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   Chapter 16 Nero's Overprotectiveness

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Nero sat in his home office, the door wide open while he got some work done from home. Hannah was napping along with their two weeks old daughter, both of them getting some rest after a tiring night. Emilia couldn't settle down, wanting to be held for most of the time. So they took turns. Unlike his wife, Nero could power through his day with less sleep. He was fine.

As he typed away he glanced at the baby monitor beside his laptop. A small smile spread across his face as he noticed Emilia moving her hands and making cute little sounds. The little girl was awake, done with her little nap and ready to play. He rolled his chair away from the desk and got to his feet. Reaching for his phone when it vibrated and answered it while he headed to Emilia's room.

"Dad, what's up?" He asked, entering the baby's room while he squashed his phone between his shoulder and ear so he could pick up his daughter.

"Are you at home today?"

"Yeah." He held Emilia close to his chest, feeling like the luckiest man on the planet when his daughter made sounds which resembled soft laughter, "You can come over. Hannah is taking a nap and the little one just woke up. She is in a playful mood right now."

"I'm on my way."

Chuckling Nero ended the call and pocketed his phone, carefully shifting the little girl in his arms. He leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. He cuddled her for a bit and then gave her a diaper change and put her in a new onesie which resembled a panda. One of those onesies which Hannah was obsessed with. He had to admit that he did think that Emilia looked rather cute in them. Carrying his baby girl with him to the living room, his father called to let him know he was already there. The minute Valerio set foot in his apartment he leaned in to talk to Emilia.

"There is my little girl." Valerio coed.

"Nice to see you too, dad, " Nero muttered sarcastically.

Nero let his father take Emilia and went to his office to retrieve his laptop. Heading back to the living room he took a seat across his dad and Emilia, placing his laptop on his lap while he multitasked between sending out emails and watching his dad talk quietly to the bubbly Emilia. After her nap she was in such a good mood, it made his heart skip a beat just watching his daughter being that cute.


He looked up hearing his father call for him, "Hm?"

"There is actually something I wanted to ask of you."

Nero shifted his attention to his father, questioning him silently.

Valerio shifted Emilia in his arms, leaning to kiss the little girl's temple and then looked up to meet Nero's expectant gaze, "When Hannah feels up for it, I'd like to have dinner with the two of you at the restaurant downstairs. There is something important I want to discuss with the two of you."

His father wouldn't ask to have dinner with the two of them if whatever he wanted to discuss was something which didn't concern him. Whatever Valerio wanted to discuss, he wanted to do it formally. Nero could only conclude it was because the older man wanted to introduce someone to them, a woman. That thought alone made him tense up. He kept quiet though, not wanting to upset his father. Almost mechanically Nero glanced back at his laptop screen and focused his attention back to the rather long email, needing it to distract him from the dark thoughts which clouded his mind.

"Nero?" Valerio called when he didn't respond.

"I'll discuss it with Hannah."

"That'd be great." Valerio didn't seem to mind his sudden reluctant behavior, "It's nice of you to watch Emilia while Hannah gets some rest. I would never have thought my stubborn and rather selfish son would be so caring and overprotective over his girls."

"You shouldn't be so surprised." Nero smirked, "You're the one who raised me. I'd say you've done one hell of a job."

"That's true, I'm great."

Nero rolled his eyes at his father and focused back on his work. Valerio talked a little more to Emilia, Hannah joined them shortly after. She looked refreshed as well. She took a seat beside him and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks." She whispered to him.

"No problem."

"Hello, Valerio. Nice to see you again."

Nero watched his father switch gears, his eyes softening while a big grin spread across his face. That change in behavior was only for Hannah, the girl Valerio adored, "Nice to see you too, Hannah. Did you get some rest?"

Nero let Hannah rest her head against his shoulder while his wife quietly talked with his father, "Yes, I needed that. We've been up most of the night

ect together.

Rebecca smiled at them, "It's nice to officially meet you two."

"Nice to meet you too." Nero told her quietly, "How did you two meet?"

The warm look in his father's eyes told him, Valerio, genuinely appreciated the effort he was making.

"We met at a social event a few months ago." Valerio answered, "We've had dinner a couple of times after that. I felt like it's the perfect time to introduce her to the two closest people in my life."

"It does feel like I know you two." Rebecca told him, "Valerio talks about you all the time."

Hannah wiggled her eyebrows at his father, "You did tell her only great things about us, right?"

Valerio laughed, "Of course. Well, I did only say lovely things about you, I can't remember the things I've told Rebecca about Nero."

Rebecca brushed it off, "He only said lovely things about Nero too. He's a proud father after all."

Dinner went by fast, mostly because Hannah and Rebecca did all the talking. He was grateful to Hannah for that because he got to know Rebecca. She might be dressed as an uptight lady who didn't know how to laugh or smile yet she was quite the opposite. In so many ways Rebecca reminded him of Hannah. He figured his father had a type. He liked women who were bubbly, cheerful and brightened the room with just a smile. He had been uncertain about his father moving on, but now he didn't mind the thought at all. Valerio looked happy, genuinely happy. He deserved that after losing a wife and daughter. Nero wouldn't stand in his father's way. He needed to move on as well.

"It's all good, right?" Hannah asked him as they got ready for bed.

She was teasing him, reminding him how unreasonable he was being. He wrapped an arm around his wife's waist and pulled her to him. Her back firmly pressed against his front while he brushed his lips softly over her neck. She smelled of roses, the scent of her shower gel still lingering. It was intoxicating.

"I rather like it when you get sassy with me."

She giggled, "You like a bit of a challenge, don't you?" She asked him, her fingers gently brushing over his hand.

He brushed her hair aside, loving the feel of her soft body against his, "I do."

He blinked when she pulled out of his arms in less than a second and stepped away from him, creating a bit of distance between them. She turned around to face him with a big smirk spread across her mischievous looking face.

"Then I'll let you work for it." She tied her hair up in a bun on top of her head and reached for the silk soft pink colored bathrobe laying on the edge of their bed. Shrugging it on, she tied it securely around her waist, "I'll check on Emilia one last time before bed."

He watched her stroll out of the bedroom, looking all confident and cheerful. Smiling he crawled into bed and made sure the battery on the baby monitor was still fine and then rolled to his side. The monitor jumped alive when Hannah quietly spoke to their daughter. Listening to Hannah talking to the little one Nero slowly drifted away.

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