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   Chapter 18 Nero's Reluctance

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Nero sat behind his desk at his office, the peace and quiet did wonders to his sanity. Hannah kept her word and hired a doula, who from time to time watched over Emilia so they could have a few hours to rest up. The woman was a blessing. Two weeks into this arrangement and Nero couldn't imagine not having that woman around. She made friends with Hannah the minute she set foot in their hotel room. The woman was middle-aged, had two kids of her own and seemed to know how to take care of Emilia without them telling her. She could read the little girl like a book, knowing what her expressions meant and what her cries meant without needing weeks to figure it out. Then again she had been through it all, twice. Nero glanced down at the ring which shined in the right lighting. Like Hannah kept true to her word, so did he.

Two weeks ago he went ring shopping with his wife and they settled on a subtle pair of silver rings, one that matched her engagement ring. Hannah absolutely loved the gesture. She had tried to jump him, knowing just where to touch him to get him all hot and bothered. He wasn't sure if he liked that new confidence in her. He shouldn't have fallen asleep that night she gave him an intense massage. It gave the woman time to figure out what places to touch.


He looked up watching his wife approaching his desk. Her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail while she wore a gray tank top and black yoga pants. Even though she just came back from the gym looking all sweaty and tired he still thought she was the prettiest girl in the room. Hannah dropped her bag on the chair she usually sat in and placed both hands upon his desk while she leaned in, her eyes narrowed on his face.

"What's wrong?" He cautiously asked her.

"I think we should do something about this."

He didn't quite get what she was saying. As far as he knew there was no problem they had to deal with. Yet as he took in his wife he could tell she was bothered with something.

"Do something about what exactly?" He asked, not quite in the mood to play the guessing game.

Hannah gestured between them which only confused him more. He was sure he hadn't done anything to upset her.

She sighed and finally spit out what she had been trying to say, "This tension between us. We have to do something about it. I can't keep going like this and going nuts in the gym isn't helping my frustrations either. I say we hash things out before Amanda leaves."

He rolled his chair back a little, noticing how serious his wife was about this matter. He couldn't deny they had been having a hard time staying away from each other. Hannah being pregnant while they figured out where they were standing in their relationship meant that they didn't have time to be intimate. Then Hannah gave birth and she needed time to recover. Since his wife was suggesting they 'hashed' things out it meant that she felt better.

"You want me to do something about it right now?" He asked confused.

She raised an eyebrow at him when he asked that, "Why not? We're alone." She brushed her fingers over his desk and looked up again, "This desk looks sturdy enough."

"What happened to make me work for it?"

Hannah snorted, "I'm over it."

His wife had never been that straightforward before, not even when they first started dating. Things were hot between them then, they couldn't stay away from each other. But it always had been him who made the first move. Hannah had been shy about it, always giving him the lead. The woman demanding of him to do something about their frustration now was not his shy, little Hannah. She had more confidence, her eyes glowing with determination. He liked that, a lot. He got to his feet and walked around his desk, ready to take Hannah in his arms an

t we already discussed it."

He took a hold of Hannah's wrist, trying to slow her down. Her face told him she didn't appreciate that.

"Slow down a minute, Hannah, are you really okay with moving to the family house? I know we've decided upon that months ago, but I don't want you to feel forced to do anything."

"We don't have a minute, Nero." Hannah pouted, "Emilia could wake up without warning. She has done that before, remember?" She sighed and finally pulled away from him, walking around him to take a seat on the edge of their bed, "Raising Emilia at the family house is better than raising her in this place, don't you think?"

He turned to face her, trying hard to focus on her face when he noticed she was undoing the tie around her waist and taking off her robe. She wasn't playing fair, trying to get what she wanted by going all out tonight.

"I want to know what you want."

She placed a hand upon her shoulder, her fingers playing with the strap of her bra, "I want to move to the family house. I do like to have access to the gym and pool, but you know, the family house is the place where you grew up in. I want Emilia to grow up there too."

He closed the distance between them and took hold of the strap she had been playing with. Gently he pushed it off her shoulder and did the same with the other strap. He reached behind her and undid her bra, carefully taking it off her and tossing it aside.

"Finally." She muttered which made him chuckle in response.

When she laid back he crawled on top of her and covered her mouth with his. He was going to take his time, he knew Hannah wanted to rush it, but he wanted to savor the moment. It had been a while since they made love, not to mention she just recovered from giving birth. He held her the entire time, being gentle and slow. Thankfully, Emilia didn't interrupt them once and Hannah actually got what she wanted. When she fell asleep he got dressed and checked on their daughter. She was still sleeping, but he knew it would be a matter of time before she'd start mewing, needing to be fed. He turned off all the lights and headed back to the bedroom. Carefully dressing Hannah in one of his tees, he covered her with the sheets and turned off her bedside table light. He then crawled in beside her and turned off his light as well. Rolling to his side, he wrapped an arm around her and held her gently while he also drifted away. Getting a bit of sleep before it was time for him to get up again and feed their little princess.

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