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   Chapter 3 Drilling holes might break my bones

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Chapter 3

Drilling holes might break my bones


Yaa so where was I when the rude writer decided to cut me off in the middle of my story!!!

(A/N sorry!)

Anyways so yeah I had gone to my class not before falling twice on the stairs.

A fact about me- Me + stairs = Me always falling!

Anyways I was luckily excused for being late but that's not the point why I am telling you the story.

It was lunch time. All my previous classes had gone smoothly but lunch had to change everything!

It went something like this--


I was sitting on my usual seat where I always sit with my friends.

I have 2 best friends-

1st is Julie.

She's been my best friend since like kindergarten. Our moms were very close so after her death her mom became my 2nd mother just like I became her 2nd daughter.

She's a red head. And trust me her personality is as fiery as her red hair. She's about 5"8. I look like her child sometimes!!! she is gorgeous! with her fiery red hair till her shoulders and gray eyes.

Then there's Jaxon.

We have known each other since 4th grade.

I remember he and Julie were fighting over a piece of chocolate that I had given to her. So I gave my piece of chocolate to him to stop the fight. All the 3 of us have stuck together since.

He's about 6"0 with blond hair styled to right and green eyes.

So yea I was sitting on my seat when Julie joined me and was going on and on about some red high heels she saw at the mall when suddenly someone's voice echoed through the cafeteria and everybody grew silent.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!" We all looked towards the door where stood a furious Jaxon pointing his finger towards


I looked towards my right and then left.

"are you talking about me?" I asked him.


"what are you doing?" I asked him.

"trying to bring tears to my eyes so the scene looks more dramatic, " he said poking his eyes to bring tears.

At this everyone just laughed and went back to whatever they were doing before the drama queen showed up.

As you might have guessed Jaxon wants to be an actor. Heck! he even is one of the best actors of school. He believes in method acting.

So if he starts speaking nonsense in the middle of the

conversation that would be no big deal.

Example what happened just now!

He reached our table and kissed me and Jules both on the forehead and sat down beside me.

"so how was it?" he asked.

"pretty good from the last time except for the tears part" I commented.

He just rolled his eyes and we got engaged in our conversations.

"umm, mia did you do something?" Julie suddenly asked me.

I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion.

"Hmmm, lets see. I broke my brother's antique. Bought a lot of junk food from his credit card. Went outside to buy ice-cream at midnight. Almost got raped. Kicked a guy where I shouldn't have. And also met harry potter. So I don't think I did something that bad except for the breaking the antique thing which by the way you are not telling my brother about!"

I told them and looked up to see their mouths hung open.

"YOU ALMOST GOT RAPED!!" they shouted in unison. I am pretty sure that the whole student body's attention was directed towards us now.

"Ohh yea and you are NOT telling luke about this too. Just to be clear" I told them.

"So what flavor did you get?" Jaxon asked me and Julie looked at him is disbelief.

"cookie crumb, " I told him while grinning.

"oh did you left some for me?" he asks his eyes lighting up.

"srsly!! she almost gets raped and you care about which flavor of ice cream she got!!" Julie screeched at him and me and Jaxon both flinched.

She can be scary when she wants to be.

"why were you asking?" I asked her.

"Because the bad boy has been staring at you since this doofus entered." she said pointing to Jaxon when she said, doofus.

I looked back and sure enough, he was staring at me.

Luckily the bell rang.

"This is not over!!" she said to me meaning that I'll have to give her an explanation on what happened the other night.

Sighing I bid them goodbyes and went to my next class which was history.

*end of flashback*

SO right now I was in history. BORING!!!!.

So back to where I was. I could feel someone drilling holes through me.

I thought I was being paranoid and I tried to shrug this feeling off.

Still feeling someone's eyes on me I turned around and saw a pair of familiar blue crystal eyes looking at me intensely.

And that ladies and gentlemen was none other than Nicholas Adams. The Badboy of the school.!!


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