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Nick held open the door for us and we all went in.

Entering the small cozy diner the smell of maple syrup and bacon hit me.


"My my dear what can I do for you?" I middle aged woman who had a polite smile on her face asked us.

"Table for 3 plus one dog please, " nick asked her and she led the way to a table secluded off to the corner of the window.

"Have a seat, my dearies, while I get you some menus" and with that, she went off.

I settled in with nick right in front of me beside maxwell who also had a seat and Will sit beside me and I adjusted him on the seat and was wrapping a baby bib around his neck when the lady came back.

"Here are the menus" and gave me and nick one each.

"What will you like sweetie?" I asked Will.

"Can I have some chocolate covered choco-chip pancakes?" He asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

"No way! That's way too much chocolate for you. I don't want you having diabetes when you grow up. Ask for something else." Nick denied him and Will looked at me giving his special puppy dog face.

"Let him have

you were still kind enough to agree with him calling you mom." He said with a look in his eyes which I couldn't put my finger on.

"It's no big deal. I am perfectly happy with that as long as Will is." I told him.

His eyes lingered for some time on my face then finally went to Will coming to us shouting "I love my mommy."

That kid is way too adorable....

Soon our food came and we started eating when a man approached us.

"I see you found your pathetic self and that little excuse of a mistake a new bitch." He said to nick.

He looked like in his mid 40's with a short beard covering his strong jawline.

Just as Nick saw who he was he froze and so did Will.

Who is he?


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