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   Chapter 20 Epilogue

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Updated: 2018-07-14 12:03

Two years later Hannah was holding their newborn baby girl in her arms, Juliana. The newborn was sleeping after having a fit. Her little fit scared Emilia, the older sister ran to her daddy and asked to be picked up, wanting to cuddle. It was cute yet Hannah couldn't do anything about it since she tried to hush and feed Juliana at the time.

Nero stepped in before Valerio could. Father and son were always competing to make Emilia smile. It was cute and at times it was tiring. Hannah had used that as one of the reasons why they should have another child. It took her a while to convince Nero, but here they were. They had two daughters who caused the family house to be more lively.

"You okay?" Nero asked as he kissed Emilia's little head, "Everything is fine. Juliana was just hungry." He explained, "You see, she's sleeping now."

She leaned her head against his shoulder, her eyes narrowed suspiciously on the newborn, "I don't like her." She muttered in her cute small voice which always melted all their hearts.

Nero pressed his lips together, trying hard not to laugh. Hannah shifted her gaze to the newborn, kissing her gently against the temple. She got to her feet and approached father and daughter. Sitting down beside them so Emilia could bond with her sister more.

"She didn't cry because you did something wrong, I promise." Hannah gently e

h sleep either."

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, "True, but I need less sleep than you do. I'll be okay. I'll crash hard this weekend. Rebecca will be staying over so she can help out."

Everyone had been so supportive, she didn't know what she'd do without any of them. Nero always taking care of their little family while his father always tried to make them smile. Always taking her side even when Nero was the one who was right.

Her mother even though she was more uptight than Nero's family, she was always there for Hannah when she needed advice. Lillian didn't look like it, but she always gave good advice. And Rebecca, the woman Valerio was going to marry in the near future, she was always willing to help. She fitted right in. Hannah couldn't imagine Valerio marrying anyone else.

"I love our family too." She murmured into his chest.

He chuckled at that, "Me too."

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