled at them, flashing them her room-brightening smile. Her presence couldn't be ignored. She had her hair tied up in a messy bun on top of her head, a few locks managed to escape it. She had two earrings in each earlobe. Small ones which gleamed in the lighting. Her nose small and round, her eyes wide and bright. Her eyebrows soft and rounded. Some women he'd call sexy and sinful, others elegant and sophisticated but her he'd call simply beautiful. Someone you'd look at and feel like your day brightened just a bit.

As she was preparing his order she hummed to the song which was softly playing in the background. She looked like she enjoyed what she was doing. There were only a few people he knew who actually enjoyed doing their job, genuinely enjoyed doing their job.

He tore his gaze away from her and stared out the window, watching people pass the café. He was wrong when he compared New York to this place. To him, New York felt more rushed, like people just couldn't take a break. His mind wondered to Zara. It was the same for them. They could never take a break, always on the move because time was money. There was never one last email because they kept piling up. This was the first time he had time to sit down and enjoy his coffee, taking a breather. He'd savor every second of it. And when this trip was over he'd go to Zara's place and convince her she was making a mistake. They couldn't break-up after the years they invested in their relationship. He was convinced they could make it work. They hadn't canceled the wedding yet so he still had a chance, Zara left that door open. He knew she had.

"Here you go." The cheerful brunette placed his glass upon the table, "And something extra. Seemed like you could use it." His eyes landed on the muffin she had placed beside the cup, "On the house." She smiled at him.

"You shouldn't have."

"I insist." He noticed the word 'life

' tattooed on her wrist as she brushed away a few locks, "I promise this muffin will bring a smile upon on your face. It's the best."

She was so sure of it, he couldn't help but smile back. Women showing confidence was always something he liked. Her bright and cheerful personality was also very welcoming considering he was lost in dark thoughts. It was a pleasant distraction. She was a pleasant distraction.


She skipped away again, leaving behind a smile upon his face. He finished off his coffee and muffin. She had been right about it being good. It was vanilla, but something else lingered around. It was sweet but not too sweet. Definitely, something he would recommend. Guess the brunette hadn't been wrong about her choice of dessert. As he paid for his coffee he met her gaze. Her hazel eyes were so bright, full of life. It reminded him of her tattoo.

"You were right about the muffin."

Her lips curled up to a smirk, "Was I?"

He couldn't help but chuckle, "You know you were."

She handed back his change, "Glad you enjoyed it."

Leaving her a tip, he bid her goodbye and left the café. He felt her eyes on his back as he walked out, but he didn't look back at her. He didn't want to give her hope when there wasn't any. His mind was on Zara and he knew eventually he'd go back to her. It wasn't fair to the brunette who seemed like a genuinely nice person to him. She deserved better.

He had a dinner meeting at eight so he still had time to explore the lively city. He walked around for a few hours and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for his business dinner.

It wasn't something he was looking forward to, he preferred having coffee with bubbly brunettes who were able to distract him for a few minutes. But he was in Amsterdam for business, so he had to put on his game face and get through business dinners and boring, uneventful meetings.


Business dinners were definitely something he never liked attending, but it was part of his life. It was all trying to get to know each other, trying to bond. The guy who wanted him to invest in an office in Amsterdam was sitting across him, talking animatedly about the city he loved. The man had a Dutch accent as he talked, his English almost sounded Dutch to him. He had to listen carefully, focus entirely on the guy so he didn't miss anything. It reminded him of the brunette in the café. If he hadn't heard her speak Dutch to him he never would have assumed she was Dutch in the first place. She sounded British almost. It made him wonder.

"If you have the time I'd like to show you around. The boat trip is really amazing."

"I'll try and make some time." He told Robin.

The guy seemed to appreciate it, a big grin spreading across his face. He noticed a girl sitting behind Robin, she had been eying their table the entire night. He felt her eyes the minute they had walked in and sat down at their table. He had ignored it all this time, but he couldn't look away now.

She was together with a guy, the way the guy touched her hand told him they were close. Probably on a date. That kind of woman you had in every country. Always holding their eyes open to trading up. It disgusted him. He tore his gaze away from her and glanced back at Robin, raising his glass to him.

"Cheers." He said once Robin finished his speech.

After dinner, they went out to have drinks. Michael made sure to keep the drinking to a minimum, he wasn't ready to wake up the next morning with a massive hangover. He reminded himself over and over again that he wasn't on this trip to have fun, he was here to do business and leave right away. Fixing things with Zara as soon as possible, because he feared that door wouldn't be open for long.


It was late at night when Michael returned to his hotel room. He glanced at his phone to see it was already two in the morning. The guys had fun, drinking lots and having loud conversations. He had to admit to himself that he had a great time as well. He only had two glasses though, keeping true to his words. He had a meeting ten in the morning, he had to have a clear mind when he attended it.

Taking a shower and getting dressed in a comfy t-shirt and joggers he sat down on the bed, the pillow propped behind him while he was writing up an email. He wanted to let Zara know about his plans. They always had been honest with each other, he didn't want to surprise her by showing up once his trip was over. She'd be at loss and probably deal with things less efficiently. He pressed the send button once he finished the email and closed his laptop screen, done for the day. He set his alarm for seven AM and got some sleep.

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