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   Chapter 8 STARES AND DINERS..

The Bad Boy's Innocent By Cara Green Characters: 3476

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I was in my deep peaceful slumber when I felt a lot of stares at me.

I tried to avoid it by moving my hand to make it disappear but they would still be there I could feel it.

I started stirring a bit and that's when I started hearing voices.

"Why is she moving her hands in the air?" A voice asked.

"Shhhh. You'll wake her up" a deep voice said.

"Bark" is it weird that I actually understood the meaning of the bark?

It was like I understood that it meant to shut up you imbeciles and after that everything went quite.

And I smiled and hid my face deeper in my soft cloud like a pillow.

"She's really pwetty" I heard a voice say and I internally groan.

Can't they just SHUTUP and let me have my peaceful sleep!

"You're right"

"Do you think she will be my girlfwiend if I ask her?" Awww who is that? Of course, I would say yes!

I heard a chuckle followed by that deep husky voice.

"I don't know bud. You'll just have to find out."

I opened my eyes sligh

and with that he shut up.

"Why don't we go to the diner near by? It allows dogs too and that way you won't have to cook." Nick suggested again.

What is his problem? Why can't he just let me help him!!

"Ugh... Fine!" I gave in.

"Well then let's go and change then leave." he said and we all went back changed into our previous clothes and left.

The car ride was mostly me and Will talking and nick remaining silent.

We reached the dinner and got out of the car while nick helped Will getting out I helped maxwell and went inside.


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