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   Chapter 4 The one with the black hair..

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Chapter 4

The one with the black hair..


I was sitting in the cafeteria with my three best friends Alex, Cole and Ethan.

I am Nicholas Adams as you know. The Badboy of school as some people like to refer me as.

I'll introduce you to my best friends.

First, let me introduce myself.

I am Nicholas Adams. Also known as nick. I am 18 yrs old and no I did not fail in high school. I just turned 18 a few months ago. I am about 6"3. I have black-brown hair with blue eyes. I live on my own with a brother. His name is Will and he is 5 yrs old.

Now let's come to my friends.

So I have got 3 douchebags as friends. I still love them.

So, first of all, there is Alex.

He's almost same height as me, maybe just a bit shorter. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He's our child of the group. He may be 18 but his habits can beat a 4 yr old. Heck! even Will (my brother) is more mature than him!!

Then there is Cole.

Our flirt. He's soon to be 18. He has dirty blond hair with brown eyes. You could say he's a player I mean I have never seen him with a girl for more than 3 days. he's just 6"0.

Last but not least there's Ethan.

The mature one of the group.

He's 18 soon to be 19. He's probably the smartest one. after me of course. He has your typical jet black hair with misty gray/light blue eyes. He's probably 6"3 too.

I am probably the normal one of the group.


"Dude batman movies are cooler than superman but I don't know why but that clown scares me to death, " Alex said.

"dude forget that did you see mary? damn! did she look hot today!!" cole was saying.

"Shut up you imbeciles and nick you owe us an explanation on why you disappeared in the middle of a deal last night!" Ethan said and this caught the attention of the other too and their heads snapped towards me.

Last night we were halfway through making a deal with the sparrows when I had heard a scream.

I had left in the middle of it and made my way from where the scream came.

I saw one of the person from a gang trying to rape a girl. I quickly detached him from the girl.

"Learn to respect a lady, " I told him and looked at him with anger on my face. As soon as he saw who I was feared covered his face. He nodded quickly before running off.

I turned to the girl who seemed to be in shock.

"are you ok?" I asked her.

She nodded still trying to comprehend that she was just about to get raped.

My gaze fell on her t-shirt which was ripped from the side.

I went to a corner and took off my shirt being careful to cover my face with my hoodie and put the shirt on her.

"what's your name?" I slowly asked her because she was still frozen due to shock.

She eyed me for a second before speaking.

"Bond. James Bond" she replied in her soft sweet voice.

She was quite beautiful with her long black hair and hazel eyes which were twinkling in the moonlight.

I chuckled at her response "oh ya? Then I am harry potter" I told her in my British accent.

"Well harry potter thank you f

or saving me with your weird wizardry ways but I gotta go. Give my humble greetings to dumbledor and tell hagrid to get a haircut will ya? byeeee" with that she ran off to the direction of her house I presume.

That girl was really something...

"hello? Anybody in there?" Alex asked tapping on my head.

"shut up"

"so where were you?" cole asked again.

"I heard a scream so I went off to see the source of it and found one of the members of the eagles was trying to rape a girl so I saved her" I shrugged.

"ooo was she hot?" cole asked.

"I guess" I shrugged again.

"Did you get her name?" Alex asked in curiosity

"yea bond. James bond" I said shaking my head in amusement.

At this, all the 3 of them started laughing and Alex even fell down his chair.

"shut up. But she was quite the character" I told them.

They still hadn't stopped laughing when somebody came through the doors and shouted all of our attention snapped towards him.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!" the blonde asked pointing towards some girl.

All the cafeteria's attention now snapped towards the girl he was pointing at.

The girl looked at her right then left.

"me?" she asked.

Why does that voice seem familiar?

"YES!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? WE WERE PERFECT TOGETHER! WHY DID YOU BREAK MY HEART??? I LOVED YOU WITH ALL I HAD!!! WHY GOD WHY ME!!!!" the blonde said looking up while blinking furiously.

"What are you doing?" the girl asked again.

"trying to bring tears to my eyes so the scene looks more dramatic, " he said and everyone laughed and resumed to what they were doing.

The guy went to the seat where that girl was seated and kissed her and her friend both on their foreheads and sat beside her.

I caught a glimpse of the girl again. She had the same black hair but I couldn't quite see her face.

Alex snapped his fingers in front of my face snapping me back.

"what are you looking at?" Alex asked looking at the same direction where my attention was a few seconds ago.

"I just thought she was the girl from last night, " I said shaking my head.

That can't be true. What are the chances that the girl I saved last night actually went to the same school as me?

We resumed back to our conversation about the next deal we have tonight.

My eyes still sneaking glances towards that girl.

The red head with her asked her something to which she replied.

After her reply both the red head and the blondie's face paled.

"YOU ALMOST GOT RAPED!!" they shouted at her.

Yup, that's the girl then.

I can't believe it. That girl actually goes to our school!

"That's the girl I saved" I whispered and all the 3 of them looked at me.

"who?" Alex asked.

"The girl with black hair sitting with blonde and the red head, " I said pointing towards their table.

"You mean mia?" Alex asked in confusion. His eyebrows scrunched.

Mia.. Beautiful name just like her.

I thought.


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