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Long Long ago...

More like 2 hours ago.

There was this beautiful yet stupid creature a.k.a me who wanted a cookie and crumb ice cream at midnight!!

In my defense, I was really hungry and I CANNOT resist a sweet tooth.

I think I got that from my older brother.

Let me do the honors of introducing myself.

I am Amia Evans. Also known as Mia. I am 17 yrs old. 5 feet 1 inches in height.I know pretty short. I have my father's black hair and my mother's hazel eyes. While by brother Luke on the other hand got lucky with my mother's dirty blond hair with ocean blue eyes. He's quite the ladies man actually.

I live on my own. for now. and you must be thinking why and how?

Well, the story to that goes like this...

I was 8 and luke was 14 when our parents went on a vacation to Hawaii but unfortunately, the plane never made it and got crashed in the middle of an island.

We were devastated and as we didn't have any legal guardian our granny came to live with us.

But again luck wasn't on our side and granny passed away when luke was 18 and I was 12. As luke was a legal adult he was given my custody.

If you ask me my brother has been very strong throughout our lives. He played the role of a mother, a father and an overprotective older brother. He always shielded me from this kinda stuff. He had to grow up early because of all the stuff that was happening but he made sure that I never grew up early. actually, I never grew up at all if you ask me.

So to make sure we had food and a shelter luke worked his butt off and now is the owner of a multi-million company.

Ironic isn't it?

So right now my dear brother was in LA while I was stuck here as I couldn't miss school. His words not mine!

Anyways enough of the sappy stuff so where was I?

Ohh ya right.

So it was midnight and I was craving some cookie crumb ice-cream.

I tried to resist the urge but having the low will power in me I gave up and went to the 24/7 open grocery store down the road.

* flashback *

I was walking down the street in my batman pjs and a batman logo crop top. That's right people! Be jealous!!! when I a noise behind me.

I looked back but there was nobody there so I continued walking.


When the shop came into view I hurried and bought my ice cream and made my way back home.

As I was walking up the street this time I noticed that it was oddly quiet and nobody, not even a single living creature was on the street. This looks like a horror scene doesn't it? well, it was!

I was happily walking. minding my own business and munching on my ice cream when I a really

scary looking guy came and crashed me into him.

You would have thought that I screamed? like any sane person would d.

Weeeelll instead I asked the guy "who are you?"

Yup, that Amia Evans for you people.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing?"

Being the stupid I replied with a "thank you"

Well, I was taught that when somebody compliments you, you say thank you in reply.

"I wonder how would you look without these clothes, " he said flashing his yellow teeth.

Jeez!! doesn't this guy ever brush?

"what do you want?" I asked him.

He just smirked and buried his face in the crook of my neck and started kissing it.

One thing you should know about me. I DO NOT handle well when somebody touches me like this.

So now I screamed. as loud as I could. and also kicked him where I shouldn't have but that guy didn't even budge.

He quickly covered my mouth, though, "you little bitch you are gonna pay for that, " he said.

And as soon as these words left his mouth he started tugging my shirt and I could feel it slowly starting to tear off from the side.

Okay, now I was really starting to panic.

I don't wanna be raped.

I wiggled but his grip was so tight that it didn't make a difference and just when I thought that my life was done. A guy who's face was covered with a hoodie came and pushed the stinky breath away.

"learn to respect a lady, " the hoodie guy said and his voice came out low and husky.

As soon as the yellow teeth saw his face his eyes widen and he ran off.

The hoodie guy turned towards me his face still in the shadow but his piercing crystal eyes were shining in the dark.

"are you ok?" he asked me and I nodded not able to make a sentence due to shock.

He went in the corner and took off his shirt but kept the hoodie on and pulled his shirt on me hiding my torn one.

"what's your name?" he asked me his face still hidden by the hoodie.

Like I'll tell a stranger that after being almost raped!

"Bond. James Bond"

He chuckled while replying.

"Ohh yea? then I am harry potter" he said with a fake British accent.

"Well Harry potter thank you for saving me with your weird wizardry ways but I gotta go. give my humble greetings to dumbledor and tell hagrid to get a haircut will ya? byeeee" I said giving my best attempt to do a British accent and ran home.

* end of flashback *

And that's how you get almost raped, saved by a mysterious guy and meet harry potter in the time span of 2 hrs!

Thinking about the hoodie guy I went back to sleep preparing myself for the hellhole also known as school tomorrow...


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