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   Chapter 10 DIFFERENT

The Bad Boy's Innocent By Cara Green Characters: 2795

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I froze and my body tensed as soon as I heard that son of a bitch's voice.

"What do you want Martin?" I hissed at him through my gritted teeth.

"Is that a way to talk to your own father?" he said sarcastically with a disapproving look.

"Father?" Mia gasped.

Great!! Just great!! The one girl who Will actually like would go away too leaving him heartbroken.Just fucking great!

"What do you want?" I asked. My jaw clenched.

"I just thought I'll introduce myself to your new bitc-friend." he corrected himself when he saw my glare then smirked.

"Hi, I am these two shitbag's father. And may I say you're incredibly sexy, " he said holding out a hand for mia to shake.

Her eyes widened and she shuddered in disgust I think when he called her sexy.

"Soo you're the big gras

crazy 5 yr old brother who calls her his mother on the 2nd day of when he met her.

And a crazy father who abandons his little son at the park to get rid of him and just tried to hit on her.

I wouldn't be too surprised if she decides to run for the hills. Just like all do.

I don't know what's with me but some part of me no matter how small really wish that she turns out different.

I have no fucking clue why!


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