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   Chapter 1 Their reality

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Her laughter filled the room, causing the usual cold, sterile white bedroom to feel a lot warmer. It felt more lively and homey. He loved the sound of her laughter, it was soft, caressing him all over. Whenever she laughed her eyes were alight with pure happiness. Her blue eyes so clear it reminded him of the clear sea which showed him all their hidden secrets. For that reason alone he made it his mission to make her laugh all the time. She rolled to her side in an attempt to get away from him, her naked thigh displayed because she kicked the sheets away.

"Where are you going?" He asked her playfully.

He knew she was trying to escape his bed though. Ready to head to the bathroom and start her morning routine. When she'd come out she'd put on her mask, ready to conquer the world. Turning into the coldhearted woman people called her behind her back.

"I need to get ready." She giggled when he reached for her thigh to make her stay a minute longer, "Mike! I'm serious. I'm running late for my meeting."

"Fine, I'll let you go for now." He rolled to his back and stared at the ceiling, "Don't take too long." He warned her when he heard her footsteps heading to the bathroom, "I also need to get ready."

"I won't." She promised him.

While Zara got ready for her day he rolled to his bedside table and reached for his phone. He scanned through his emails and messages, making a mental note of which emails were urgent and needed his immediate attention. Organizing his day he looked up when he heard Zara enter the room again, a fluffy towel covering up her delicious, tanned body. Sitting up he smirked as he noticed her eyes following the sheet which dropped down his body, barely covering him.

"It's all yours." She told him, her eyes lingering on his crotch.

"You need to get ready." He reminded her, his voice filled with amusement.

Her eyes traveled up to his chest, taking in all the lines and abs before she met his gaze. She didn't look ashamed of her staring at him, just the way he liked it. Her confidence turned him on. He didn't mind it when she let him know exactly what she wanted.

"Right." She bit her lip, her hands tightly clutching her towel to keep her body covered, "See you tonight?" She asked him.

His eyes flickered to his phone, "It's going to be a late one for me."

"I understand."

And she did. Zara's job was as demanding as he was. She started out small, her company only existing out of four people, but she was rapidly expanding. Her up and coming business took up most of her time. So she never felt left out when he told her he couldn't meet her because things were running late at the office. Zara actually understood him, he loved that about her. He knew not a lot of women were okay with their boyfriends having so many late nights during the week. Most of them would feel insecure and accuse their boyfriends of cheating, so Michael was very much aware of how well Zara fitted into his life. She was marriage material, he knew that from the day he met her.

"How about you come over when you're finished?" She asked, her mind already trying to come up with different solutions for their little problem.

"Sounds good to me."

While Zara was getting dressed and doing her hair and make-up, he took a shower and brushed his teeth. Once he finished up with his morning routine he got dressed in his charcoal suit with a white shirt and black tie. Zara sneaked up behind him and reached for his hand, making him turn around to face her. Without a word, she leaned in and kissed him. She made a whiny sound as she pulled away, obviously not happy with that decision. They both knew they didn't have the time to explore things. He gently ran his hand through her soft locks and pulled away from her, making things easier for her.

"See you later." She whispered to him.


Zara walked away from him, her floral perfume lingering around. Grabbing his phone Michael left his apartment as well, ready to tackle the day.


His day was rushed, jumping from meeting to meeting while he had barely time to eat. He ate dinner at his desk while his assistant went over his upcoming business trip. Two weeks at Amsterdam to talk about the possibility of opening an office there. He wasn't looking forward to it. He barely got to see Zara and when they did see each other they rarely had time to talk. To share personal things like what they ate for lunch or what they wanted to do during the weekend. Not just catching up with emails and other work related things but actually doing couple things like going to the movies or maybe even a walk around the park. Something more relaxing.

Two weeks was a long time for them to be apart. Zara already knew about his business trip, he'd leave next week. She didn't look worried at all, she was happy for him. He knew she was genuinely happy for him to expand his business, but he also wanted her to express her feelings for him. Telling him she'd miss him. Zara did no such thing though. She was very professional about it, cold and distant. It actually annoyed him.

"I'm heading out Adam, you should too."

Adam collected his tablet and papers, getting to his feet, "I'm finishing up one last email and then I'll call it a day as well."

He narrowed his eyes at Adam, "It better be one last email." He warned his assistant, knowing Adam liked to be perfect at his job. He made long hours as well, never making a mistake. Adam was the first assistant he genuinely liked. Good at his job and a nice guy to talk to, he'd make sure Adam would never feel the urge to leave his company.

"It is." Adam confirmed and walked to the door, "Oh." He spun around and faced Michael again, "Is Zara paying you a visit in Amsterdam?"

She wasn't. When he asked her about it she told him she couldn't schedule it in. Too many things going on at the office. They'd schedule a trip together soon though, she promised him. He knew they wouldn't find the time. Their first trip together would probably be their honeymoon which was in six months.

"No, she won't."

Adam didn't react to that information at all if he was surprised he was very good at hiding it.

"I understa

nd. Have a good night, sir."

Michael smiled at him, "You too."

Adam walked out, going back to his desk to finish up his tasks for the day. Michael shrugged his jacket on and made sure he had everything before he left. He texted Zara to let her know he was on his way, but he didn't get a text back. He figured she was probably asleep, it was nearly ten. Whenever they had a long day they usually went to bed early, too tired to go out and have proper dates. It was the life they had chosen and neither one of them complained. But sometimes he wished things were different. Then maybe they'd be madly in love, their relationship burning hot. Maybe when they got married things would ease up.


Entering the apartment Michael was greeted by silence. Zara's apartment looked like one of those rooms you usually saw in magazines. It was decorated by the latest trends and it looked nice. Zara liked nice things and now that her business was doing well she could afford it.

He passed the gray sofa, his eyes landing on the heels she had kicked off once she got home. She had left her laptop on the coffee table so he assumed she was done for today. Heading to the bedroom he opened the door and stepped inside, quietly closing it behind him. Zara had left her bedside table light on so he wouldn't hurt himself while he got ready for bed. She was considerate.

Walking up to her, he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her temple. She shifted in her sleep, but she didn't wake. She was tuckered out. He was tired too so he quickly got ready for bed and slipped in beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist to pull her close while they both settled to rest so they could tackle their eventful work day tomorrow as well.


Their entire week was the same, both of them trying to schedule their alone time in while also getting a lot of work done. It was tiring, but they both tried anyway. Always sleeping in the same bed, going back and forth between apartments. Relationships took work, nothing came easy. He was ready to work on theirs, making sure they'd eventually find a rhythm which worked for them.

It was nearing Friday, the day he'd be leaving for his trip. He was at his apartment packing his suitcase while he waited for Zara. She promised she'd stay the night and lock things up for him in the morning. He'd leave earlier than she would so she'd make sure everything would run smoothly while he was away.

It was eleven and Zara still didn't show. He texted her a few times already, worried something happened to her. He was about to call her when he heard his front door being opened and closed. Then he heard her heels clicking along his wooden floors. She was on her way to him.


"In here." He called.

Zara entered the bedroom, her eyes traveling from his suitcase to him, "You have everything you need?"

He placed his bag with toiletries on top and zipped up his suitcase. Zara took a seat next to his suitcase, she looked nervous. Behaving out of character, it worried him. He lifted his suitcase and placed it on the floor, taking a seat beside her.

"What's on your mind?"

Zara stared at her lap, fidgeting with her fingers as she answered him, "It isn't supposed to be this hard, right?" She stopped her fidgeting and glanced at him, "Being in a relationship isn't supposed to be this hard."

Michael reached for her hand, his thumb brushing over her engagement ring, "It will get better, Zara. We'll get married in six months, we have our honeymoon right after. Things will fall into place once we get married, I'm sure of it."

She shook her head at that, "Mike, we're fooling ourselves thinking that. The only thing that is going to change is the fact that we signed a piece of paper which states that we're husband and wife. Our jobs, our busy lives, that's not going to change. Everything will be exactly the same, except for the fact that we'll be trapped in an unhappy marriage."

He tried to reassure her, "Zara, we'll figure things out."

She still wasn't convinced, she pulled her hand away from him and slipped the engagement ring off. She held the ring up in the light, examining the ring for a while before she held it out to him.

"Mike, we both know nothing will change in our future. Things will be exactly the same because our jobs are that demanding. I can't go through with this. I can't marry you knowing in the back of my mind I'm not going to compromise because I love my company. And I don't expect you to compromise either."

He reached for the ring but instead held onto her hand. Not ready to let go.

"Zara, I'm in love with you. I'd love to compromise to work things out."

She smiled at him, "Michael when I'm not compromising, you shouldn't either. You should find someone who is worth it." She pulled away from him and got up, her eyes scanning his room, "When you get back we'll sort things out."

She meant the issue of their clothes and other belongings lingering around each other's apartments. He knew she didn't mean their engagement because the look in her eyes told him she wouldn't change her mind. She didn't want to get married, her mind was set on that. So they were done, just like that. When Zara had set her mind there was very little which could change it. Stupidly stubborn that woman was and it was something he always found amusing, just not at this moment.

Letting out a shaky breath he placed the ring she handed him back on the bedside table, his eyes widening when he felt her lips press against his temple.

"I had an amazing time with you, Michael. Thank you for everything." She pulled away and clutched her bag tightly in her hand, "Have a safe trip." She quietly told him and turned on her heels, ready to leave, "Bye."

He watched her leave, walking out of his life forever, "Bye." He whispered, swallowing back the intense sadness he felt.

She could walk away feeling nothing at all, yet his world was shattered. That was their reality. He had fallen so deeply in love with her, but she didn't feel the same way. She could slip off her engagement ring and walk out of his life because she wasn't in love with him. She just enjoyed her time with him.

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