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   Chapter 15 Hannah's Little Girl

The Billionaire's Demand By Shafira Sardar Characters: 11999

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Hannah sat with Valerio near the counter of her coffee shop, sipping from the lemonade Maria had made her. It was mint and lime flavored, resembling a mojito. It was refreshing, Maria might have a hidden talent after all. It wasn't creating a healthy cake and pie options, the woman was a freaking goddess when it came to creating new drinks.

Glancing at Valerio, she noticed he had been staring at her. Raising an eyebrow at him she pressed her lips together to make sure she wouldn't giggle when the older man looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She caught him staring and he had the decency to feel embarrassed about it.

"I've met her." She told Valerio, glancing down at the cold glass she was holding onto, "She is relentless, really. It made me realize that I might have judged Nero a bit too harshly at the time."

"I thought you were friends with her?" Valerio asked confused.

Hannah looked up, narrowing her eyes on the confused looking Valerio, "Are we talking about the same woman here? I'm clearly not on friendly terms with the woman who pretends I'm a fly buzzing around Nero." Hannah scowled, "She would have put her claws in him while I was right there beside him. It seriously pisses me off."

"We're clearly not talking about the same person, " Valerio muttered.

"Serena, the brunette who touched your son in all his private places while being in public."

"Who is that?" Valerio frowned, sitting up in his chair, "I thought we were talking about the great Audrey Tower, Nero's best friend and apparently also yours."

"No, Audrey is cool." Hannah put her glass upon the table next to her and slumped back in her chair, "I'm talking about the brunette who came onto Nero months ago. She was one of the reasons why we broke up. We met up again last week, nothing about her changed. She is still a freaking Siren searching for her next pray to bleed dry."

Valerio tried hard not to laugh, she could tell by the way he was puffing out his cheeks. Rolling her eyes at him, she got to her feet and reached for her glass. Walking up to the counter, she got behind it and let Maria take a break while she took over. Valerio got to his feet as well and closed the distance between them, leaning against the counter with his side while he tried to make up for laughing at her by smiling warmly at her.

"Nero is a smart guy, he catches onto things like that pretty quick."

"He drew a clear line between them." Hannah agreed, "But that's not the point, I didn't know there were women like that out there. She showed us once again that the world we're living in isn't all that pretty. We'll do anything to survive, even walking all over innocent people. As long as we're living comfortably it doesn't matter what it takes to get there."

"It's true, there are people out there who live their lives like that." Valerio placed his hand gently upon hers, his smile fading as he got serious for a minute, "But Hannah doesn't close your eyes to the beauty that is still present. It might not be as clear in our eyes, but I promise it's still out there."

"I know." She whispered, "She just pisses me off." She muttered and knocked back her cold drink, needing it to calm her down, "I'll be fine." She promised Valerio, "I just needed to talk to someone about it or her. Freaking Serena."

"Don't let her get to you." Valerio warned her, "That's what she wants. All you need to do is trust in Nero." She noticed the warmth in Valerio's eyes as he talked about his son, "That boy is complicated and he has lots of issues he's struggling with, but I do know

minutes ago to give them some time to themselves. Emilia was being spoiled and she wasn't even a day old yet. Hannah watched as Nero ended the call, looking frustrated. He let out a tired sigh, covering his eyes with his hand. Smiling Hannah glanced down at the little girl in her arms. She figured if someone could cheer up Nero it was Emilia.

"You want to hold her?"

Nero dropped his hand and glanced at her, "It's your turn. Dad and Lillian claimed her pretty much the minute you pushed her out." Hannah quietly laughed at that, shaking her head at her husband, "You need anything?" He asked, moving to her bed and poured her a glass of water.

"You've done enough."

Nero gave her a look, "I haven't done anything."

"You were here and you're still here, that's enough."

He narrowed his hazel eyes dangerously on her, "It's really not, Hannah." He sighed once again, his eyes shifting to the little girl she was holding, "I say one is more than enough, right?"

"Right." Hannah agreed, remembering she pretty much had the same conversation with Maria the other day, "According to Maria I'll be begging you to put your babies in me."

Nero snorted, "Does Maria have any kids?"

"No." She told him hesitantly.

"Then she doesn't know what she's talking about. We'll talk babies when she pushes a watermelon out of her vagina."

Hannah couldn't keep her laughter down, giving her husband a playful slap against the arm. When Emilia stirred Nero took his daughter in his arms, hushed her quietly and put her in the little crib beside her bed.

"You're horrible, " Hannah told her husband playfully.

"What you went through wasn't exactly pretty." Nero reached for the glass of water he poured her and helped her drink a bit of water, "Besides you are an only child and you grew up fine. Those old wife talks about only children being selfish little brats are just that. If we raise Emilia properly she won't end up like a little brat."

She agreed, laying back against the fluffy big pillow and closing her eyes for a bit, "But let's not make big life decisions right now. I'm going to rest my eyes for a little while."

He chuckled at that, "Just go to sleep, Hannah. I'll be right here."

Smiling she did what she was told and drifted away knowing Nero wasn't going anywhere. Another moment where he proved to her that he wasn't actually all that bad at all.

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