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   Chapter 17 Hannah's Magic Touch

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Hannah woke up from her nap, her vision blurry and her head thumping. Another night of barely any sleep. Her mother assured her that it soon would be less tiring. That she needed to nap whenever Emilia was napping. She could only get those naps in because of Nero. If he hadn't been by her side this would have driven her insane. She was sleep deprived, her body ached and she knew she didn't look that hot either. Stretching a bit, she rolled out of bed and freshened up.

Strolling out of the bedroom she followed the sound of Nero's deep voice. He was reading Emilia a story. As she approached them she noticed how Emilia was fixated on her daddy's face. Her eyes taking him in while he read her a fairytale.

Hannah sat down beside her husband and rested her head on his shoulder. Inhaling deeply, she enjoyed the fresh scent of his cologne. His warmth seeping into her body, dulling the aches she felt all over. Nero was her strength when she didn't feel like she could move forward. She smiled when she felt his lips against her temple. A gentle gesture of him also appreciating her.

"You okay?" He asked her.

"Yeah, thanks."

A soft chuckle left her lips when she noticed Emilia clutching her dad's finger. She recognized their voices and when they paid her lots of attention she communicated back with soft noises. Her eyes always focusing on their faces.

"If you feel up for it, I thought we could have lunch outside. I reserved us a table at the pool."

"The VIP spot?"

He met her gaze, "Of course. It's also less crowded, I'm sure Emilia can handle that. I think the two of you need some fresh air."

"True. I loved having dinner with your dad and his lady friend."

Nero snorted, "Please, don't remind me."

Hannah sat up and observed her husband's face, "I thought you were okay with them being together."

"I'm okay with it." He told her, "That doesn't mean I want to start bonding with her and call her my mother. She is nice enough and she makes dad smile, I can see those things and I'm happy dad can finally be happy again with someone by his side. But can we leave it at that?"

"Sure." Hannah ran her fingers through her hair, "If we're eating outside I want to dress up a little."

"You look fine." He called after her.

"Yeah, says the man who is married to me." She called back, "I'll be back in a second."

She could hear Nero complain to Emilia, she knew the baby was all ears. She was four weeks old and she showed interest in them by listening closely and her eyes taking them in. It was precious to see the changes in her. She knew Maria had been right from the start. She was still healing and being deprived of sleep wasn't ideal, but those precious little moments made her think about having a big family with Nero. He proved to her over and over again that he was her rock. It amazed her, even more, to see how he could move forward without barely any sleep. He was a machine and she was grateful for that. She was keeping a close eye on him though. She knew sooner or later he'd need to crash hard. He'd need to refuel to keep going like that. When the time came she knew she could count on her mother and Valerio to support them.


Hannah was glad she decided to wear her bikini, she did wear a see-through dress on top of it because she didn't feel comfortable about her own body. It didn't matter to her what Nero told her, she still believed in what she told him that morning. He was biased because he was her husband. She was glad he supported her like that, but it wasn't real.

"I'm thinking about hiring someone to watch over Emilia every once in a while."

Nero released Emilia's little hand and narrowed his eyes at her, "Why? We managed to take care of her without the help of outsiders."

"Yes and I'm proud of us for managing that, but I want to exercise more and I can't do that while I'm sleep deprived. I can use the gym here and you can spend more time at the office. We both need a little 'me' time. And I'm not talking about giving away a lot, just an hour a day to ourselves sounds great, doesn't it?"

"So we ask dad or Lillian-"

"Nero, we shouldn't bother them with that. They need to feel free to pop in whenever they want to spend some time with her. But we shouldn't force them to babysit her."

Nero focused back on playing hide and seek with Emilia. The little girl looking so thrilled by all the attention she was getting. Her cheerful sounds making it a lot easier to talk to Nero, because the little girl warmed his heart.

"So just an hour to ourselves?"

"I mean it doesn't make us bad parents, we love her. We'll do anything for her." She glanced down at her baby girl and touched her cheek, "She looks so happy. It means we're doing this right."

"Of course we are." Nero smiled, meeting her gaze, "We're a team, Hannah."

She laid back in her lounge chair and let the warmth of the sun comfort her body, "We are."

"And just for the record, I don't need you to lose any weight. You're beautiful, no matter what."

"Thank you." She closed her eyes and enjoyed their little moment of peace, "I'm not doing this for anyone's approval though, I just want to feel good about myself. I won't take it too far." S

ged herself to be brave enough to make Nero cute promises.

"When we're home I'll spoil you."

He seemed intrigued by that, "Will you now?" He asked, his voice telling her he was rather amused by that promise too, "Spoil me? Do you mean sexually?" He chuckled, his eyes narrowing on her face when she became all flustered about it, "A massage will do just fine. It's all tied up in knots." He told her as he stretched a little.

She placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze, feeling how tense he was, "You've been working behind that laptop without a break. No proper back support, always hunched over. Of course, it was going to end up like that."

He grabbed her wrist and gave her pulse a nip, "Spoiling me means no preaching. Just your hands working their magic later tonight."

She shook her head at him, "Of course you're making that sound dirty."

"You were the one promising me dirty things, to begin with." He pointed out, "Ready to leave?"

She collected her things and opened her clutch, "I'm just going to take care of the bill-"

"Already did that, " Nero told her nonchalantly, getting to his feet and helping her up as well.

She wasn't too pleased with that, she meant it when she wanted to spoil Nero. That also meant her taking care of dinner, "That was not what we talked about the other day, Nero." She reminded him.

"I took care of it while you were in the bathroom so we could leave right away."

She knew better than to argue about it. Next time she'd also do a sneak attack like that. Cornering a poor waiter or waitress to pay the bill before her husband could.

Nero took a hold of her hand and walked out of the restaurant together with her. They were slowly walking to his car, Hannah lacing their fingers together as she enjoyed the fresh evening air.


After putting Emilia to bed, Hannah walked back to her bedroom and smiled seeing Nero patiently waiting for her. He was laying on his front, his shirt off while the room was illuminated by her scented candles. Smiling she left the door ajar and carefully approached the bed, straddling him right above the butt while she reached for the scented oil.

"You're going all out, " Nero muttered, already sounding like he was super relaxed, no doubt he'd drift away once she rubbed his sore muscles.

"Since you took care of the bill even though you weren't supposed to, I figured I'd go all out and give you a massage of a lifetime."

She reached for her phone on her bedside table and searched for some zen music. Letting that play in the background she warmed the oil by rubbing her hands together and started to work her magic. Within minutes Nero started to snore so she knew she was doing a great job. She didn't stop until her hands were tired. When she crawled off Nero she washed her hands in the bathroom, turned on her bedside table light and started to clean up the room.

Smiling as she took in the sight of her husband still sleeping on his front, looking utterly peaceful. She didn't want to wake him so she let him take up most of the bed. He was too heavy to move the sheets so she covered him with a blanket and then crawled in beside him.

Turning off the music, she placed her phone display down upon her bedside table again and quickly checked the baby monitor. When she was certain her family was safe she turned off her bedside table light and snuggled more into her husband, closing her eyes with a smile spread across her face.

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