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   Chapter 19 Hannah's Self-Control

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Hannah searched through her drawer filled with brightly colored socks, findings tons of lonely socks. She tossed them out of the drawer which she had neatly organized a week ago.

A week ago they moved into Nero's family house. It was big, spacious and felt like home the minute they settled in.

Nero was seated on the edge of the bed, cuddling with their little princess. She was so much more aware these days and they loved every second of it. Nero talked a lot to her and the little princess was always paying attention to her daddy's face, taking it all in.

Huffing once more Hannah searched through the mess she made for a pair of turquoise colored socks. Behind her Nero snickered, finding it amusing to see her out of sorts like that.

"They'll pop again, that's what happens with socks."

"I mean I have nothing against wearing mismatched socks, I'm all for it." Hannah frowned as she slipped a pair of lime colored socks on. It wasn't the same as her turquoise socks, but they had to do, "But how does that happen? Most of my socks are no longer a pair, is it a sign?"

"Don't even go there, " Nero warned her, all humor completely gone from his voice.

Letting out another tired sigh Hannah tossed all her socks back in their drawer, not even bothering to organize them like she had done when they moved into the family house.

She got to her feet and turned to see father and daughter staring at each other with smiles upon their faces.

"Are you two sharing secrets now?" She asked, approaching her little family with a bright smile spread across her face, the annoyance of her missing socks forgotten, "I should feed her." Hannah had a slow morning and Emilia somehow didn't make a fuss even though it was past her feeding time, "And you should get dinner ready." She told Nero who raised an eyebrow at her, "Mom and Rebecca will be here in about an hour or so." She reminded him.

"Are you giving me orders now?" He asked, his eyes gleaming playfully as he carefully handed Emilia to her, "Just for that I'm not making you a tuna pineapple pizza."

"Come on." She tried to persuade him with her cutesy voice, but she could tell it wasn't working, "You know you love me."

Nero chuckled, "So rather than using words and romantic gestures I should just bake you a weird pizza to show you how much I actually care about you?" He asked her, "I mean I was planning a date night by the end of the month, candlelit dinner and all. But I guess we don't need that."

"We don't." Hannah smiled at him, "I rather eat the food you make. I told you so many times before, you've got mad kitchen skills."

He shook his head at her, stepping closer to her to kiss her head, "I'm getting dinner ready." He told her, leaving her to feed Emilia and getting her ready for bed.


Rebecca took a bite from the mushroom chicken casserole Nero had made, her eyes widening in surprise. Hannah smiled, she had been that surprised as well when she first tried something Nero had made. It didn't fit his character. He appeared to be an intimidating businessman, who almost seemed unapproachable. Yet when he was with his family his icy cold stare melted and he became a different person. Someone who smiled often and made jokes, someone who watched over his loved ones and made sure they were safe and protected. She almost lost that, if they didn't have Emilia they wouldn't be sitting at the dining table in his family house having dinner with their family.

Just that thought made her want to burst out in tears. She made sure she didn't though, it would ruin their quiet nigh

tting her hands wander over his body while she kissed him all over. Biting her lip she reached for his zipper, a giggle leaving her lips when Nero gently pushed her hand away and pushed against her shoulders so she'd fall down on her back.

She stared up at the ceiling, a smile spreading across her face when his face suddenly appeared in her line of vision. Nero matched her smile before he leaned in and kissed her. A real kiss, it was long and gentle, his big hands wandering over her bare legs. He pulled out of the kiss and focused on getting her robe off her body. She placed a hand against his back while she waited for him to undress her.

"I have no self-control." She admitted to him.

He pulled the robe apart and settled between her legs, fully dressed. He undid the button of his pants and then unzipped it.

"I know." He whispered to her, "But it's okay, I can handle you."

She laughed quietly, tilting her head back when he slipped inside her. He grabbed onto her hands and laced their fingers together while he moved at a slow pace.

"It's not fair, you know." She tried to focus, but whenever they made love she couldn't think about anything else but being loved by her husband, "You're always so cool and collected while I lose it whenever you're in the room."

He stared down at her, "Trust me it's the same for me."

"You just have a better poker face." She concluded.

"It would be inconvenient if people in my line of business could read me like a book."

She raked her nails down his back when he hit that right spot inside her, she didn't want to reach her orgasm without him though. She needed to hold on, but it was hard when he was teasing her. Wanting her to reach that intense high faster than him. It was like a game to him.

"Nero, no!" She breathed when he touched her most sensitive spot.

"It's okay."

"You never play fair."

He kissed the corner of her mouth, "Neither do you, Hannah."

He might be right. She knew what to do or say to get him to do what she wanted. She thought Emilia had him wrapped around her little finger, but she might be wrong about that. It was probably her who could make this man lose his mind. To think that only a few months ago the roles were reversed. She was the one who did whatever he wanted, going along with all his demands. Things changed and she dared to think that they changed for the better.

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