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"Nick? What the fudge happened to you?" I gasped in shock.

There stood a really badly beaten up nick with his hands in his thin hoodie and blood flowing down from the side of his lips.

He seemed as shocked as me as his eyes widened and he just stood there gaping at me.

"Nicky..." Will's voice boomed throughout the house as he came running and hugged nick.

"You're Will's brother?" I asked him in shock.

"You saved him?" he asked shock lacing his voice as well.

A cold breeze blew and he shivered due to his thin hoodie.

"Just come inside before you die of cold." I pulled him in and closed the main door.

After leading him to the living room and settling him down on the couch I quickly ran up to my bathroom and took out the first aid kit then went back down.

"Here let me clean you up, " I told him and sat next to him.

He gave me a slight nod and I began cleaning his cuts and whipping of the blood.

I gently rubbed the lotion on his right eye which was now swollen and turning blue.

"Here all done."

"Thanks" he awkwardly mumbled.

We sat there in silence for a couple of minutes until he decided to break it.

"You are not going to ask me why am I covered in bruises?" he asked and I just shrugged.

"It's none of my business actually. I am just glad you are ok." I gave him a smile which he r

got a T-shirt and track pants.

"Here get changed into these and don't worry about Will he's just in the room right beside you with maxwell and the room is joint so just go through that door and you'll be in his room, " I told him pointing to the door on the right.

"Also if you want any help don't hesitate to call me. I am in the room in front of yours." I said while smiling and turned around ready to leave when a warm yet firm hand clasped around my wrist.

I turned to nick and he gave me a genuine smile.

"Thank you so much."

"No problem. Good night nick." I said and left his room.

But I did hear a faint "Goodnight mia" from the door

Thank god it's a Sunday tomorrow.

But where did nick got those bruises from? Was my last thought as sleep consumed me into a deep slumber.


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